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Shearer Soy Wax Orange & Geranium Candle

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Brand: Shearer's / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      17.07.2010 16:22
      Very helpful



      Environmentally friendly Soy candle that is scented and understated.

      Last week I decided to visit a shop I regularly go to when looking for new and exciting gifts. I've also found quite a few Shearer's candles from time to time and my eye was drawn to Soy candles, a slightly newer variation of candle as opposed to all paraffin types that are more mass produced. Like Shearer's whole product range, this candle has been hand poured to ensure quality and in this range there are two different versions out of four different scents available: with protective paper sleeves at a cost of £7 or in glass jars at a cost of £10. Gift boxes at £15 are also available but in each case all of these candles have a burn time of 50 hours.

      The thin grease proof paper sleeve that adorns this candle is and by far one of the most appealing factors of this candle because for me, it gives me a contrast of old country style candles and the types of hand soap that gives it that kind of "home made," appeal complete with its soft tactile to the touch wrapping. I bought another candle straight away in the same packaging and by the smell of sweet oranges and Geranium flowers at the top of the candle, I must say from the off, it was quite a faint scent and nothing like I've been used to with Shearer's more mass produced range. Shearer's have used a thin but heat protective greased paper sleeve that is light beige coloured or "Ivory," as the company put it, in matching with the candle's colour itself and the label in black letters clearly shows "environmentally friendly," as well as stating that it is 100% Soy wax. Aside from Shearer's famous 1897 stamped brand label, there really isn't anything else that is on the candle other than the fact that the sleeve serves its purpose as packaging and it has turned out, the packaging on its own has a rather nifty feature!

      Now the scent that comes out of the Shearer's Soy candle is that of Orange and Geranium, first with the strong flowery aspect before fruity oranges hit the air and when the candle has been lit for an hour my room is filled with a thin layer of combined scent that is pleasing to the nose and not eye watering. It is certainly a fresh appeal, no doubt about it but you'll need to give this candle a good couple of hours if you want extra scent. It is this difference of its Soy content that makes it distinctly separate from 100% paraffin type candles made with scented oils; although scent is available it takes this type of candle rather long for the scent to appear. Whereas Shearer's latter range comes up sprinkling with scent the moment most of their candles are lit, it took an hour for this particular candle to start pervading my room but it only does it bit by bit and not as strong as I had hoped for. That however has been a godsend for my family because most scented candles induce them to coughs because of burning chemicals. Here, there is none of that because of the Soy content and that's the major difference between Soy candles and paraffin/scented oil types. Yankee Candle also have Soy candles on the market but, like most of their products they are priced a bit heavier than what you get here with Shearer's.

      The sleeve has a single piece of tape at the bottom to disregard the packaging but if you do that you'll need to put the candle into a heat protective glass wide enough to accommodate it as the candle will burn out most of the wax as per its cylinder design. This isn't a pound shop copy where the flame burns an inner hole and leaves a wasted wall behind! Size wise this candle measures 9.8 cm by 7cm diameter and so far the only vestibule I have in my flat is a Henry coffee mug gifted to me a year ago from a good friend of mine! As coffee mugs go, I was either stuck with the idea of possibly using the mug or just lighting the candle using the protective packaging alone with a close eye. Well, I needn't have bothered keeping an eye on this candle, even though for all types of lit candles obvious care and attention should be taken at all times.

      After 2 weeks use and having been lit 4 days out of 7, my candle is now at the half way mark and retained in the paper packaging means the round design is not bent in with the heat of the all string/rope wick. The grease proof paper doesn't burn black either, which is a most unexpected surprise. Instead, when the candle is lit the paper packaging gives the candle a "paper lantern," look that in itself is a delight to see from a distance. It also means this type of candle would be more suitable for romantic or dimly lit evenings with a loved one or partner and by itself is quite serene and tranquil to look at. The grease proof paper also ensures (and making sure the candle is on a level surface) that every inch of wax is burnt uniformly with only a small wall of wax built up on the outward perimeter of the candle. So far I've come to expect quality from Shearer's and in this respect their Orange & Geranium Soy candle has yet to let me down; this candle may have understated scent but it clears rooms of stale air if you let it burn for an hour and looks very classy, whilst burning at a slow rate. That for me makes this candle a winner, overall.

      For an environmentally friendly product such as a Soy wax candle, the benefits for considering such a purchase depends on your lifestyle and needs. For those who love the idea of scented candles but need something understated without over flowing homes with heady chemicals, Shearer's have a good compromise on their hands here. Coupled with the simple yet very effective packaging sleeve, this is a lovely and most thoughtful gift to give and yet when using it, its scent is soft and smooth enough not to induce chesty coughs whilst at the same time serves up a perfect dimly lit occasion for those intimate moments in your life. It just needs that little bit more scent in my book! Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2010.



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