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Readyroll Butterflies Wall Stickers

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Brand: Readyroll / Type: Wall Stickers

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    1 Review
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      27.10.2010 17:33
      Very helpful



      See review.

      I have been promising my children for months that I would re-decorate their rooms for them, so when I was lucky enough to get some time off from work I knew they had already decided what I would be doing (so much for some free relaxing time!).

      After decorating my daughters room a very fetching shade of lilac, which was always going to look better than the previous candyfloss pink and tea tree green (I let her pick her own colours last time, big mistake!), I felt that I was a considerable improvement, but felt it still needed something a little extra to add a little personality to the room.

      Now my daughter is 9 years old, going on 20, so picking a specific theme for her room was always going to be difficult, and not wanting to mess around with borders (due to uneven walls and far too many corners to negotiate!), I needed something pretty, girly and not in anyway babyish, so was really pleased that Kaitlin was thrilled with my choice!

      After visiting my local Focus store, and being initially disappointed with the choices available (Disney princess, Spongebob square pants and Thomas the tank engine), I was pleased to find, tucked away at the back a pack of self adhesive and re-usable butterfly stickers, and thankfully one's that were coloured light pink, lilac and silver, in effect perfect to match my daughters colour.

      Within the plastic sealed pack you get 6 paper backed sheets of butterflies, with there being 42 stickers in total.

      Each sheet holds a selection of different coloured (within the colour scheme mentioned earlier), and shaped designs, with there being variations in size also, though there are of course duplicates in the pack.

      Every butterfly design is outline, quite boldly too with a shocking pink colour, then either light pink or lilac in the centre, with the antennae being silver, on the occasional sticker there are also extra silver and lilac swirls making the stickers that bit more detailed and interesting.

      Each sticker is painted onto clear plastic, that to use just has to be peeled from the paper backing and positioned on the wall, door or even mirrors and tiles, though we only needed them for walls, and they were incredibly easy to fix up, with my daughter doing one half of her room herself.

      You can be as artistic as you want to be, with our designs giving the impression that there is a swarm of butterflies in the room, each one delicately gravitating towards a window frame, or door frame for a rest (my daughters idea, well it is her room after all!), with there being a few stragglers resting on the door itself.

      There is (in my opinion) enough stickers for my daughters room, and her room is quite large too, anymore I think it would look OTT.

      As mentioned earlier these are marketed as re-usable, though this may well be the case when actually sticking them up, meaning that if you don't like the position of them they can be moved, but once they have been on for a while, there is a good chance you will take them down and lose plaster or paper from the wall, I assume they are like Blue tack, where the strength of stick increases as the time goes on.
      I know this as my daughter had the fairies in this range when she was little, so when decided to strip them down to re-decorate I did have to do some filling in before painting!

      Price wise these are available for £7.99, which compared to how much you would pay for border for a decent sized room, is saving yourself a considerable amount of money.

      As I mentioned I purchased these from Focus, but have also seen them in Wilkinsons and also on Amazon for the same price, though there is a much larger selection of stickers on www.amazon.co.uk.

      These are a lovely and easy way to customise your room, and comes highly recommended by myself and Kaitlin.

      Thanks for reading x


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