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Shearer Watermelon Cosmetic Spa Candle

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Brand: Shearer / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      05.07.2010 12:39
      Very helpful



      A surprising fruity candle that doesn't bring on headaches. Perfect for relaxation!

      I've just finished a very long year working at school and as part of one of my several leaving gifts by the hoards, I was more than surprised to find a few candles given as gifts by very expensive companies, not least this candle by Shearer's. I've only bought a few candles from this company recently so it was lovely to receive this candle as a heart-warming departure gift from a close friend.

      Up until recently when it comes to scented candles I'm a big fan of Yankee Candle and Colonial ranges and have only been swayed by smaller companies in the UK such as Ikea's Tindra candles by reviews online for cheaply priced but long lasting scents, Price's for odour elimination and certain pound shop types just to try out. Unlike Price's that are available at most shops including John Lewis, Shearer's of Scotland have only just come to light and have yet to branch off into the high street names, with their base company in Glasgow. Of course you may well find Shearer's candles in privately owned shops but they also appear on EBAY and the online company also sell them. The Watermelon Spa candle by Shearer's only has a 9.3 cm diameter with a flat base, 3.5 cm in height and burns for 30 hours. Like the Coconut candle I bought recently, the Watermelon Spa candle has the same kind of quality from its lead free wick and paraffin free after burn scent. It is an extremely understated candle but also has a very practical screw on plastic lid (complete with a picture of a pinkish melon, white writing and the classy gold stamped company branding) when the candle is not in use and could in theory by its very design, be used as a travelling candle or even in the garden given its light coloured glass. The cost price is around £5-95 up to £6-50 and the company sell them for £6.

      I was intrigued by the design of this candle because it is meant to be used in the bathroom for warm and uplifting relaxation time rather than being left out on a mantle piece or similar in a large room to give a different sense of scent. I've never really been taken with putting candles in a bathroom before although I'm lucky to report that with the summer holidays in full swing I have had some time to myself to be able to plop into the bath after a hard day's work cleaning or gardening and ease the tensions away with a candle such as this product. Whilst Yankee Candle are good to keep in the bathroom, Shearer's Spa range candles are unique in the sense that the squat glass containers won't need a coaster placed under them, appear to be made of toughened glass and are quite compact in themselves to store away when not in use.

      The added advantage of Shearer's is that the candle is unusually white in colour, which isn't what I was expecting, given the pink glass and matching lid and it has been hand poured to ensure quality. The moment I twisted off the lid and inhaled the deep, sweet promise of Watermelon for example, I got the exact smell of melon with added calming overtones of pineapple and strawberries. I'm not a fruity fan of candles for the sole reason that Yankee Candles have always given me headaches where their fruit scents are concerned and I was a bit worried that Shearer's might do the same.

      The difference between YC and Shearer's is that whilst YC can over fill a room with scent after 3 obligatory and continuous burning times with their medium and large jars, Shearer's Spa candle pervades rooms with scent immediately after the flame has been lit and it burns the scent in a most uniform fashion. Less than a minute passed from the moment I lit the candle that I realised the rich and thick scented layer of fruity watermelon filling up the bathroom around me. In the background or undertones I could smell rose water too. I needn't have worried about headaches; I was cool as a cucumber and relaxed whilst the Spa candle lit up one corner of the bathroom in light pink and Magenta hues.

      My mum knew exactly what I was burning as the scent wafted through the door and into the hall way and for once wasn't screaming for me to extinguish the candle as she has done with Yankee Candle in the past. I found I only needed an hour for the candle to full maximise its potential for a long lasting scent that stayed in the bathroom well after I had emerged out of the bath wrinkled like a prune! Relaxed, calm and infinitely laid back I can't say the same for fruity Yankee Candle scents that often leave me wondering who I can pass their candles off to! After walking through the house, each room near to the bathroom had some pervading watermelon from this candle but for all its strength, it doesn't stink out the home like Yankee Candle, which can be seen as an obvious downside. I rather like the fact though - I don't want everyone relaxed all the time when this candle burns!

      In the garden we decided to use Spa Watermelon as an accompaniment to our hasty BBQ before the rain came and those invited thought the candles were actual garden candles. It is here that the Shearer's Spa candle has a bad trait of not burning all of the wax to the sides of the jar - simply because the surface it had been put on was not level. However at least the candle is slightly wind proof thanks to its neat design and thus prolongs more of its versatility and where it can be used. On a level surface the wax burns more evenly.

      All in all, I'm impressed with Shearer's Watermelon Spa candle and I'd recommend it if you are looking for a bathroom candle that does exactly what it says on the label. Rich and inviting, the fruity tones not only describe summer in a good way, it also enlightens and manages to come across without being too heady; now that's something I'd have never said about fruity scented candles, generally. Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2010



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