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Shearer Persian Lime & Grapefruit Scented Candle

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Brand: Shearer / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    3 Reviews
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      30.04.2012 10:08
      Very helpful



      A surprisingly lovely candle, which I will definitely be purchasing again in future

      Like most people, I love candles and have them burning in my home most evenings, especially in the winter but, as all my friends know I like them, I hardly ever actually buy them myself as I tend to get inundated with them as gifts at Christmas and birthdays. I had never heard of Shearer Candles until I received this one as a gift for my last birthday. I've since read a few reviews of them and they all sounded quite impressive so I'd been looking forward to trying this one but as it is quite a zingy, summery fragrance I waited until the freakishyly warm spell we had in March to start burning it.

      Unlike the picture shown I received the Persian Lime and Grapefruit candle in the gift selection so it came beautifully packaged in an absolutely gorgeous box, a white cylinder with a lime green pattern on it, very sturdy and substantial and a beautiful addition to the candle to make it that little bit more special as a gift. In my youth I went through a stage of keeping any boxes/bags like that that I received but a few years ago I opened the cupboard in the spare room only to realise it was full of empty bags and boxes so decided not to keep them anymore unless I could immediately think of a specific purpose it could be used for. So, stupidly I threw the box away when I started burning the candle and can't remember all the details that were written on it. Suffice it to say it was a very beautiful box and I wish I'd not been so quick to throw it away!

      The candle itself comes presented in a small glass tumbler with quite a thick, chunky bottom to it so I feel reassured that even when I've burnt it down to the bottom of the glass it won't present a danger, although I do still burn it on a candle tray, just for safety's sake. It measures approximately 3.5 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter and states a burn time of 40 hours, which I would say is about average for a candle of this size when compared to other brands such as Yankee Candle and Colony Candles. The wax, surprisingly, is a nice bright white colour with the wick poking through the middle. As it is a lime scented candle, I have to admit, I'd been expecting a bright green coloured wax, but I'm glad it's a more neutral colour as lime green wouldn't go with my living room decor anyway!

      The most important thing with candles though is how they burn. So how does this one perform? I have to say I've been pleasantly surprised by this candle. Everybody always raves about Yankee Candles but personally I don't like them as a company so won't burn them, but still everyone tells me I should because they're the best. Well, I honestly think that Shearer Candles could be strong competition for Yankee in the candle market. This is the only fragrance I've tried so far, but based on this experience I would definitely use them again in future and will let it be known amongst my candle-buying friends that if they were to buy me candles in future I'd prefer them to be Shearers!

      On lighting, the wick catches easily so there's no danger of burning my fingers with a match that's burnt down and within about ten minutes a small wax pool had formed around the base of the wick, releasing a very subtle fragrance into the room. After about half an hour a much bigger wax pool had formed and we could smell the fragrance much more strongly and it had also swept through the rest of the downstairs. I went outside to bring the washing in and when I came back in to the kitchen I could smell it straight away, even though the candle itself was about 10 metres away.

      As the candle has burnt down further it has burnt evenly and hasn't left a huge amount of wax clinging to the sides of the jar, which can often be a problem with candles, so I feel like you do get the maximum burning time available.

      The fragrance of the Persian Lime and Grapefruit candle is absolutely delicious and very apt for the spring and summer with the warmer weather. I would usually opt for the fresher fragrances; linen, ocean etc rather than anything fruity or spicy, but this one is nice and light alongside the citrus so doesn't hang heavily in the air. I don't know how they've done it, but they've actually managed to make it smell quite "fizzy" if you know what I mean, and the blend of lime and grapefuit gives off a really zingy, uplifting and fresh fragrance. In case you couldn't tell...I LOVE the smell of this one! And, just as importantly, is lasts well too. I tend to burn scented candles for an hour or two at a time and then blow them out and with this one the fragrance lingers long after the candle has been blown out and even the next morning when I come downstairs and open the living room door I can still smell it faintly in the background, obviously not as strong as when it's burning, but still there nevertheless.

      I followed candle usage advice and the first time I lit it left it for around four hours so that the wax pool reached the outside of the candle, but since then it has only been lit for a maximum of two hours at a time. I probably use it every other day so it's had a good 30 hours of use and it about 3/4 of the way down the tumbler now so I would estimate that the predicted burn time is quite accurate so that has only served to increase my new-found adoration for these candles!

      The only slight disappointment I have with this candle is that the one time I forgot to trim the wick down before lighting it, it did give off quite a lot of smoke and the rim of the glass ended up turning a nasty black colour. Obviously, as soon as I realised I blew the candle out and wiped the glass with a damp cloth and it came up like new again. But since then I've made extra sure to keep the wick trimmed down before using the candle.

      You already know that I was bought this as a gift and that I'd never heard of Shearer Candles until I received this, so honestly I don't know what the availability is like for these in the shops. I certainly don't recall ever seeing them on display anywhere, but then again I don't exactly live in a buzzing metropolis, so if you're frequent visitors to larger shops or department stores you may well come across them. They are, however, readily available online and Shearers has it's own website. Looking on there, the gift edition I was bought retails at £15 and is also available in a variety of jar sizes, tealights, reed diffusers etc. I'm a bit shocked, to be honest, at how expensive the gift boxed candle is as the same tumbler candle but with a 5 hour shorter burning time is only £7, so you're paying an extra £8 for a box and 5 hours more burning. Whilst the box was absolutely gorgeous and I was very happy to receive it as a gift I think personally, if I was buying Shearer Candles for someone as a gift I'd rather buy them two of the tumblers and put them in a box myself!

      Looking on the website I'm quite surprised by what a large range Shearers have and will definitely be making purchases from them in future. Not only do they have many more fragrances to choose from (Egyptian Cotton, White Jasmine Tea, Orange and Geranium and Amber Noir are all on my wishlist now!) but also dinner candles, soywax and beeswax candles, church candles, outside candles, so many of my friends ad cousins can expect to receive Shearers as gifts over the next few months!

      I've been most pleasantly surprised by this Shearer Candle. I admit that when I first received it I didn't have very high hopes as I'd never even heard of it as a brand, but the other reviews I've read about them have been very accurate. It was beautifully presented in good, sturdy packaging and looks lovely on my fireplace. I personally wouldn't spend the extra on the gift boxed version, but I'm very glad my friend did!

      The fragrance is absolutely gorgeous and it just right for this time of year, fresh, zingy and uplifting without being too heavy and the blend of lime and grapefruit is beautiful. The candle has burnt well all the way down and the suggested burn time has been pretty accurate, so all in all it has performed exactly as I would hope a scented candle would perform and I have no hestitation in recommending these. They get a hearty five stars for me, as the only problem I've found with the smoking was my own fault really for not trimming the wick.


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        03.02.2012 10:52
        Very helpful



        Look out Yankee you have a rival!

        I had never heard of Shearer Candles until I read a few reviews about them, I love scented candles and am usually a Yankee fan but when browsing Amazon one day I found the Shearer Persian Lime and Grapefruit candle in a jar. It was selling for just £3.00 and sounded so nice, I popped it on the end of my order.

        Shearer is a Scottish firm that was founded in 1897 on the outskirts of Glasgow. They do all sorts of candles for a variety of occasions. They state they only use the finest wax and the purest oils in their products.

        The candle I bought was one of their scented jars, Persian Lime and Grapefruit which is from their spring couture range, I thought it sounded really fresh and tangy.

        My Shearer scented jar has a screw top silver lid and is approximately 5.5cm's x 9cm's diameter. The label is mainly green in colour and is outlined in silver, the fragrance Persian Lime and Grapefruit is written on the label and beside this there is a small logo also in silver. Beneath the fragrance it informs the customer that this candle has been "hand poured for home fragrance". The whole thing looks quite classy for the money.

        The lid unscrews easily and the wax inside is white, as soon as I removed the lid the fresh fragrance of the candle was evident. I was impressed with the lovely citrus smell, it was tangy and smelt natural. I lit the candle and within a few minuets the smooth wax was starting to melt and the most gorgeous fragrance was filtering around my room. It was exactly like fresh grapefruits and limes, pure citrus and incredibly fresh. I could smell both the grapefruit and the lime and they blended together perfectly.

        I usually burn candles or wax tarts for an hour or maybe two at a time and this is what I did with my Shearer jar, in this time the fragrance had spread all around my lounge and upstairs too. It wasn't sweet or sickly just very clean and sharp. I fund the smell lingered around for a good while after I had blown it out.

        Shearer claim this candle will burn for approximately 25 hours and as its burning down I would tend to agree that this is pretty accurate.

        Persian Lime and Grapefruit is definitely a daytime fragrance its far too citrusy for an evening, I will definitely be buying more Shearer candles to try and will certainly buy this particular fragrance again.

        I bought my Shearer candle from Amazon but they are available from several on line shops including www.scentedcandlestore.com and also their own site www. shearer-candles.com. I would recommend trying Shearer they certainly are as good as Yankee.


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          19.08.2010 00:20
          Very helpful



          Another winner from Shearer's for fruity fans of fruity scented candles.

          I think I can faithfully say that so far this year the candle company I've been so far impressed with isn't Yankee Candle but Shearer's candles of Scotland. So far after trying quite a wealth of different ranges I couldn't resist trying a candle in their frosted glass jar range called Persian Lime and Grapefruit. Even the name sounds enticing and as such I was after candles that could be used for an up and coming summer evening in door party before the sunny weather all but disappears. Heavens knows why Dooyoo have put a tin on here when it was the frosted glass jar link I sent in!

          With a height of around 8.3cm and a diameter of 7cm, Shearer's Persian Lime and Grapefruit has a total burning time of 35 hours and is suitable for use as a decorative "accessory" rather than true reliance on a scented candle. The reason for this claim by Shearer's could well be down to the size of the candle in question as the frosted heat insulated glass jar is rather small and compact, able to look discreet in size but delightfully vibrant when lit and adding a little bit of fun along the way thanks to its fresh and positive fruity scent.

          Here is a delightfully fresh candle, hand poured and with a lead free wick to minimize on paraffin after tones after the candle has been burnt, revealing a fizzy lemonade top note with thick hues of sweet grapefruit and a few tones of rose to give this candle a lovely friendly flavour. I bought two of the same candle direct from Shearer's and at a cost of £7 each the candles may look quite expensive given their size and the 35 hour burning time.

          However, as with most of the products I've bought from this company, the Persian Lime and Grapefruit scented frosted jar takes a long time to burn down, releasing scent the moment it starts to create a small pool of hot wax at the top. In the last three weeks since purchase for example, the candle has only been lit a couple of times on special occasions or just when the feeling takes me amidst the usual scent of cinnamon or washing powder burning away in the home, courtesy of Yankee Candle. The candle has only burnt down half of the jar which makes it wonderfully cost effective when lit once a week for a few hours.

          Despite the cost price, Persian Lime and Grapefruit is a great mask candle that covers up tobacco smell fairly well but when it comes to burning food, it can take up to an hour before the candle deals with pongy kitchen odour and the candle will only be able to work satisfactorily when doors are closed over and no windows are open. Of course, it isn't a candle that is so marketed to combat general odours but rather a candle to enjoy the fruity fragrance that beholds within the wax.

          In use the candle has white wax but the glass itself has a slight pastel green tint to match the Kaffir Lime that has been added to scent the wax. This seems to light the glass up fairly well and the wax underneath also lights up in a similar fashion, but slightly darker making the glass and the candle a delight to light up in the home and looks quite classy rather like a garden candle.

          Where scent is concerned, Shearer's needn't worry. The scent is strong and unwavering, lasting for hours and floating over other scented candles in its wake whilst also lifting the mood of most who have smelt the fruity fragrance wafting in the air! What I adore about Shearer's hand poured wax is that this scent is quite like a lot of the other Shearer candles I've tried; the scent is strong, it is sweet but it never feels sickly. So unlike Yankee Candle! The open glass nature is also fairly well heat insulated, not just the base even if the candle has been left lit for a good couple of hours and after all the candle has burnt away you can always use the glass again for another candle or just a drinking glass since it has a smoothened rim that isn't sharp or unsafe.

          When rooms in my home are left with a strong citrus combination scented candle, I've often had headaches or felt that scents can be too sickly sweet. However in the case of Shearer's citrus candle, the scent delights me and usually lifts my spirits. All the while, lighting rooms with subdued shades of green and contrasting white that make me feel like I'm outdoors. Now there aren't many candles that can do that all in one! Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2010



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