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Shearer Candles Amber & Rose Fondant

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Brand: Shearer / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      26.11.2010 00:31
      Very helpful



      A warm rosy candle that smells divine once it gets going.

      Out of the three Shearer candles I purchased in October 2010 and apart from the gorgeously scented Hollyberry & Clove scented jar, I found the look and scent of a flowery candle that had honey overtones quite appealing. I don't tend to buy flowery candles though as they do nothing for me other than agitate me when I have a garden at my disposal or fresh flowers I can pick to fragrance a room and most men aren't into flowery candles let alone scented candles if they admit it! Contained in a creamy white frosted scented open jar like the previous purchase, I didn't have any hesitation of placing this candle in my basket with the tones of scent that came out the top of it. I know many of my female friends that would love the look of the candle alone including the scent and with Christmas approaching, it made sense to just pop another in the basket!

      By now you will probably realise from reading some of my latest reviews that I love scented candles. I've tried a few from IKEA, pound shop types, Glade types, Poundstretcher branded types, various American brands and still, love to shop for different brands, even though my core favourites would be Yankee Candle as they seem to have an ever growing list of scents on offer. I can tell you now as the year approaches the end that the ones to avoid are from The White Company - the sprays are far better value on strength and price alone.

      This time by Shearer, it's not a seasonal product per se, or a product that is designed to appeal to specific special event celebrations like Christmas or Easter. The beautifully named "Amber and Rose Fondant" frosted glass jar and its beige white colouring could fit into just about any décor of choice and the fondant name alone has an enticing appeal. Luckily, it isn't completely flowery due to its Amber edge on scent either, with a hint of honey and a dose of Turkish delight like rosewater with a hidden secret. This candle isn't like Hollyberry & Clove where a full on spice and berry mix is apparent, but rather an ideal gift for a boudoir, a dressing room, or a fashionable accessory for anyone's white/cream bedroom with its equally classy gold-bordered label and a scent that has a pleasing understated edge.

      This scent is available in a few more ranges other than the scented jar alone. Prices listed include VAT charge:

      Amber & Rose Fondant Home Fragrance Scented Pillar, 80 hour duration, £7
      Amber & Rose Fondant Home Fragrance Scented Jar, 30 hour duration, £6
      Amber & Rose Fondant Home Fragrance Multi 3 Wick Gift candle & presentation box, 40 hr duration, £15
      Amber & Rose Fondant Home Fragrance Tealights x 8, 4 hour duration, £4

      Home Fragrance Reed Diffuser - Amber & Rose Fondant, £10

      Amber & Rose Fondant Home Fragrance Scented Samplers 2 per box, 11 hr duration, £3
      Amber & Rose Fondant Home Fragrance Scented Hurricane glass candle, 95 hr duration, £10
      Amber & Rose Fondant Home Fragrance Scented Tin, 20 hr duration, £3
      Amber & Rose Fondant Home Fragrance Patterned Scented Votive, 20 hr duration, £4 (similar design to this candle product but a smaller size to accompany it)

      Remembering to remove the plastic wick protector disc included at the top (also stops the candle from getting dusty if not used for a long time) and once lit, Shearer's Amber & Rose Fondant takes an hour to get the scent pervading in the home. It isn't like a lot of the scented jars I've bought from Shearer in the sense that scent comes across straight away and in Shearer's case that can mean up to 40 minutes maximum. It is hard to detect the honey like amber once lit compared to sensing it in the shop before purchase too. Warming rosewater however fills the air well, with a woody edge to it and it doesn't come across sweet or sickly, as rosewater can tend to do. Here is where the hidden secrets are revealed after an hour of burning. The top tone of flowery rosewater is more akin to tuberose after the candle starts to get going and it isn't synthetic or peppery either, which is a good sign that Shearer has stuck to their principles where quality is concerned. Justifying the scent alone is needed because the scented jar costs £6 for a medium glass jar sizing of 8cm height and 7cm diameter.

      It is the middle tone of flowery violet, which comes across well without making me sneeze or cough and it is very surprising. It has a lot to do with the fact that Shearer hand pour their candles and fit non-paraffin wicks. However as so many flowery scented candles can tend to do with oil based wax, flower scents can come across too synthetic and palled. The bonus here of violet and tuberose gives the candle a vibrant colour of appealing freshening scent, which sooner levels out with the warming woody amber offering a relaxing aura. On appearance the candle does give off a good light helped along by the smooth feeling thick glass jar that is both heat insulated on the base and uniform body. The candle will also burn all the way leaving little wastage when left on a balanced, level surface.

      Compared to other scents in the Shearer range, this scent isn't as strong as I'd like it to be - but that isn't a surprise given my love for Yankee Candle. On its own consideration however, Shearer Amber & Rose Fondant masks pongs and bad odours fairly well, which is another good sign of Shearer quality and additionally with tobacco scent, the candle needs to be lit for at least two hours before tobacco odour is lifted out of the way. With an expensive cost price, it could be a little stronger to meet the grade of its Hollyberry & Clove cousin. But then again, I'm used to overly strong Yankee Candles rather than Shearer and for that reason alone, although it isn't a disappointing candle, it deserves a second look for fans who love small states of scent on offer rather than something that is designed to gas out your home! Tie in the fact that the flowery scent doesn't annoy me means it very nearly gets full marks! I'd definitely consider buying it again - which for a flowery scent I always avoid from Yankee Candle, says a lot! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2010



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