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Shearer Wild Tuscan Fig

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Brand: Shearer / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      05.04.2011 18:02
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      A lovely gift idea but pricey & the scent could be a lot stronger.

      A while back following my birthday in March, a friend of mine gave me two scented candles from the Scottish company, Shearer. There have only been a couple of scents I've grown to appreciate from this company and I was looking forward to seeing what kind of pressie she had bought which lay underneath the expensive wrapping, complete with Shearer tags. She had actually visited the Shearer candle shop in Govan, Glasgow to buy my gift rather than go online and this was made obvious from all the personalised card and glorious thick paper wrapping that accompanied this product.

      Out of the two candles that lay inside, the "Wild Tuscan Fig," looked the most promising thanks to its lilac label with black writing, white coloured wax and a most curious scent with a strange concoction of rosy flowers and fruity fig. Like a lot of Shearer's tinned candles from this kind of range, each candle is cased in a small silver metallic tin with a clear acrylic plastic top that lends an easy to see procedure when the candle isn't in use. Being made of rather flexible thin tin metal when the lid is taken off, the candle doesn't have a heat-insulated base and must be used with a coaster underneath. It measures approximately 4.7cm by 6cm diameter and has a total burning time of 20 hours. The small sizing means it wouldn't look out of place on a dressing table or in a small bathroom or as Shearer suggests, a travel candle. Pity however that the removable lid can't be jammed onto the bottom as it is quite a tight fit and the acrylic insert could be doubled as a heat proof base.

      Were it not for the fact that by now I'm probably a very big fan of scented candles, I would be rather taken with the scent that this candle promises and probably by now would have ordered more of this scent from the line up that Shearer produce. The first scent that comes out of this candle is a distinctive red rose like flowery fragrance that is mixed finely with fruity, sweet figs. Hints of freshly picked strawberries are also obtainable from this candle as well as a base tone of frankincense that gives the combination of scent a rather strange mix of spiciness meets sweet and flowery. Even though this was a gift, I've already sampled this fragrance in the form of a natural spray bottle purchased last year from Shearer at a cost of £7 and the lilac colouring of the perfumed water is worlds away from the white wax candle Shearer have produced here.

      The problem with this sizing tub is that it just isn't strong enough when lit, failing to freshen a room, failing to fresh a bathroom with windows and doors firmly closed over and failing to remove any odour unlike a lot of premium scented candle products I've either purchased or been given as gifts. Forget all the idea that this is brilliant for relaxing to as this candle fails to produce much scent, with the tinniest of scent only detectable once the candle is extinguished. This is a great pity as it serves up a sampler type idea size that would promote the fragrance well, if it were that little bit stronger. Shearer already produce this scented candle in quite a few different variations, sizing, type and matched by different prices from reed diffusers to room sprays, bigger glass jar types, pillar candle sizes and tealight candles. Having already sampled the spray with this fragrance earlier in the year, I can faithfully attest that whilst "Wild Tuscan Fig" holds a lot of promise, either this size of tinned candle or the spray isn't long lasting enough to decently freshen a room. Certainly if you are looking for an ultra-subtle candle, this is about the only justification this small tin deserves. It is not a candle for scented candle fans who demand strong and wavering fragrance all the time.

      The prices may be the same as Yankee Candle or Price's candles, but the scent dies away far too soon and it's about time Shearer got their act together to produce a decent range of stronger scented candles. Yankee Candle have certainly caught up with Shearer in terms of producing odourless wicks where no paraffin is distinctively smelt once the candles are blown out, and whilst Shearer pride themselves for producing candles that have natural additives added to them, they are no longer unique in this field for scented candle production. The tin itself is not heat insulative either although cleaning it out is worthwhile as the tin can be reused again just for the value of its clear glass lid.

      Since the recession, the small sized travel tin candle used to be around £3 per small tin, but now prices have increased to £3-50. For all that there is a claimed 20 hour burning time, for stronger scent, and for a much better candle that gives off a lot more, this is where a Glade scented glass jar makes more sense - because even if the scents are slightly different than what Shearer offer here, the price increase makes them very competitative and it's about time Shearer recognise this instead of trying to pass off a product that looks nice, but ultimately fails to deliver. The only other compromise you have to make is considering the chemicals Glade produce against the natural additives of Shearer candles but if the product was only that little bit stronger, there would be no question in my mind who I would pass my money to. What a pity! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2011



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