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Sainsbury's Super Soft Bathroom Tissue

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4 Reviews

Brand: Sainsbury's / Subcategory: Bathroom Care / Type: Tissue / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Wipes, Towels, Tissues

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    4 Reviews
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      22.07.2013 12:24
      Very helpful
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      A great toilet paper!


      Everyone needs loo roll. 'Tis a fact of modern life. When I buy toilet roll I want a product that (a) is not going to scour my bottom raw and (b) is a decent price. For this reason, I always go for generic loo roll whenever possible.

      Sainsbury's is our regular supermarket and several years ago we started buying their own-brand Super Soft Pure White toilet roll. We always buy white toilet roll, regardless of price, as there has been a lot written about how the dyes used to make paper other colours is polluting our rivers and harming our wildlife. Even so, within white generic loo roll there are a lot of options, but this product has become our default purchase when we go grocery shopping.


      Sainsbury's Super Soft toilet roll is available in packs of four, nine and eighteen rolls. The nine and eighteen roll packs come in a thin plastic wrap with a carry handle formed of a plastic strip stuck to the side of the packaging.

      The plastic wrapping gives extensive product information, including the fact that this loo roll is made from sustainably-sourced trees (it has the Forest Stewardship Council approval mark). It also states that the loo rolls are 2 ply and that there are 240 sheets on average per roll.

      Within the last few months Sainsbury's have redesigned their loo roll cardboard tubes, making them around a third smaller by my reckoning. Much is made of this on the back of the package, with pretty cartoons explaining that less packaging = fewer lorries = less space. In fairness, the packages have shrunk and are certainly easier to carry home now. Even though the cardboard tube is smaller the loo rolls still fit on our dispenser with no trouble.

      The toilet paper itself is of the standard perforated sheet variety and tears easily. At the time of writing a four pack costs £1.80, a nine pack is £3.50 and an eighteen pack is £6.65. Due to regular promotions two packs of nine rolls are often cheaper than one pack of eighteen rolls, and so that's what I am buying at the moment.


      Firstly, unlike many other toilet roll brands I could mention, the carry handle on the multipacks of this product actually works! I have had far too many toilet roll package malfunctions over the years, when the carry handle snaps at a critical moment, usually when it's raining and the toilet rolls end up falling into a muddy puddle! The Sainsbury's handle is much wider and thicker than that on many similar products and so does not break nearly as easily.

      The toilet paper itself is not the softest I have used, but it is soft enough to not cause erm...chafing. The perforations tear easily but, conversely, the product doesn't break apart during use (thank goodness!). It flushes easily and I've never had a blocked up toilet from using this paper.

      One roll lasts a little longer than many other brands I have used, probably as I don't have to use a huge wodge of paper to achieve a clean result, a common occurence with many brands, both cheaper and more expensive than this Sainsbury's product.


      In conclusion, I am very pleased with this loo roll. It's a good price, lasts a decent amount of time and doesn't give me a sore bottom. Criteria (a) and (b) met, so I am a happy consumer!


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        30.09.2012 14:30
        Very helpful



        A great choice for everyday toilet roll.

        Gets the semi-obligatory 'I can't believe I am reviewing toilet paper!' moment over.

        If you are looking to save money and not suffer for it, switching to this product is a really good move. Sainsbury's Super Soft is good, long, strong and still soft toilet paper at a significantly lower price than the major brands.

        A packet of four rolls can be got for £1.88 or 20p per 100 sheets. This compares to £2.08 for a similar sized packet of Andrex or 22p per 100 sheets. There is a two packets for £3.50 deal on at the moment at Sainsbury's which makes it an even better option. The difference in quality is not enough to justify the extra pennies and makes the Sainsbury option the one to go for.

        You get a choice of colours so you still get to match the toilet roll to the bathroom colour scheme.

        The packaging is simple plastic wrap which is tough enough to ensure the product gets to your bathroom clean and intact and to take up as little space as possible when it does.

        The packets are marked with the Forest Stewardship Council so you do get the reassurance that the materials do come from responsible, well managed and controlled sources.

        It it a straightforward product which does what it says on the packet. It does not have any of the moistening agents that some need. If my Crohn's suffering sister-in-law visits I will make sure I have moist options available for her. But for those of us who do not need that extra comfort this is a good choice.

        You get 240 sheets of 2 ply toilet paper which is soft, absorbent and comfortable to use but strong enough to do its job without falling to bits and does not cost the Earth. Literally.


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        20.05.2011 18:02
        Very helpful



        I don't think I will purchase this in future.

        With the current financial climate, my household, along with I am sure many others, have been trying to save a few pennies here and there by "dropping down" from premier brands to supermarkets own. On a recent shopping trip to Sainsburys, I decided to give this product a try as it was a fair bit cheaper then the premium brands we had been purchasing (I don't tend to have one particular favourite brand, but usually choose whichever has the best offer on from the best known brands).

        As a household of 4 females and 1 male, we get through quite a lot of toilet tissue. Add that to the fact we have a loo downstairs as well as upstairs and I am sure it is obvious why I went for the 9 pack of these toilet rolls! They do come in larger packs but even though I would say we probably get through more loo roll than the average household, so perhaps these bigger packs would be a better buy, I find it awkward to store more than about 9 rolls at a time so don't tend to buy more than this in one go.

        If I remember rightly, these toilet rolls offered a saving of around £1 compared to the lowest priced of the "premier" brands at the time I went shopping. Initially I thought this was a great saving, as, although I am not really a fan of "basics" toilet paper (I find you need to use more sheets at once so it doesn't work out as much of a saving as first appears, and also that this means I need to buy more in one go to last till the next shopping trip, so get to the awkward storage situation again!), I assumed that the "super soft" which featured prominently on the pack would mean this paper was a nothc above the bargain brands.

        The rolls are a standard size which I prefer to the "thicker but goes further" variety as those ones don't fit on my loo roll holders! They are reasonably soft to touch but in all honesty I could tell straight away that they were inferior to the other brands I had been purchasing. The paper is just that little bit rougher and thinner than the premium brands'. I tend to store loo rolls loose in a cabinet in the loo, and even with the packaging removed it was glaringly obvious to me which rolls were from previous packs of other brands and which were from this one.

        Another thing I found with these loo rolls was that the two-ply layers often split apart, or aren't quite rolled "together", so that you get half a sheet with one layer, then a section where two layers overlap, followed by another section with one layer when you rip a piece off the roll. This was irritating as it meant that to get a decent amount of loo paper I had to roll more off, in order to ensure I would get the 2-ply sections every time.

        I also found these rolls didn't last quite as long as the ones I usually buy, mainly because the kids in particular would use more at once to try to compensate for the lack of thickness. Whilst an adult can probably make the decision just to use less, I don't think kids particularly think about economising, and so I found they were using up to twice as much of this paper than they do of my usual brands, making it a false economy realkly as the small amount I had saved on the initial purchase was soon lost in having to replace the rolls more quickly.

        In all fairness, it probably is about half as thick again as the very basic rolls I have purchased, but I would say it is probably only half as thick as Andrex Quilted or Triple Velvet, for example. I suppose whether this is a problem depends on whether you think it is worth paying £1 (or roughly 11 pence more a roll on a pack of 9) to have thicker toilet tissue. I have to say that after my experience of using this, I probably am prepared to pay that little bit more for comfort and quality, so would probably not purchase this again unless pennies became extremely tight or they improve the product.

        Product Description
        (Taken from http://www.sainsburys.co.uk/groceries/index.jsp, Item code: 7308628)

        Buying this product helps you care for the world's forests

        Specially designed to combine luxury softness with strength

        9 Rolls 2-ply tissue.

        Average 240 sheets per roll.

        Sheet size 124mm x 110mm.

        Total area: 29.46 sq. metres.

        FSC© Mixed Sources

        Product group from well-managed forests and other controlled sources.

        BAG - PLASTIC recyclable at a larger Sainsbury's


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          19.08.2009 15:06
          Very helpful



          One of the better loo rolls.

          Sainsbury's Super Soft Toilet Tissue

          What is it?
          Bathroom tissues (i.e. loo roll) from Sainsbury's.

          Special Features?
          Specifically designed to combine luxury softness with strength.

          What to I think?
          I like this tissue and think it's fabulous. When I first took one of the rolls out of the packet I was amazed at how big and plump the roll was compared to the other brands I had been using. It's very tempting to want to give the roll a big squeeze before you hang it up!

          This tissue feels...'quite' soft, to be fair, I think it would be impossible to make it 'super' soft and for it to be strong at the same time - this tissue does take a reasonable amount of light pressure before it tears. The quality of the tissue also feels quite bulky and dense so just a few sheets of this does go a long way and of course, as it's so absorbent I usually end up using this to wipe spills in the kitchen.

          The only negative thing about this is that after a while, it does produce a lot of dust - whether from it just rolling around or when it's being torn up, I find it produces more dust than the average role but I guess this is probably inevitable given the other qualities that it already has...

          This tissue comes with an average of 240 sheets per roll, is only 2-ply but feels like 3-ply.

          At about £1.30 for 4 rolls, I think this is pretty reasonable. Not exactly what I call a luxurious tissue roll, but the quality is definitely decent and much better than the average brand.

          Besides all the dust it produces, it's a good bathroom tissue.

          Thanks for reading. xx

          © Leighsa 2009


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        • Product Details

          Luxuriously soft bathroom tissue

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