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Savlon Anti-Bacterial Surface Spray

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Brand: Savlon / Type: Cleaning Spray / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      26.10.2011 16:21
      Very helpful



      Grab some when you see it!

      When I moved into my new flat earlier this month I was chuffed to pieces. It was exactly what I had dreamt of and believe me I had looked at some seriously bad places, was on a budget and needed to move asap out of a flat share that had gone wrong and could no longer afford the place I was in alone.

      I was told before I moved in that this flat would be cleaned and I expected to come in and still need to clean to my own high standard but for the main of the sweeping out to be done etc.

      However it wasn't! The place never got cleaned at all and I hate to speak ill of the dead but the guy who lived here before me had other things on his mind than cleaning and the place was disgusting to say the least! It took a good few days of 4 people scrubbing the place top to bottom before I could move anything in at all.....it wasn't even fit for my hamsters!

      The main area of filth was the bathroom and that along with the kitchen worried me more than anything. The surfaces in both rooms were minging, the kitchen was caked in grease and grime and the toilet stunk and smelt like it had a blockage. Inspecting around the taps in the flat made me feel sick as they were caked with gunge that was all congested and so off I went to my local Poundland store to spend a fortune on gloves for everyone helping with the clean up and cleaning products etc.

      I bought tons of thick bleach and allsorts and spotted this Savlon Anti-Bacterial Surface Spray and actually bought 6 of them, one each and a couple of spares! I wanted the whole place to become germ free as it was awful and it was freaking me out!

      The Packaging:

      The bottle is trigger action and orange plastic and see through in colour. Like I say these are trigger action sprayers which are thick, blue and plastic with an on/off safety aspect over the nozzle. On the front of the bottle on a blue label we are told in white writing that this is Savlon Anti-Bacterial Surface Spray, Multi-Action Protection From Bacteria In The Home and that it 'Kills 99.9% of bacteria including E-Coli, Salmonella & MRSA, Cuts Grease Around The Home' and that it is a none-bleach formula and colour free and that the bottle holds 500ml of the product. On the back label we are told where can you use this product and how to, precautions and cautions are given, ingredients are listed and contact details for Novartia Consumer Health are listed (the manufacturer of the product). Nice enough, informative packaging this is, easy to understand and use and looks like a seriously effective product opposed to anything fancy.

      Where Can This Product Be Used?:

      Kitchen Work Tops
      Chopping Boards
      Bathroom Surfaces
      Door Knobs
      Babies Highchairs
      Play Areas

      Using It:

      Using This Is really very simple indeed. Simply spray out the freshly smelling disinfectant spray onto the area to be cleaned. It comes out a clear liquid and is of course wet and unfoamy, wipe with it and then wipe it away with a clean, damp cloth if on chopping boards or highchairs etc otherwise allow it to dry by itself which it does fast.

      This is simply a really good and effective household cleaner and I love it! It gives me such piece of mind and I virtually use it everywhere in my home nowadays. Not only is it germ busting (allegedly I mean we don't really know these things do we come to think about it?! lol) but it cuts through grease, grime and dirt with ease.

      I used this on dirty cupboard tops (caked in grease from years of him having fry ups and chips I assume), dirty worktops and inside of cupboards, I wiped down doors and handles with it and in my bathroom I cleaned the sink and bath and well everything really with it too! I never stopped there I wiped over wooden windowsills the lot and not only did it freshen everything up and leave things looks immaculate but it left my home smelling fragrant and fresh for a good 2-3 hours too.

      This didn't overpower me smell wise when in use or after using it, didn't irritate my sensitive skin and really did brings things up clean with minimal effort from myself or my flat cleaning crew and at a pound a bottle I'd be willing to pay 4 times as much (which you may well do if you can't find it in discount stores and have to Google it!).

      A perfectly brilliant product I am really glad I found!


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