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Shearer Amber Noir Scented Candle

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3 Reviews

Brand: Shearer / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    3 Reviews
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      14.04.2012 12:47
      Very helpful



      a gorgeous addition to a candle collection

      Shearer Candles was founded in 1897 in Glasgow. They currently offer a wide range of scented candles and other scented treats for the home.

      ~Amber Noir~

      Amber Noir is a scent range that Shearer Candles offer. This particular scent is presented in various desgined jars and tins. There is also a pillar candle available, a diffuser and scented tea lights.

      For the purpose of this review, I will be discussing the small tin in this particular scent. The tin I have is a single wick tin which is designed to be used when travelling but is perfectly usable at home. The wax has a recommended burning time of up to 20 hours.

      Amber Noir was a 2011 addition to the Shearer collection. It is described as being a 'mysterious' scent as it contains a blend of amber, violet and tuberose.


      Amber Noir is presented in a beautiful, small gold tin. The top of the lid is clear allowing the pitch black wax to be seen. The tin has a black label showing the scent name and generally looks pleasing on the eye. It is recommended that you place the tin in an appropriate container and trim the wick to 1cm to avoid smoke damage.

      The tin measures approx 4cm x 6cm and has a total weight of 181g.

      ~Price and Availability~

      The majority of the Amber Noir collection can be sourced from www.shearer-candles.com priced from £8.00. Alternatively, head to Amazon where the products are discounted. This particular tin can be purchased for £2.99.

      ~My Thoughts~

      I am a true Yankee devotee but I do like to try out other branded candles - especially if the candles are given to me as a gift. Towards the end of last year, a lovely friend (Alyson29) sent me 2 Shearer Candles to try out - one of which was Amber Noir. This lady knows what a candle lover wants!

      The packaging is stunning and although different from Yankee, the products do not look as cheap as they actually are. I love to keep my home smelling lovely and usually melt wax tarts. I don't like to move my tart burner about though so if I am looking to scent a room other than my living room, I tend to use a proper candle for this purpose.

      Amber Noir is a very addictive scent and is enticing from the moment the lid is removed. The black wax gives a rich, aromatic aroma and I love the way the wax glistens as the melted wax surrounds the wick. The wick is easy to light (I use a long candle lighter) and is easy to maintain and keep at an acceptable length. The wax melts evenly around the wick and looks very fetching. The candle also burns down neatly so no wastage here and this means one can get the full benefit from the wax.

      ~Relax and Indulge~

      Amber Noir is a very natural scent full of flavour. Once lit, the wax begins to melt and the scent lifts up from the tin and into the air. Amber Noir has an impressive strength. It starts off my filling a small area before filtering around the chosen room and out into the hall way. It does take a little longer than a Yankee candle to fill my home but is well worth the extra wait in my opinion - it is at its peak within 30 minutes or so. Amber Noir won't be to everyones tastes but I find it to be absolutely stunning and feel it has a romantic, homely feel to it.

      I would say Amber Noir wouldn't be out of place in a batchelor pad - it isn't as masculine as Yankees 'Midsummers Night' but it is far from being feminine and girly. It is a very deep scent and flows beautifully. At first, the tuberose and violet blend together and the scent is quite uplifting and comforting - something a bit different with a delicate floral blended with sweetness type of arrangement going on. As the wax melts further, the amber surges through and is very rich and inviting.

      There is a wave of musk running through the scent which is noticeable in various strengths as the candle burns. I don't normally like musky scents but it is very fitting on this occasion. It adds depth and gives Amber Noir a dark, mysterious feel which reminds me a little of expensive aftershave. It is far from being cheap smelling and is a very warm and enchanting scent to relax with. It never overpowers or makes me feel queasy and simply flows at the perfect pace. Amber Noir is also the perfect odour eliminator as it rids my home of any odours quickly and effectively.


      I lit Amber Noir for a few hours at a time and could still witness its delicious, aromatic aroma around an hour or so after flame had been blown out. I was able to obtain the recommended 20 hours of burning time and during each burning session, the scent of Amber Noir remained fresh and consistent - it didn't fade of lose intensity at all.

      I can thoroughly recommend this little tin. It is an amazing scent to treat your home too and the price it is offered at is simply amazing. I would say Amber Noir is the perfect scent to burn in the evening and during the colder months - it would be too heavy and 'dark' for day time use in my opinion.

      I can highly recommend this candle and would like to thank Alyson for sending me one - I am hooked!

      Thanks for reading!


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        04.02.2012 20:47
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A fabulous candle from Shearer

        I have only recently discovered Shearer candles and I am rapidly becoming a fan. Shearer is a Scottish firm that has been established since 1897. They make all sorts of candles for lots of different occasions. I bought my latest Shearer candle, Amber Noir, from an online store called www.candleselection.co.uk , I bought a candle tin from the Victorian winter collection range. The candle tins are marketed as candles to burn at home or travel candles. I cant personally imagine taking a candle with me when travelling but these are suitable for those that do.

        Amber Noir comes in a gold coloured tin with a black and gold label giving the whole thing a very luxurious feel. Amber Noir is written in the middle of the label in gold letters, the label is outlined with a gold swirly pattern and also shows the Shearer logo in gold too. The label also informs the customer that the wax is "hand poured". The tin has a screw top lid which is easy to remove. The tin measures approximately 5cm's high and has a diameter of 6cm's.

        The wax itself is black which is perfectly in keeping with the black and gold tin, the whole thing looks very glamorous, it has a touch of luxury about it.

        Amber Noir is fragranced with tuberose, violets and amber and on giving the wax a quick sniff it smelt lovely, floral with a musky hint I was looking forward to burning it. I lit the candle one evening and within a few minuets a beautiful floral fragrance was filtering around the room, it was gentle and in no way overpowering, the amber gave it a wonderfully musky scent and over all the smell was inviting, warm and created a lovely atmosphere.

        I burn my candles for an hour or two at a time, I find with Yankee products this gives a good amount of fragrance which also lingers well after the candle has been extinguished, the same also applies to Shearer candle tins. I let the Amber Noir candle tin burn for a couple of hours in which time the lovely warm musky fragrance has crept not only all around my lounge but around most of my home where it lingered for quite a while.

        I paid £3.50 for my Shearer candle tin which in my opinion is excellent value for money as Shearer claim it will give 20 hours burn time and although I haven't used all the wax up I would say this is a pretty accurate as the wax is burning down evenly. I love the Amber Noir candle tin, the fragrance is so warm and inviting and it creates a lovely warm atmosphere in my home. I burn this in the evenings in my opinion its not a daytime fragrance.

        I would certainly recommend the Shearer Amber Noir candle tin, its one of the nicest candles I've burnt in a long time. This particular fragrance can also be bought in a jar, a pillar candle and tea lights. Its one I will most definitely be buying again.


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          08.10.2011 10:04
          Very helpful



          A stunning fragrance perfectly suited to cold winter months

          I am a firm believer in making my home smell beautiful, as I adore using different fragrances dependent upon my mood and the time of year. Whilst I had read some extremely positive reviews many months ago about a Scottish brand by the name of Shearer I had been unable to try their products due to there being no local stockists. I was surprised to learn that Shearer Candles were established in 1897 and I couldn't believe I had only been made aware of their high quality candles approximately a year ago. After searching for the brand on Amazon several months ago, a few purchases were made and I have now probably burned in the region of 30+ candles in several beautiful fragrances. The candle I am reviewing today, namely Amber Noir is courtesy of Casa Candles who sent me this gorgeous newly launched winter fragrance to try.


          The appearance of Shearer Candles ooze both luxury and quality and if you are not familiar with this brand I would advise that they are presented in a beautiful shiny golden coloured circular tin measuring 4 ½ cm in height and 6 cm in diameter with a weight of 181g. The labels on each of the fragrances are identical other than the fact that their colour illustrates the shade of the wax inside the tin and as the name of this fragrance would suggest, the wax is black. I would point out here that I am aware that some people do not favour burning black candles due to their association with Satanic rituals, but both the golden jar and beautiful touches of gold on the label provide a perfect contrast to the black candle wax.

          ~~ BURNING THE CANDLE ~~

          The lid has a golden coloured rim and a transparent inner section to enable me to see inside the jar and is easily removed when I am greeted with the most striking fragrance. When I first witnessed the aroma the only word that came from my lips was "wow", as I simply could not put into words how beautiful this fragrance actually is. Amber Noir is a delightful combination of tuberose, violets and amber, so I couldn't wait to place a flame to the single wick to experience the fragrance whilst burning. As I wasn't familiar with tuberose I took a look on the internet and learned that it is actually an essential oil that is extracted from a night-blooming tall plant that is native to Mexico.

          Within only ten minutes a sufficient amount of wax had melted and the beautiful fragrance of tuberose was beginning to fill my living room. Although my knowledge of tuberose is limited I am familiar with the fragrances of both violet and amber. I would describe tuberose as delicately floral, but absolutely beautiful, as it delivers such a comforting aroma. Approximately fifteen minutes later I could witness a hint of violets, which was soon accompanied by the aromatic amber, which offers a slight musky tone. What I absolutely adore about this candle is that in addition to the three main fragrances there are also very delicate hints of spices and cloves, which make this perfect for burning during the cold winter's months and give it a real festive appeal.

          The combination of the warming fragrances are very ambient as well as being sensual, calming and comforting, as they work well together to create the perfect blend of sheer luxury. As the wax continues to burn the aroma of amber considerably intensifies with the musk becoming more evident. Each time I light the candle the fragrance travels into the entire downstairs of my home and can also be detected upstairs, which makes this candle extremely favourable. What I love about Shearer Candles is that the wax burns evenly unlike some brands I have tried and as a consequence, there is no hollow around the wick and consequently, no waste, as the entire candle can be burned. Shearer state that the candle will burn for 20 hours and I totally agree with this statement and can advise that the fragrances are powerful for their entire burning times. The underside of the tin becomes slightly hot when burning, so it is advisable to place it on a heatproof mat to avoid damage to any surfaces.

          Candle wicks should always be trimmed to a reasonable length of approximately 1 cm to obtain maximum benefit and to prevent black smoke. I tend to burn my candles for periods of 2 - 3 hours, particularly as the fragrance lingers in my rooms for a good hour or so after the wick has been distinguished. The lid is easily replaced in readiness for your next usage. I cannot recommend this candle highly enough, as it is simply perfect for creating a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere in your home and as a result, Shearer Candles Amber Noir receives 5 stars from me.


          I purchase my Shearers Candles on Amazon from a seller by the name of Casa Candles where they are priced at £2.24 each plus £1.94 P+P. I tend to bulk buy in batches of 10 candles where the postage and packing charges are around £4.00. Casa Candles also have their own website where you can find this delightful fragrance and their extremely reasonable P+P charges are clearly identified and are dependent on the value of your order.

          I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.

          My sincere thanks go to Casa Candles for their kindness in sending me this absolutely stunning candle to try.


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        • Product Details

          A rare dark essence of tuberose, violets and amber / Sensual and Mysterious, it will provoke all your senses / Very smart little gold coloured tin with black wax candle.