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Sainsbury's Water Softener Tablets

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Fabric Softener / Category: Laundry

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    1 Review
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      26.05.2010 08:13
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      water softener tablets

      SSainsburys laundry water softener tablets

      Having watched all of the adverts for water softeners and listened to the blurb about how they protect your machine, there were a number of reasons for me to try them out. Firstly, our washing machines really don't last a long time and secondly, i was bringing home from work some washing on a regular basis so it was time to try to protect my poor over worked machine.

      WHAT DO THEY DO?...

      These promise to:
      * Prevent limescale for a sparkling clean machine
      * Protect the Machine.


      The tablets come in a blue box containing 15 tablets and with all of the information and directions clearly written on the back and sides of the box. When I open the box I find that the 15 tablets are all individually wrapped in plastic. The tablets are round and white and although I have given them a good sniff test, i can distinguish no discernible smell- I did somehow expect thm to have a smell!

      HOW TO USE THEM...

      The instructions tell me to unwrap a tablet and drop it at the bottom and back of the drum and then place the garments in the drum. Detergent should be added following the instructions for soft water, select the wash programme and start the cycle. I have spoken to other people about the 9yes we have these kind of conversations!!) and several people have told me that they tend to use them in an empty drum. I have yet to try this, preferring instead to follow the instructions.

      It doesn't tell me how often I should use them and because I am sure I don't use them with every wash, I read the information on some similar boxes which suggest every 40 washes or so. I am not going to count the washes so I use them once a week.


      As with all of these types of products this carries some warnings, most of which are common sense and including:
      * Don't crush the tablet
      * Do not use in water softening units
      * Keep away from eyes
      * Seek medical advice if swallowed


      These are available instore and online at www.sainsburys.co.uk. They cost £2.54 which works out at just under 17p a tablet and which is considerably less than some other brands.


      I have been using these for a number of weeks now and whilst I haven't noticed anything different in the washing machine, i certainly have not noticed any adverse effects to either the machine or the clothes. This could be because I was never in the habit of actively trying to find out how dirty or lime scale free my washing machine actually was.

      So would i recommend them? A tricky one because I don't know if they work. However, i am the type of person who believes the hype and so i would recommend them on the basis that they don't see to do any harm, we have experienced no adverse skin reactions, and i believe they are doing the machine some good.

      Time will tell on this one- will the machine last longer than the last one/ i don't want it to break down to be proved right or wrong!!

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela x


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