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Shearer Scented Candle In Tin: Orange & Cinnamon

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3 Reviews

Brand: Shearer / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    3 Reviews
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      02.12.2012 21:57
      Very helpful



      Lovely posh looking scented candle ina tin from Shearer

      Shearer Orange and Cinnamon candle in a tin

      Having read several reviews on Dooyoo and Ciao I was tempted to try some of these candles, especially as someone had pointed out that you can buy them on Amazon. I had a few Amazon vouchers stored up from survey sites so thought I'd take the opportunity to buy some. I think I bought five and this is the first one that I have used.

      The candle comes in a small tin sprayed gold with an orange coloured label on the front. The lid has a clear plastic top so you can see the gorgeous ornage candle through it. It all looks very classy and as if it costs quite a lot which as these usually sell on Amazon for different prices ranging from £3.50 to £4.50 in my view they are not a cheap candle compared with those on the high street generally.

      Shearer Candles Ltd is apparently Scotland's leading manufacturer and designer of luxurious hand-made scented candles and has been going since 1897. They claim to use only the purest and finest ingredients.

      Shearer hand pours the wax into these rather cute little tins which are about 4cm height by 6cm diameter. The tin is about the size of a pot of moisturizer or similar and is very light in weight, especially now mine is almost finished. My next step is to pop it in the freezer to move the last bit of scented wax which I shall put in my burner and use like a wax tart just to get my full value. I have yet to think of a use for the cute little tin.

      Shearer describe this scented candle aroma as:
      "A festive pot pourri of Mandarin orange spiced with cinnamon.. "

      You can buy Orange and cinnamon fragrance candles from the company in several other forms apart from this little tin. It is available as plain and decorated jar candles, screw-top jar candles, candle travel tins, pillar candles, scented candle samplers, tealights, in candle gift boxes and room fragrances. Mine is what they call the candle travel tin. I really cannot see me packing one of these to take when we go travelling but I suppose some candle enthusiasts might feel the need. I can just imagine my husband's face as I hand him a couple of tinned candles to add to our packing!

      I popped the candle onto a level surface as I was warned that these candles liquefy when burning and I didn't want any accidents. I also popped it onto a small heat proof mat as the bottom of the tin didn't look that heat proof and on the bottom on the tin it does say put into a non- flammable surface away from draughts and flammable materials. This also means not on TV sets, as someone I know discovered was not a great idea, as the plastic of the TV melted and the candle dropped through, setting fire to their entire sitting room.

      The candle did liquefy on burning to become a lovely clear ornage colour and giving off a strong, sweet clematine orangey spicy and quite Christmassy scent. It is more mandarin and clemantine than sharp orange and there is also a definite cinnamon note as well. After the candle has been burning for about ten minutes the scent starts to emerge and after thirty minutes a small room is nicely filled with the gorgeous smell.

      Shearer candles pride themselves in the fact that their wax is paraffin-free so when the candle is blown out there are no black fumes that come off. I also put the lid on as soon as I have blown it out as I don't like the after scent and it also keeps the scent fresher too.

      I have been using this for about a week on and off and although the candle is supposed to last about 20 hours I cannot say if mine has gone that long. It probably has been about that long as I have been using it most days for a while each day. I have a layer of wax left but no wick now so will have to use the rest as scented wax tart in my burner , waste not want not!

      I was very happy with my candle from Shearer and I am looking forward to using the other four I bought. I would certainly recommend this version but maybe more for a winter time rather than for a summer fragrance as it is quite strong and heady. I don't mind the scent in warmer weather but I do know some people prefer lighter scents for summer.

      This little candle would make a lovely gift as it looks very well presented and is packaged well. It has a good natural strong aroma and the candle burns by melting the wax into a liquid which also looks really lovely as the candle is burning .

      At the moment they are back to around £3.50/£4.50 on Amazon which is quite expensive in my view but keep your eyes open for when they are on sale as they are lovely natural smelling quality candles. You can buy four for £16 but even that is quite expensive but they do look very posh and as if they are a quality product so that is what you are paying for.

      Would have got five stars if not quite so expensive!

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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        26.05.2012 14:54
        Very helpful



        a beautiful scent..

        Shearer Candles is a Scottish company offering a wide range of scented candles and candle accessories. Shearer use a high quality wax to make their candles

        ~Orange and Cinnamon~

        The Orange and Cinnamon scent is a festive scent from Shearer Candles. This particular scent can be bought in tin, tea light, pillar and jar form. The same scent is also available in a reed diffuser and room spray.

        I have the tin which is said to offer 20hours of burn time. The tin itself is round and is gold coloured with an orange label. The scent is kept fresh thanks to the clear top lid. This candle tin has one wick is said to be perfect for fragrancing your home or using whilst travelling.

        Orange and Cinnamon is described as...

        'A festive pot pourri of Mandarin orange spiced with cinnamon'


        This candle tin is currently available from Amazon priced at £2.23. Alternatively, the Shearer website www.shearer-candles.com have this priced at £3.50.

        ~My Thoughts~

        As a self-confessed Yankee Candle addict, you may be wondering why I am reviewing another candle brand? A lovely friend speaks highly of Shearer Candles and offered to send me a few of her favourite scents to burn and review! I received Amber Noire (review to follow) and this Orange and Cinnamon scent,

        I think the tin is very festive in appearance and of a high quality. The bright orange wax is self contained so there is no need for a candle holder to be used. I would say to place this tin on a covered surface as it does heat up when burning. When I received my candles, I removed the lid and had a sniff at Orange and Cinnamon and was very impressed at the strength.

        ~Festive Fruit and Spice!~

        I would say Orange and Cinnamon would suit being burned all year around. Many would think that with the addition of cinnamon that the scent would be too festive but I would say the emphasis is more on the orange scent. Once lit, the flame flickers nicely creating a cosy ambience. I found this one to be ideal for burning in my hall way in the evening. It is a very strong scent which does filter around the whole house and is a little overpowering if it is burning in a close proximity to where I am sitting.

        The wax melts nicely and the candle looks festive and bright. The wax melts down very evenly and there is no wastage. Orange and Cinnamon offers a stunning aroma which is very welcoming and rich. The mandarin orange scent is very evident and sweet - very natural and there isn't a hint of cleaning aroma despite being quite citrussy. It is very fresh yet warming and is simply gorgeous. It filters evenly around my home cancelling out any other homely scents.

        As the warm orange scent lingers smoothly in the air, a delightful 'sprinkle' of spice becomes evident. I feel that this enhances the warmth of the overall scent. The cinnamon despite being quite subtle, is inviting and adds a festive warmth to a juicy, sweet scent. The overall scent is very natural and indulgent. It doesn't smell cheap and tacky like some fruity candles that I have tried.


        For the price of under £2.50, this is an absolute steal. The strength of the scent is brilliant and the estimated burn time is just about right. The scent remained consistent each time I burned the candle and is perfect for creating an enchanting ambience in the evening.

        I cannot fault this scent. I is a bit heavy but providing I allow it to circulate around many rooms, I get to appreciate it without feeling overpowered. I am so glad my friend sent me this as I plan on buying more from this range! This would make a perfect little gift for a candle lover.

        Thanks for reading xx

        *originally posted on ciao in January 2012.


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          11.02.2012 11:10
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A very nice candle for any time of year

          I've recently been converted from using Yankee candles all the while to burning Shearer candles as well. I have only recently discovered this brand and am rapidly becoming hooked. Shearer are a Scottish firm and have been established since 1897. They make a variety of candles using only the finest oils for all sorts of occasions. The candle I'm reviewing is the Orange and Cinnamon candle in a tin.

          I bought this from Shearers website www.shearer-candles.com where it is sold at £3.50, for this you get a little gold coloured tin measuring approximately 5m's high and 6cm's in diameter. Not overly big but what they lack in size they make up for in fragrance. Shearer state their candle tins are for use at home and when travelling, I couldn't imagine bothering to take candles when travelling but the option is there should you wish to do so.

          The orange and cinnamon candle is part of their festive range and comes in a cute little gold tin with an orange patterned label on the front. The fragrance Orange and Cinnamon is written on the front of the label in gold letters along with the words "hand poured for home fragrance", there's also a little gold logo on the label too.

          The lid is easily removed to real the orange coloured wax inside. The fragrance of orange and cinnamon is obvious and smells really good. When I lit this candle it was in the daytime. The smell of orange mixed with cinnamon is delicious, fruity and spicy and very festive, I wish I had bought this before Christmas its definitely a festive fragrance but to be honest it smells so nice I will be happy to use it anytime of year.

          Once lit it takes just a few minuets for the wax to begin to melt and the fragrance to filter around the room. The smell is quite strong but in no way too overpowering, its a welcoming fragrance and would be nice to have lit when guests are expected, which I suppose would have been the case if I had bought it at Christmas.

          I always burn my candles for an hour or two before blowing them out. I find this way I get a couple of hours fragrance while the candles burns and like Yankee candles the smell of these linger long after the candle has been extinguished. The shearer candle tin is supposed to burn for 20 hours and with my experience of these I would say give or take an hour or 2 this is pretty accurate.

          All in all I would recommend the Orange and cinnamon Shearer candle in a tin, it smells fruity, spicy and creates a warm welcoming atmosphere in my home. It lasts . well and is burning down evenly. The orange and cinnamon fragrance can also be bought in a pillar candle, tea lights, reed diffuser and a room spray.

          I certainly recommend this candle and will buy it again.


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