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Scentissimo Vanilla Wood Fragrance Diffuser

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Brand: Scentissimo / Subcategory: Home Fragrance / Type: Diffuser / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      23.08.2009 10:13
      Very helpful



      A tasteful diffuser that will add a touch of class as well style to the home

      My brother has a habit of buying the most random, useless, and at times ridiculous Christmas presents. For example the time he sent me an electric shock game whereby the last person to press the button when the light stops gets a rather nasty zap.

      "I thought it would be fun after a few drinks" he said

      Fun??? Painful and tear inducing - Yes! Fun - No!

      Or the year he sent me this awful orange plastic megaphone shaped thing which made a "boom" sound and did nothing else (after reading JJJ's recent review I discovered this was an Airzooka!). I spent the best part of 30 minutes Christmas morning scratching my head before deciding the most useful function for the "gift" was as a makeshift waste bin.

      So last Christmas imagine my apprehension as he handed me a perfectly wrapped slim rectangle box complete with gold bow. Expecting yet another insanely pointless present I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to tear off the paper and find he'd bought me a Vanilla & Wood Scentissimo Fragrence Diffuser...

      So what exactly is a Vanilla & Wood Scentissimo Fragrence Diffuser?

      On opening the box and removing the contents you are presented with a slightly frosted glass bottle filled with the Vanilla & Wood liquid scent. On the front of the bottle is a small and stylish fabric label saying Scentissimo and the name of the fragrance. Also in the box is 9 rattan sticks and a wooden cork type lid with a silver rim. Somewhat bemused as to what I placed where, I read the instructions and followed them, unscrewing the cap on the glass bottle, replacing it with the cork and inserted the 9 rattan sticks arranging them as chicly as I could. TA-DA! I was now left with a rather chic arrangement which would look fabulous on display in my lounge.

      Scentissimo is essentially a room diffuser, albeit a very attractive and unique one. When the sticks are placed into the glass bottle, the fragrance gently and naturally dispenses through the sticks, to slowly infuse your room with a delightful blended fragrance - in this case Vanilla & Sandalwood. It is much more aesthetically pleasing than traditional air fresheners, lasts longer than flowers and is a an ideal way to beautifully fragrance the home.

      So what's my opinion on Scentissimo?

      I had friends coming over one evening and spent the day cleaning and tidying. I found my Scentissimo gift hidden away and forgotten about in one of my drawers. I decided it was the perfect occasion to trial it so assembled it and placed it on a table in my lounge. It looked fantastic and certainly made a statement of elegance. Unsure of what to expect in terms of fragrance I left it and went out to stock up on wine. On returning home an hour or so later I instantly noticed an aroma as I walked into my hallway. The smell was woody with a sweet vanilla undertone and was quite simply delicious. It wasn't overpowering, but was definitely noticeable and certainly pleasant and alluring. As I entered my lounge it became slightly stronger and filled the whole room. I was VERY, VERY impressed and for 5 minutes or so wondered around just sniffing in the scent - Heaven!

      Even better was when my friends arrived and the instantly commented on how nice and sweet my home smelt. On seeing my Scentissimo they too cooed and commented on how beautiful and stylish it looked and wanted to know where they could buy one!

      So where can I buy a Scentissimo and how much does it cost?

      On Googling "Scentissimo" I discovered that they can be purchased from several online retailers, for example www.kiarie.co.uk who specialise in contemporary furniture, décor, candles and fragrances. They retail at £19.55. This is somewhat expensive however it promises to fragrance and infuse your room for at least 2 months. I have had mine in use for about 4 weeks now and approximately one third of the fragrance has been used. Also you are paying for the style statement. Scentissimo looks beautiful and adds a certain modern chicness to a room.

      Other fragrances are available and include Orange Blossom & Honey and Black Fig & Pomegranate.

      My overall opinion

      I highly recommend Scentissimo firstly for how wonderful it looks in a room and its style factor and secondly, for the fragrance which lasts, and lasts and lasts. Every time I enter my lounge I am met with the lovely smell of sandalwood mixed with sweet vanilla. It is delicate and light and not too overpowering. I find Scentissimo far superior to other air fresheners and plug-in diffusers that I have tried and will certainly be buying another one when mine runs out. Although I think I'll put my order in with my brother now - before he decides to return to his old ways and buys me his usual Christmas tack!!!

      Just as an aside and point of interest I have since noticed that Asda sell their own branded version of Scentissimo for the bargain price of around £6.99. However it doesn't look anywhere near as elegant but I suppose if it does the job that doesn't matter. Perhaps a product I'll try in the future...


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