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Ripple Water Saving Plug

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Ripple / Water saving plug

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    1 Review
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      19.12.2011 19:24
      Very helpful



      Silicon alternative to a plug

      My Ripple water saving plug came free with a Southern Water saving initiative which was being promoted at a community event I was representing my work place at.

      Southern water were giving out packs of water saving materials, including literature, a timer which sticks to the shower screen, a bag to place in the toilet cistern and this rubber plug, all for your email and home address.

      The plug I have is the pale aqua version and is made from durable silicon. Mine came separately but they are sold in packs of two with a black version as well as this one.

      Circular, the plug is made from a thick outer edge with a thinner rippled middle circle before a studier centre with "Tap on plug in!" written on it. The only other information on the plug is the brand name and a strapline which reads, "Products that make a difference".

      The idea behind this product is that you place it in your sink/basin and it will act as a normal plug would in holding the water for you to reuse it. It is advertised as being ideal for washing vegetables or washing your face.

      You place the centre over the main drain of the basin and the silicon creates a suction which holds it in place and prevents the water from escaping. It offers a one size fits all service.

      Dubious, I tested this in the bath. The metal plug I have in the bath seeps water which means after 15 minutes or so the water can have rapidly reduced meaning I need to top up. This Ripple plug had no such problem. There was as much water in the bath when I got out as there was when I got it.

      The suction on it isn't strong which means it is not difficult to pick up and remove but it does a brilliant job at sealing the area when it is put in place properly.
      Whilst this product wasn't designed with the bath tub in mind, I have used it ever since. I wouldn't recommend using it if you have children as it does lift easily so little feet could push it slightly which would cause it to be ineffective.

      However, if you are happy to relax in the bath rather than splash about it's ideal. The silicon doesn't hold grease or grime but if it gets dirty it can be wiped over with a cloth quite easily.

      Ripple was founded in 2003 and are an Australian design company. They offer to take back products at the end of their life so that they can recycle them. So once it ages you can contact them and arrange to return it.
      From the Ripple website rippleproducts.com this product's RRP is £5.78 but costs £12.20 in freight costs.
      However this page http://www.rippleproducts.com/uk_stockis​ts give the limited UK stockists.

      Value for money for me was amazing because it was free, however I don't think I would pay the freight charges to import one. If you can get a packet in the UK for the price of £5.78 I would suggest that they are worth having, but not worth replacing what you have for.


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