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Sainsbury's Fabric Conditioner Meadow Breeze 750ml

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Fabric Conditioner / Category: Laundry

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    3 Reviews
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      24.11.2011 18:25
      Very helpful



      Great value and great product

      Sainsbury's do their own lovely fabric conditioner called Meadow Breeze. For a massive 750ml sturdy plastic container you pay just 99p. It comes in a pale green / pale blue plastic bottle with slightly darker coloured twist off cap which also doubles up as a measuring device. I personally find this a very useful little addition.

      I always think the liquid is fairly thick in consistency and smells really lovely and fresh as soon as you take the top off. It leaves your clothes feeling really lovely and fresh and soft and clean for ages after they have been washed and dried and put away. You can go back a couple of weeks later to get a top out of a drawer and you can still smell the lovely fresh aroma.

      It comes in other varieties too, including Lavendar, Sunflower and Blue Linen. The last one is a particular favourite of ours and smells a lot like the Lenor Summer Breeze but at a fraction of the cost.

      We think this conditioner is just as good as the leading brands. It is kind to our skin in my opinion and won't irritate, and it's gentle and even the little lad does not complain that it makes his skin itch, and he is a good monitor of all things like this, as he does suffer a lot from overly sensitive skin conditions.

      A little bit does go a long way and a 750ml bottle will give you enough for twenty-one washes (or more depending on how much strength you like to give to your clothes by way of smelliness and freshness and softness).

      We all recommend this in our house and it is well worth the small price for such lovely softness and fresness.

      Review also on Ciao as sorehead


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      30.12.2008 17:21
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A fabric softener that cuts the mustard.

      If my washing comes out smelling of roses (not literally) I am a happy woman. I don't think there are many days that pass by without me doing a bit of washing. Years ago the choice of washing products was practically non existent. It used to be Daz, Surf, Omo or Persil and that was your lot.
      As we have progressed things have looked up considerably and whereas all we used to worry about was being able to get the clothes clean, we are now taking the feel and the smell of our newly washed clothes into consideration too.
      If I go Internet surfing and find a Free sample of fabric conditioner to send away for then im i`n like a shot!
      So I have sampled quite a few of the latest fragrances on the supermarket shelves already.
      I have to say that the packaging designers have played a blinder with some of the latest fabric softener packing, it is really eye-catching and very pretty.

      So now we come to discuss this Sainsbury`s Meadow Breeze fabric conditioner, a 750ml bottle (A recyclable bottle) priced at 96p. This works out at £1.28 a litre, so it isn't cheap.
      The bottle is uninteresting, plain plastic filled with pale green liquid and topped off with a pale green cap.
      Even the picture of the little boy on the labelling isn't overly attractive.
      So for design effort the package scores lowly.

      The softener ingredients are listed but I wont bore you with the details, except the liquid contains citronellol which is a fragranced chemical and Limonene which has an extra strong smell of Oranges...so that gives you a very good clue how the fabric softener smells.
      You use one full capful for each load of washing or just a drop if you are hand-washing.
      I am a bit heavy handed and often add a little bit more than they say, I love the laundry to smell fragrant.

      I had changed the bedding so I did my test run on a pair of cotton sheets, they had to be tumble dried, so that is as good a test as any to see how the fabric softener performs.
      The perfume was pretty and strong, as soon as I took the first sheet out of the drier it felt warm and cosy and was sweet smelling, even when the fabric had cooled completely the floral aroma was still as strong.
      The cotton sheets were as soft as down and they ironed beautifully.

      Ive often laughed at the way product packaging is designed and marketed but this proved to me that the packaging is the thing that initially `sells` the product to you.
      I bought Sainsbury`s Meadow Fresh fabric softener and I doubted its performance mainly I feel because the presentation didn't give me confidence.
      Many other Fabric softeners have captivating packaging and they in turn sell themselves, take all the latest `Lenor` range for example, exquisitely packaged.

      So Sainsbury`s...your fabric softener is good but it needs to promote itself a little more.
      But otherwise it takes 9 out of 10.


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        27.08.2008 17:08
        Very helpful



        Inhale now...........

        ~~~ Sainsbury's Fabric Conditioner ~~~

        Browsing the aisles of Sainsbury's one day, I was after some fabric conditioner. I've always been a loyal user of the Comfort range and my normal conditioner is the Comfort Creme variety. However this is quite expensive and as I probably do four or more loads a week, I was looking at the normal Comfort bottles. However my search led me to the Sainsbury's own brand and I'll tell you why.

        ~~~ The Fragrance ~~~

        The most important aspect of fabric conditioner to me is the fragrance and to get that I need to smell the product before I'll purchase it.

        Can you believe I spent 20 minutes choosing a fabric conditioner???? That's more time than I spent on the rest of my shopping! But anyway after smelling ALL (and I mean all) of the Comfort bottles I was less than impressed. I had already tried the Comfort tropical samples and loved them, but on the shelf these bottles didn't live up to the sample. So I tried my hand at the Sainsbury's range.

        Now I don't know what Meadow Breeze is supposed to smell like but I can tell you straightaway the smell from the bottle was not offensive. Not sweet or flowery (sorry as I'm not into flowery smells) so that was a good thing. In fact it was fresh. Smell test done, it was the Sainsbury's Meadow Breeze that was dropped into my cart.

        ~~~ The Packaging and Usage ~~~

        The contents come in a 750ml plastic transparent bottle. The contents are a pastel green and the bottle has a lid that is the same colour. Pretty much in the same vein as Comfort packaging so it will be familiar.

        The label on the front is green too and has a picture of a little boy smelling a towel and the name of the product. That's what I do when I'm folding the clothes. I like to sniff the lovely fragrant clothes. Other information on the front claims to be a longer lasting fragrance and 21 Standard washes.

        The back of the bottle provides dosage instructions, safety information (keep away from children and do not use directly on clothes) and Sainsbury's Careline and contact details. It also lists the ingredients:

        15% - 30% Cationic Surfactant
        Chloromethylisothiazolinone (and) Methylisothiazolinone (and)Octylisothiazolinone, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Perfume, Butylephenyl Methylpropional, Linalool, Alpha Isomethyl Ionone, Citronellol, Limonene.

        The instructions tell you to use 35ml (just under 1 cap full) for a normal load of 4-5kg or 55ml for 6-7kg. 1 cap full is 40ml.

        The bottle is recylable and is 1 - PET.

        The consistency of the conditioner is quite runny. To compare it to something else, if you have used Comfort Creme it is quite gloopy and with ages gets more gloopy. you end up waiting a few seconds to dispense. However, this conditioner was not gloopy. It was not runny like water and it had some consistency so it didn't slosh around and was in fact quite easy to dispense without filling. After a few weeks it has not become gloopy and once you put the bottle down the transparency of the bottle returns very quickly as the product settles back down.

        ~~~ Other Sainsbury's Fabric Conditioners ~~~

        If you are intested in trying something else, the Sainsbury's Fabric Conditioner range includes the following:

        * Blue Linen
        * Sunflower
        * Lavender

        ~~~ My Conclusion ~~~

        Now, to prove whether the fragrance is effective, I took advantage of the dry weather and dried some of my linen on the line and some in the tumble dryer.

        Even though I used slightly less than the recommended amount, I still found the product to be just as effective. And the different methods made no difference to the fragrance. As I took the linen back into the house and the linen out of the tumble dryer I was immediately hit by the freshness. I usually leave the sheets to stand on the bed for a couple of hours before dressing the bed. As I returned to the bedroom I could smell the fragrance upon my approach and all the way through dressing the bed. I was excited to be going to bed soon!

        As I went to bed in the fragrance of my new found fabric conditioner, it was lovely to snuggle with the softness and extremely nice release of the aroma. In fact the smell lasted on the sheets about 5 days and I can still smell a faint fragrance on the sheets. With clothes in the drawer you could still smell the fragrance while the clothes were in the drawer.

        I wasn't too impressed at the other fragrances in the range so I was a bit disappointed with that. However, I am more than impressed with this and I would definitely buy this again. It is cheaper, it is two-thirds the price of Lenor and Comfort and would last the same amount of washes.

        This product is available in 750ml and 1.5l versions at 99p and £1.79 respectively. The Comfort 750ml equivalent is £1.54 in Sainsburys. These prices are correct at 17/08/08.

        One thing I found strange was that the cap volume is 40ml, but they recommend either over or under depending on the size of your wash load. However the cap does not have a measuring guide so you can't be sure that you are using the exact amounts. This might mean you might not use the product evenly. As I calculate it, 750ml will give you 21.4 of 35ml washes!

        *** UPDATE ***

        In Waitrose the other day, I took the opportunity to sniff more Fabric conditioners and the Waitrose Meadow smells distinctly similar...hmmm.

        Thank you for reading. This review might be posted on other sites by me.

        © jupiter28 2008


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