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Reckitt Woolite Hand Wash

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Brand: Reckitt Benckiser / Household Products Type: Laundry Cleaner

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    1 Review
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      01.08.2013 18:26
      Very helpful



      An effective washing liquid for delicate garments

      Over the years I have ruined far too many of my bras by placing in the washing machine, as whilst I would secure them inside a tied pillow case, the knot would frequently undo and through my delicate items against the drum and subsequent damage the underwire.

      As a result, I needed to take better care of them especially as the label warns against machine washing despite me using a cycle solely for delicates. In addition to hand washing, I wanted to use a laundry product, which was suited for delicate fabrics and I stumbled across Reckitt and Benckiser's Woolite with this review discussing my experience with using.

      Woolite is presented in an opaque sturdy plastic bottle containing 750 ml with its design being similar to that of fabric conditioners with the addition of an easy grip and comfortable handle. The product is bright pink in colour and is suitable for washing delicates either by hand or in the washing machine. It is claimed that it offers triple protection where it will assist in preventing loss of shape, fibre damage and bobbling, which was another issue that I was experiencing with my black lacy bras.

      As someone who has been loyal to the likes of Bold, Ariel and Fairy for many years, I felt a little apprehensive about using an alternative laundry product, but if it were to live up to its claims, I would be more than happy. Whilst the label contained on the reverse of the bottle is cluttered with information, there is very little in the way of directions for use, which are displayed with a few simple, yet very tiny diagrams and the smallest of text. I don't wear corrective lenses, but I really struggled to read the information, so this could prove to be somewhat of a challenge for some consumers.

      I learned that the product is suitable for all levels of hardness of water with alternative doses being required dependent upon the level of dirt on the delicate items to be washed. I found this to be a little odd, particularly as there are three diagrams of tee shirts with the first depicting one blob of dirt where it is claimed a 50 ml dose is required, two blobs on the tee shirt require a 75 ml dose with three blobs of dirt requiring a 100 ml dose. The bright pink screw top cap is fairly large and whilst it does not present any measurements or indentations, a full cap contains 75 ml with the full bottle containing 750 ml, which offers an average of fifteen washes.

      Pouring the product, which offers a liquid consistency similar to that of a branded fabric conditioner, is an easy task with my initial use being on a 40° wash in the washing machine with some of my tee shirts, which weren't displaying any obvious signs of dirt. My husband wears non elasticated socks, as he suffers with diabetes and as a result, the circulation in his lower legs has been significantly affected. The fabric used for the socks is a nightmare when being washed with Bold, as the socks leave the machine flat with the front and back needing to be prised apart, as they tend to stick together as well as their appearance becoming considerably bobbled.

      The liquid was easily dispensed into the lid without any spillages and I transferred it into the drawer of my washing machine. Due to its girly appearance with its bright pink colour, I cannot imagine that men would be drawn in to making a purchase, as it creates the impression of a feminine floral scent. However, whilst the scent can be described as clean and fresh, it is not floral in the least and is suitable for the laundry of both men and women although I much prefer the scent of Bold.

      In terms of its cleaning abilities, I was more than satisfied with the results being identical to that of Bold gel although Woolite prevented my husband's socks from sticking and whilst they still present a slightly bobbled appearance, I think this was the previous bobbles as opposed to any new ones. The only issue that disappointed me was the scent, as it is barely there and for me, this is important when it comes to laundry products.

      As I did not wish to put my bras through the washing machine, I decided to hand wash them in a bowl and this is where I found the recommended dosage rather confusing. Whilst the measurements displayed on the bottle are sufficient for using in the machine especially with such a considerable amount of water entering it during the program, a fraction of water is used when hand washing and as a result, I found the same dose to be excessive as well as being a nightmare to rinse.

      Consequently, I now guess the required amount and swish it around the water until gentle bubbles are created and I leave the garments to soak for approximately half an hour; after which I gently scrub the fabric with my finger nails and rinse under a running tap, which generally takes a few minutes for half a dozen bras. Whilst I suffer with problematic skin on my hands, which can become extremely dry and sore, I cannot speak of any problems whilst using this product. My bras are clean and fresh although barely any fragrance lingers, but the important thing is that the fabric doesn't damage, colours do not fade and the wire remains intact with the delicates feeling soft to the touch.

      I was interested to learn of the difference in ingredients between a normal washing gel and discovered that Woolite contains 5% - 15% of anionic surfactants as opposed to branded laundry gel, which contains between 15% and 30%. Woollite contains less non-ionic surfactants, lanolin and no enzymes. As it does not contain harsh ingredients, it is claimed that it does not misshape clothes or cause shrinkage, but as I generally use a low temperature for machine washing, this is not an issue that I previously experienced.

      As the 750 ml bottle is priced at £3.50, it is quite pricey when compared to traditional laundry gels, so it is not something that I will use for all my laundry, but it is perfect for my husband's socks and my delicate bras. Due to the reasons discussed above, I feel a four star rating to be appropriate.

      I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.


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