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Shearer Vanilla & Coconut Scented Glass Jar

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Brand: Shearer / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      14.03.2010 14:47
      Very helpful



      One to consider over Yankee Candle.

      Since I have been back on the trail of using scented candles now for a long while instead of relying on liquid heated chemicals to fragrance my flat in the form of plug-in products, I've been trying out quite a few candles this month against the usual purchase of Yankee Candle and Colonial ranges. Granted it has been wonderful to receive gifts along the way such as Ikea's Tindra ranges but I thought I'd go out of my way to look at other companies' offerings.

      Up until now for tobacco smells or just when I'm reading and need something along the lines of a fresh fragrance to get me in the mood, I've relied on fruity candles or washing powder type scents to lift myself from the daily toil of work. The last glass encased candle I had purchased was a Price's candle to combat kitchen odours, room odours and other odours with some surprising results after they had all finished. Some of the Price's "odour elimination" scented candles are good for the price whereas some aren't and don't smell particularly appealing even at the time of purchase. But they are supposed to do a job as designed and some of them have been surprisingly poor. With Yankee Candle you get what you nostrils love although sometimes some fragrances can come off too strong; their French Vanilla is a lovely scent for example but in medium and large jar form, the scent always gives me a headache.

      I have heard of Shearer candles from different sources over the years but I have found it difficult to track down any of their ranges. Primarily running and being produced in Scotland since 1897, Shearer candles are as Scottish as the name! The company produces candles with the purest ingredients available and almost all of their range is hand poured which makes the wax rather soft to the touch. I was completely overjoyed when I visited a gift shop in Edinburgh (Easter Road) that happened to sell a few ranges and a frosted glass tumbler caught my eye showing off a classy label and a promise of the product having been carefully "hand poured," instead of mass produced.

      Shearer candles are a bit of a middle road between prices but they represent a slightly different approach to scented candles even if their ranges smack a little copying from Yankee Candle. They represent unusual combinations including a "Highland Collection," as well as a twin range of scents on offer from Orange & Cinnamon, Amber & Rose Fondant, White Jasmine Tea, Persian Lime & Grapefruit to name a few amidst 12 other scents and this is just in their "candle jar," open glass lines. Even the names sound appetizing! In all there are eight different variations of the scent available from reed diffusers to pillar candles, tea lights and other types of candle incase you don't like the idea of a glass tumbler like this product. When I tried the demo glass in the shop (mine came with a plastic disc that you simply remove from the top of the glass when lighting the wick) the scent of sweet Vanilla and thick coconut really appealed to me at the time. Normally I'd steer clear of YC's "Coconut Bay," as I find it too sweet and like their French Vanilla, headache inducing. Shearer's Vanilla and Coconut combination candle came in at a cost of £5-95, (the website charges £6-50) which gives 30 hours burning time; this puts it immediately in line with Price's scented odour elimination candles I had found at John Lewis for near enough the same price.

      When the candle is lit, the first issue I had was that I couldn't really smell anything after half an hour and I maybe thought I had bought a dud. It wasn't until I walked over to the fireplace where the candle had been sitting on a coaster (the glasses are actually heat proof but it's always best to take precautions nevertheless) that I could smell warming Coconut emerging with a few layers of sweet Vanilla coming through. I decided to move the candle into my bedroom with the door closed over for full effect. When I returned about an hour later, my room was full of delicious warm coconut, sweet Vanilla filling the air akin to "Mr Whippy," vanilla ice cream and less of the heady full on "Walls Ice cream" Vanilla scent I've been used from Yankee Candle. The Coconut layers are also very strong but they remind me of a coconut shower gel, pervading the walls and hitting the air in warmth rather than thick Paraffin incensed layers coming off the top which tends to induce coughing in me. Then another surprising scent came through, one of a slight citrus tone that I wasn't expecting. After using the candle for five days the citrus tone is very understated but it also manages to shift tobacco smells very effectively even if this candle isn't supposed to be used for odour elimination.

      Whatever natural ingredients Shearer have put into this candle it's not the known content alone by the classy white label and the lemony citrus tone coming off the base of the candle through the Vanilla and Coconut was very pleasing. More over, when the candle is diminished, Shearer's Vanilla and Coconut candle is void of Paraffin "after burn" smells and the wick can be simply broken off to ensure that the top layer of wax gets burnt easily.

      Against Price's candles and additionally, Ikea's Tindra range, this candle jar has a complete burning "route" whereby all of the candle wax gets burnt without leaving a wasted ring of wax when the wick burns down on flat level surfaces. No wonder the company has become known as being good value for money in this respect and I strongly believe that the candle's burning route has a lot to do with the fact that the candles are hand poured. Although the next day I didn't fancy having the same scent pervading my flat, the next time I used the candle for an hour's worth of sweet fragrance I noticed how short the wax actually burns, making the whole product look and feel longer lasting than much of the candles I have bought from other companies with the same sizing and burn time duration.

      Once all the wax is burnt up, this naturally soft wax can be disposed of by filling the tumbler with hot water and then you're left with a rather lovely frosted glass holder; now I have a handy toothbrush holder for my white bathroom!

      Wholeheartedly I'd recommend Shearer's Vanilla and Coconut candle jar. It is not the same as Yankee Candle where you have top heavy scent for the whole day but rather understated scent pervading bit by bit, and for those who adore "slow release" scented candles, I'd recommend checking out Shearer's website. Online you can find many sellers including EBAY sellers but the prices aren't as cheap as the website or private shops who carry this range. That is an immediate downside but I've a feeling that Shearer candles will become more known in the next couple of years and delivering something different to the good people of Scotland. The fact that there's little Paraffin smell after the candle is extinguished is a saving grace! Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2010


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