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Rexel V30 WS Whisper Shred

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    1 Review
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      13.02.2007 11:42
      Very helpful



      Quieter, does as it says shreds paper, it is a bit on the slow side.

      ~~Rexel V30 WS Whisper Shred~~

      Our main two week holiday shut down has arrived my hubby and I are both off work, the first week of our holiday we have decided to join forces and clear out our garage, which has become our dumping ground and stores everything except our car. We had been going for a few hours when I needed to stop and rest, so that I wouldn't feel left out I took our old shredder outside, a comfy chair, a box to balance the shredder on and I set to work shredding 10 years of paperwork we found in the garage (oh we have cleared it out on a few occasions but this year we decided to be totally ruthless and even more went to the tip).

      Anyway I digress back to the shredding, I merrily sat there for about an hour when my cheap shredder and faithful work horse died, and I had killed it with over work, so off to the tip with the other stuff we were throwing away and a trip to Staples to buy another one. After visiting the tip we make our way up to Staples and look at what they have on offer, I was quite happy to just grab another cheap one, but my hubby saw this one and really liked the idea that it was a quieter model so we parted with our £30.00 and came home with our new toy the Rexel V30WS Whisper-Shred.

      What did we get for our £30.00, well quite simply a shredder which is quieter than the others, it is dark grey hard plastic with an 18 litre container to catch the shredded paper, and it is quite heavy for its size and weighs 5.4kg and you stick the paper in and it shreds it. Ok, now we have the basics out of the way.

      I have to say it does it's function as it says on the box, it is very easy to use, you simply put your paper into the slot on the top and move the light grey sliding switch from the (0) OFF position to the (1) ON position and we are off shredding away. When it is left in the ON position it has an automatic cut off, it stops when the paper has gone through the shredder, unless you add more, paper that is, then it continues.

      It says that you can put a maximum of 8 sheets in at a time, but I found the thicker the amount you put through the slower it was, and believe me this machine does not shred fast. My old one which cost me 3 times less than this was 3 times faster, but 3 times noisier as well. I am very pleased with the fact that it is a lot quieter than my previous shredder, which after using for nearly an hour gave me a tremendous headache.

      I mentioned the on/off function of the slide button on the top, this also has a (F) forward and (R) reverse marker for problem papers. If your paper gets jammed in the shredder, the easiest thing to do is reverse the paper back out of the machine, sometimes you will have to reverse and then go forward again.

      I said earlier that I killed my last shredder with over use, this happened because A: I did not let it rest for 15 minutes after 1 minutes worth of shredding and B: It did not cut off. This is not really a problem as with this machine it cuts itself off after 2 minutes worth of shredding (yep, a whole 2 minutes it just stops working). If you try to reverse it, it won't go and if you put your hand on the top you can actually feel that the motor has got hot. Approx 30 minutes later the shredder kicks starts back into life and away you go again.

      Now believe it or not there are some safety issues you should be aware of, which are mainly just common sense, like be careful where you plug it in so no-one trips over it or the wire (which is not that long really, only about 2ft), it also says that you should only use it with the 18 litre waste container which is provided.

      You are warned not to put your hand inside whilst it is shredding, which I do feel would be slightly difficult to do as 8 sheets of paper struggle to fit in, also keep long hair and ties away from the machine in case they get caught up in the shredder.

      A couple more little points to make do not put paper clips or staples as it could cause the shredder to jam, and finally the most obvious keep water away from electrics.

      ~~ Conclusion ~~

      Even though it is slower than my last one, it is a little workhorse, I like the fact that it is quieter, not a whisper like the box suggest, but definitely a lot quieter than my previous model. I like the sturdiness of the waste container, but most of all I like the fact that it cuts off and starts again when it has cooled down. Do I think it is good value for money? Sadly no, compared to my old one that only cost me approx £10.00 from Aldi a few years ago, I think it is poor value, it should be at least ½ this price. It did come with a 2 yr warranty, so I have up to 2 yrs to try and kill this one.


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