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Skittles Melon Berry Candle

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3 Reviews

Brand: Skittles / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    3 Reviews
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      18.06.2014 11:05
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      Cheap little candle

      I like a scented candle but don't like spending too much cash on them. Poundland sells candle jars so seeing a recognisable brand in there I thought I'd buy a few. I picked up a Skittles Melon Berry among others. Other fragrances they do include Strawberry, Cherry and Raspberry. Also Home Bargains have them sometimes as does the 99p Store.

      The candle jar comes in a bright green box, it's open at the sides so you can smell it first. The box states this little 3 oz candle will burn for 25 hours, it has the usual precautions on there for example don't burn your house down by leaving lit alone. The lime coloured wax fills about half the jar so I thought 25 hours was pushing it, however this is about right; I manage a week out of it using it for a few hours a day. The jar has ridges and looks quite pretty.

      Lighting it is easy, the wick is long enough and the jar small enough to reach into even when burnt low down. Once lit the candle takes about 10 minutes to get the wax pooling and the scent going. The fragrance is very much like skittle sweets, it isn't a strong fragrance but thats okay as it freshens the room adequately enough; in fact sometimes heavy smells can be too much. These candles are nice for a background fragrance. They burn down well too, smoke free with a steady flame.

      I would recommend them especially at that price, and will buy more again myself. 4 stars from me.


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        25.06.2013 18:12
        Very helpful



        Lovely and sweet if you buy the correct candle.

        When I was doing the weekly grocery shop with my mother, a rare thing for me to be doing, I spotted these Skittles fruit candles in the Poundland store. Being overwhelmed I was happy enough to buy one of each scent that they were selling. Upon arriving home I found that they had stocked all available scents and I was happy with this. However, some worked better than others, but for £1.00 per one I wasn't going to complain. When I say worked I mean the scent. Some had no smell and just gave off a burnt scent other gave off a luxurious sweet smell. For me Lemon Berry was the worst smelling one. My mother said she had noticed them around Christmas 2012 and I was shocked she hadn't told me. This is because I am a huge Skittles fan.

        The product comes in a small square box that is big enough to fit the candle inside. There is a small insertion into the top corner of each box where you are able to smell them before you buy. The packaging on all candles are very colourful. Each colour represents the fruit, apart from the blue one because where I expected it to be Blueberry it was Raspberry. As well as the matching colour the box also comes with the image of the fruit and the branding image of Skittles. I find the Skittle candle boxes very attractive. As I mentioned before some of these candles smell nice others not so much. Some also work when alight but then some do not. In no particular order these are the scents available to buy in store or offline and their colours:

        Cherry: Red - Smells nice but doesn't have a fragrance when alight.
        Strawberry: Pink - Smells luxurious and has a very sweet fragrance when alight.
        Raspberry: Blue - Smells luxurious and has a very sweet fragrance when alight.
        Lemon Berry: Yellow - Smells like Lemon toilet cleaner and not so nice when alight.
        Orange: Orange - Smells somewhat like tangerines but the fragrance is weak when alight.
        Melon Berry: Green - Smells appealing and has a slight fragrance when alight.

        I mentioned before that I brought these candles from Poundland for £1.00. However, I have had friends say that they got there's from other places for £2.00. They are available on places like Ebay but they are costly and I would advice no to pay those prices for these candles as some aren't effective.

        I would recommend these to anyone who see's them for a cheap price. Especially the one's I that mentioned were effective. I think they're a decent price and worth the try if you are a fan of Skittles or just sweet scents in general.


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        30.11.2012 11:34
        Very helpful



        A nice little candle from Skittles

        I do love candles, I like to try all kinds really but most of the time I end up going back to Yankee Candle! That being said there are some great candles coming on the market now.

        Skittles - Melon Berry Candle:

        My Findings:

        When I popped out for a walk shopping with my mom I came across a selection of Skittles boxed candles. I had never seen or heard of Skittles doing candles before. I have seen M & M's versions around in the pound shops, so guess it was only a matter of time really before I started to see other candies in the scented candle form.

        There were a few to choose from at the time, so I started to smell the tops of them and the one that appealed to me the most of 'Melon Berry' it had like a watermelon sweet fragrance to it. I couldn't wait to get home and light it!

        Taking it out of the box it comes in a lovely glass cup which when the candle is completely gone, I will use to pop a scented tea light in. Really for the glass alone you would normally pay more, the wax is green and the wick was nice and upright.

        Soon as I put the flame my the wick it was alight, I popped it on my windowsill and waited. I found it took around thirty minutes before I started to notice the fragrance starting to flow around my room. It wasn't very strong but still noticeable.

        It states that is has a burning time of approximately twenty five hours which I'm around the twenty hours now and still have just under half left. They are not as big as the Glade candles but still a good enough room to light the wick. I have long matches for these types of candles.

        For me if the scent was that bit stronger this would be one awesome candle, but still for the money I can't really complain. It airs around my room nicely, for extra large rooms I think you might need to light two of these. When I blow the candle out you still have a nice scent flying around the room for awhile.

        This candle comes in a cardboard box, I personally found this eye catching as I wasn't looking for candles. However these certainly jumped out at me. I can't wait to give the others a try now, and these would also be nice and little stocking fillers!

        Price and Availability:

        I paid just 89p from Bargain Madness which for the price, I'm well and truly over the moon! I wish I picked the others up now.

        Fragrances in this range are -

        Lemon Berry


        Not the most strongest scented of candles but for the money and the subtle aroma you get from the candle I think it is perfect. For 89p I got a fun retro candle and the glass I can keep once the wax is gone, bargain!

        Five out of five stars from me.

        Thank you for reading.


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