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Rodial Rehab Candle

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Brand: Rodial / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      17.11.2012 13:07
      Very helpful



      A disappointing product - I am glad I only paid £10 for this candle - definitely not worth £35!

      Rodial 'Rehab' Candle (210g)

      I bought this candle a few months ago from the Debenhams website and the only reason I bought it was because it was reduced from £35 to £10! A massive saving and I couldn't resist buying it. There were two other scents on offer as well called 'lounge' and socialite'.

      - Product description (from the Rodial website)

      "From the Rehab family of Rodial life & style. Check in with roasted almond & honey milk, guaranteed to make you feel revived & relaxed. Restore & revive both body & mind with this decadently scented candle. The luxurious aromas will leave you feeling revitalised & refreshed."

      - About the product and packaging

      The candle is 210g which is really quite large and it comes in a gorgeous glass container made to look like metal. The container that the candle comes in is just gorgeous, sleek, heavy and it does look really expensive, in my opinion, so it would make a great present. There is a sticker on the bottle of the container stating the scent 'rehab' and warning notices. After this review I am going to scoop out the remains of the candle/wick and I am going to re-use the container as it looks really pretty and expensive. - 10/10 for the packaging!

      - Scent, using the candle and strength/throw of the scent

      As with all of my candles I cut the wick to about 0.5cm before I light it as that length is supposed to be the best so that the candle doesn't let off black smoke etc. The candle wax melts really, really slowly which would usually be great but with this candle the heat/melted wax doesn't reach the sides of the container so you end up with a lot of wasted unmelted wax all around the edge of the container - a big waste, disappointment and this was unexpected as the candle is really expensive so I thought it would be better than my average candles (such as bomb cosmetics or Yankee Candle). The scent takes longer than average to be quite noticeable I found, it did take about an hour or so for the scent to be noticeable in the room but when it is noticeable the scent is fairly pleasant. The scent is supposed to be milk, honey, roasted almonds - to me the scent is definitely milky/creamy with an almond scent which is really nice overall. Although to me this candle can smell a little bit like white chocolate (like a milky bar) which I don't like at all but on the whole the scent is nice and homely. The scent strength is really quite consistent throughout all of the times I was burning it which doesn't happen this some cheaper candles but overall the scent strength wasn't great - the strength was really quite average unfortunately. The scent dispersion/throw was average too which again was a bit disappointing and unexpected.

      - Overall opinion

      Overall, the packaging is the best thing about this product in my opinion and the packaging can be re-used which is great. The candle scent itself is fairly unique (when compared to the other candles I have used) but the scent strength and dispersion/throw where really average which I was not expecting from a very expensive candle! I think this product is a great example of style over substance; the packaging is great and the product is nice to look at but it really underperforms, in my opinion. On the whole when considering the price of the candle and the performance of the candle overall, I would say that the average, cheaper candles I have tried such as bomb cosmetics, yankee candle, kringle candle and jelly bean candles are much better than this very expensive product.

      - Price and availability

      I bought this candle a few months ago from the Debenhams website as it was on sale, along with two other scents, for only £10! The RRP of this candle is a whopping £35 which I definitely wouldn't have paid - firstly because I am a university student and secondly because it is a ridiculous price for a candle - which in all honesty isn't that good! In my opinion there are far better candles at a quarter of the price of this one!



      *Packaging is gorgeous and re-useable
      *Great price when on offer (full price is ridiculous though)
      *Overall the scent is nice


      *Full price and availability
      *Scent strength and dispersion/throw is average
      *Smells a bit like white chocolate, in my opinion, which I do not like

      Thank you for reading my review


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