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Shearer Candles Hollyberry & Clove

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Brand: Shearer / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      23.11.2010 17:24
      Very helpful



      A lovely scent for Christmas in a classy looking glass tumbler

      Whilst I've been burning Yankee Candles for strong scents in the air I don't forget local economy pound shop alternatives such as Glade or Scottish brands and for that reason alone decided to check out the latest Christmas scents that Shearer candles of Scotland have already produced in time for Christmas. Half way through my Halloween celebrations for example, my flat suffered a water leak that meant lots of clearing up to do (back to mop and bucket since I have no wash vacuum for the moment) and a constant flurry of workmen trampling on fresh new carpeting to paint and re-plaster walls from where the leak had entered. I hate the smell of old paint and drying plaster and rather than put my favourite scents "on" to purge the smell of DIY work, I used up most of the unsuccessful Halloween candles to get a low "base line" of scent to get rid of the stale smells. It was during the approaching week to Halloween that I purchased a few new scented candles from Shearer in their Glasgow store as well as previous scents for gift purposes following the relatively good success I've had from previous purchases.

      Contained in a nicely smooth feeling dark pink/magenta frosted glass complete with the flowery pattern that everyone seems to have fallen in love with this year, Shearer's Hollyberry & Clove frosted scented jar candle costs £8 for a jar that measures 8.6cm in height by 7cm diameter and looks and feels like a standard "Hi-Ball" half measure drinks tumbler. The candle has a 30 hour burning time duration and like most of Shearer's range, this is a hand poured candle with little paraffin added to combat sneezing or coughing complete with a heat insulated body completely - including the rim of the glass and the base - something I wish Yankee Candle would do rather than just have a heat insulated base alone in many of their likewise glass associated products.

      I bought two of these candles from the Glasgow store before handing over one to my mum who liked the look of the glass although I did warn her that the candle does have cloves added to the scent, which could start her off with her chesty cough. However, it is best to look properly at the candle as she forgot to take out the plastic insert "wick protector" clear plastic disc and inadvertently got a horrid smell of hot burning plastic for the best part of half an hour that apparently stank out her room before the candle could be properly appreciated!

      When lit for the first time, the Shearer candle isn't as strong to pervade its scent around a home until an hour has passed. This may be a downside to anyone who wants scents straightaway and isn't prepared to wait. However much I appreciate Yankee Candle, I'd say for the most part that whilst their scents are strong and reliant, the Shearer range is fairly understated, although strong, the scent comes out little by little, building up the scent in the room rather than a constant stream of scent, full on all the time and unwavering. On a level base the Shearer candle will burn all the way through, leaving little wastage behind too.

      The top level scent that comes out of this candle is a deep cherryness similar to Yankee Candle's cranberry. Although it is supposed to be "Hollyberry," there is little pepper from the prickling effect of holly berry smell in general, although undoubtedly strawberry like in its sweet approach, there's definitely more cranberry than black cherry, which is detectable. Another scent level, possibly revealed in the middle is that of the clove extract. It is quite a strong scent of cloves but without the chalky "loudness" that comes across with real cloves, or other scented candles on the market that induce coughing thanks to its burning levels. I rather like the combination of scents on offer with the final base tone on offer being a very rich cinnamon that isn't as sweet as Yankee Candle's "Home Sweet Home," but very much near it! Where shifting pongs are concerned, the Hollyberry & Clove candle does a good job without becoming overpowering. Again it is the slowness of the candle's scent that builds up the cherry, cinnamon and cloves on offer and even though it is not claimed to be an odour shifting product formula, the triple scent does a good job of masking odours although stronger odour like tobacco smoke isn't particularly better.

      Other varieties available in this scent are (prices including VAT added):

      Hollyberry and Clove Home Fragrance Scented Pillar, 80 hour duration & £7 cost price.
      Hollyberry and Clove Home Fragrance Scented Jar, 30 hour duration & £6 cost price.
      Hollyberry and Clove Home Fragrance Multi 3 Wick Gift candle & presentation box, 40 hr duration & £15 cost price.
      Hollyberry and Clove Home Fragrance Tealights x 8, 4 hour duration & £4 cost price.
      Home Fragrance Reed Diffuser - Hollyberry and Clove, £10 cost price.
      Hollyberry and Clove Home Fragrance Scented Samplers 2 per box, 11 hr duration & £3 cost price.
      Hollyberry and Clove Home Fragrance Scented Hurricane glass candle, 95 hr duration & £10 cost price.
      Hollyberry and Clove Home Fragrance Scented Tin, 20 hr duration & £3 cost price.
      Hollyberry and Clove Home Fragrance Patterned Scented Votive, 20 hr duration & £4 cost price (similar design to this candle product but a smaller size to accompany it.)

      The problem with Shearer candles is that like most of their candles trapped in a glass frosted open jar, these candles are quite expensive for what you get and when it takes up to an hour for the scent to start smelling in an open hallway or area, it can look disappointing on size alone. However, in a closed room it takes half the time for the scent to pervade and you only need an hour or a two to fully appreciate the vibrant red richness of the candle wax combined with the scent on offer. Although not wholly Christmas tainted by the label, the brand labeling has a gold border with gold lettering and with its colour, lends a lovely look and Christmassy feel without going over the top. For the understated scented candle fan, Shearer's candle here is well worth considering both on look and the way the scent starts to build up. The level of scent is strong when burning for a long time, and for those who are afraid to touch spicy candles with cinnamon added, this is a good one to consider as a good starter to premium candles. The level of spice with the berry seems to be well coordinated. For the price though it could be a little larger in size but at least there are many different versions of it available and aren't too expensive. Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2010



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