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Shearer Frankincense & Myrrh Scented Candle

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Brand: Shearer / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      20.04.2011 19:17
      Very helpful



      Lovely scented quality candle in a tin.

      Shearer Frankincense and Myrrh scented candle in a tin

      Having read several of Nar2's reviews on Dooyoo I was tempted to try some of these candles, especially as someone had pointed out in a comment that they were reduced to £2.50 on Amazon. I had a few Amazon vouchers stored up from survey sites so thought I'd take the opportunity to buy some. I think I bought five and this is the first one that I have used.

      The candle comes in a small tin sprayed gold with a dark maroon coloured label on the front. The lid has a clear plastic top so you can see the gorgeous burgundy coloured candle through it. It all looks very classy and s if it costs quite a lot which as these usually sell on Amazon for £3.50 in my view they are not a cheap candle compared with those on the high street generally.

      Shearer Candles Ltd is apparently Scotland's leading manufacturer and designer of luxurious hand-made scented candles and has been going since 1897. They claim to use only the purest and finest ingredients.

      Shearer hand pours the wax into these rather cute little tins which are about 4cm height by 8.3ch diameter. The tin is about the size of a pot of moisturizer or similar and is very light in weight, especially now mine is almost finished. My next step is to pop it in the freezer to move the last bit of scented wax which I shall put in my burner and use like a wax tart just to get my full value. I have yet to think of a use for the cute little tin.

      Shearer describe this scented candle aroma as:
      "This rich Arabian fragrance combining the oils of precious woods, spices, musk and vanilla. "

      You can buy Frankincense and myrrh fragrance candles from the company in several other forms apart from this little tin. It is available as plain and decorated jar candles, screw-top jar candles, candle travel tins, pillar candles, scented candle samplers, tealights, in candle gift boxes and room fragrances. Mine is what they call the candle travel tin. I really cannot see me packing one of these to take when we go travelling but I suppose some candle enthusiasts might feel the need. I can just imagine my husband's face as I hand him a couple of tinned candles to add to our packing!

      I popped the candle onto a level surface as I was warned that these candles liquefy when burning and I didn't want any accidents. I also popped it onto a small heat proof mat as the bottom of the tin didn't look that heat proof and on the bottom on the tin it does say put into a non- flammable surface away from draughts and flammable materials. This also means not on TV sets, as someone I know discovered was not a great idea, as the plastic of the TV melted and the candle dropped through, setting fire to their entire sitting room.

      The candle did liquefy on burning to become a lovely clear burgundy colour and giving off a strong, sweet rather exotic scent. It is more myrrh than frankincense and there is also a definite sweet rather heady aroma. Which must be the vanilla mixing in with the exotic fragrances of the candle's name After the candle has been burning for about ten minutes the scent starts to emerge and after thirty minutes a small room is nicely filled with the gorgeous smell.

      Shearer candles pride themselves in the fact that their wax is paraffin-free so when the candle is blown out there are no black fumes that come off. I also put the lid on as soon as I have blown it out as I don't like the after scent.

      I have been using this for about a week on and off and although the candle is supposed to last about 0 hours I cannot say if mine has gone that long. It probably has been about that long as I have been using it most days for a while each day. I have a layer of wax left but no wick now so will have to use the rest as scented wax tart in my burner , waste not want not!

      I was very happy with my candle from Shearer and I am looking forward to using the other four I bought. I would certainly recommend this version but maybe more for a winter time rather than for a summer fragrance as it is quite string and heady. I don't mind the scent in warmer weather but I do know some people prefer lighter scents for summer.

      This little candle would make a lovely gift as it looks very well presented and is packaged well. It has a good natural strong aroma and the candle burns by melting the wax into a liquid which also looks really lovely as the candle is burning .

      At the moment they are back to £3.50 on Amazon which is quite expensive in my view but keep your eyes open for when they are on sale as they are lovely natural smelling quality candles.

      Apologies as my pound sign key seems to have become a hash key instead so I can do no pound signs!

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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