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    5 Reviews
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      05.04.2009 11:43
      1 Comment



      Fantastic product

      Time consuming??? Do not understand. I have used a product similar to soklok but do not agree with some of the reviews here. I would find it a chore to put the socks in the lock before putting in the machine and then taking them out of the lock again. This is what I do...... LEAVE THE SOCKS IN THE LOCKS. My socks are all 'locked' together in my sock drawer, when I put socks on the lock stays on the bedside table, when I go to bed I put the socks in the lock and straight into the wash basket, from there they go in the washer, then on the line (the ones I have have a clip for the line) or in the dryer and then back into the sock drawer. The only time they are unlocked is when I am wearing them. Of course you may need more locks this way - but I have NEVER lost a sock since.


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        15.08.2008 13:53
        Very helpful



        These might appeal to some people, but not me.....

        I am sure that everyone reading this review will have heard or said the words - "Where's the other sock". It doesn't matter how much I try, I always have an odd sock coming out of the washing machine, tumble dryer, or ironing basket.

        A few months ago I thought I had found the answer to this irritating problem. A friend told me all about a great idea she had read about on a website. It is called Soklok.

        Soklok claim to have the solution to this everyday problem. Always one for trying out new gadgets I decided to give this a try.

        A Soklok is a thin, plastic disc that is around three inches in diameter. There are two slots in each disc and these are in the shape of a cross. If you look at the picture above, you will get a better idea of what I mean.

        They come in five different colours. These are red, blue, green, yellow and purple.

        When doing your washing, you simply push each pair of socks through the slots in the Soklok and then put them in the washing machine. You do your wash as normal and when the cycle is finished, you remove the socks and they are still held in the Soklok.

        The first time I used these, I wasn't sure if they would sound noisy inside the washing machine. They didn't and the machine sounded the same as usual.

        Because the plastic is reasonably soft and there are no rough edges, there were not any threads or snags on any of my washed socks.

        So yes, these do actually work, but I have to say that I found a couple of downsides to this idea.

        After using them a few times I started asking myself, if I really wanted to be handling dirty socks. When I come in from work, do I really want to spend time fiddling around with silly bits of plastic and dirty socks. Or would I rather just put my washing into the machine and be done wth it.

        It is also very time consuming, the sokloks would go on and then they would have to come off again. When I took them off the socks, they sort of lay on the worktop till my next wash. Then I would spend time trying to find the silly things.

        I decided that I would rather look for lost socks than use the sokloks.

        Soklok was first introduced to the market in 1995 and is part of the Salisbury Group. Their head office is at Salisbury House, Ringwood, England.

        As far a I am aware this product can only be bought online. I have not seen this product on sale in any stores I have shopped in.

        They come in different pack sizes:-

        Trial Pack containing - 5 (99p)
        Starter Pack containing - 10 (£1.92)
        Family Pack containing - 25 (£4.44)
        Value Pack containing - 50 (£8.39)
        Bumper Pack containing - 100 £15.79)

        Postage and packing for the Trial Pack is £1.56 and for the Bumper Pack it is £5.72.

        Inside each pack you get a guarantee and a re-order coupon.

        I originally bought the Family Pack of 25 but I will not be re-ordering any more.


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          27.05.2008 15:17
          Very helpful



          A simple solution to your sock woes!

          Get your socks into this one

          Do you find the pair of socks you put into the washing machine become separated when you go to hang them out? Where does that other sock disappear to? It can be rather annoying sometimes. Especially if you like to wear 'trendy' patterned socks which are not the same as any other pair you own.

          Well let me tell you now. I was pleased and relieved to find a
          simple solution to this problem. 'SokLoks' are colourful plastic discs which have two slots in a cross formation. These slots are where you put your dirty socks before putting them into the washing machine. When placed into the washing machine the socks stay in their pairs and come out clean and still as the perfect matched pair.

          In fact the company SOKLOK was created/formed in 1995. So these clever little discs have been around a while.

          As I researched the availability of this item. I was surprised to find few suppliers. There are limited outlets to purchase the 'SokLoks' one of which may be of interest to some is the Royal National Institute of Blind People. Where these Sokloks are useful for individuals who are not able to see the colour of their socks so the Sokloks proves to be a useful solution to the problem.

          A simplistic household product which has helped my sock woes.
          If you would like more information or to order some of your own please visit: www.soklok.com

          £££ PRICES £££
          TRIAL PACK OF 5 £0.99

          STARTER PACK OF 10 £1.92

          FAMILY PACK OF 25 £4.44

          VALUE PACK OF 50 £8.39

          BUMPER PACK OF 100 £15.79

          Contact details:

          P.O. Box 4413
          Salisbury House
          BH24 1YR

          Telephone: +44(0)709 207 8285

          Mobile: 07767 33 80 80

          Fax: 0870 284 8505


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            23.05.2008 11:07
            Very helpful



            Good for kids to play with

            Dooyoo often lose socks? Do you put them into the washing machine, tumbler dryer, or into the draw and then find that one of the pair you want to find has gone missing? This usually happens to a pair that you particularly like, or want to wear because they are the only ones that match a particular outfit.

            When I first heard of Soklok I thought it sounded like a native of one of those small Eastern European countries that no one had heard of, but I was wrong.

            Soklok is a clever little device that keeps socks in pair. You push the socks through the slots in the plastic disc and they stay there through the cycle of wash, dry and return to drawer. You don't even need to pair them up when you put the laundry away.

            The discs are multi coloured red, yellow, green, purple, and white and look a bit like the surface of those plastic tea towel holders that you can stick to the wall in the kitchen. It's exactly the same principle except these are flat discs.

            The manufacturers say that you can even keep a particular colour for each member of the family to identify their own socks.

            On the Soklok website at www. Soklok.com you can read about the huge sock population of UK ( 114 socks worn each day) and see just how essential these plastic discs are. The whole thing from my point of view comes across as quite amusing.

            I did buy a pack of these intending to order my personal sock collection. The discs are said to be safe, flexible and strong enough to go through the wash cycle. They were, except that after the third time I had used the red one it disappeared in the wash.

            It seems that the sock goblin that resides in washing machines and tumbler dryers decided to eat tone of these plastic discs along with a sock. (Pollution even stretches its fingers into the carefully balanced world of the sock goblin). Is this true? Of course it's true. Everyone's heard of the sock goblin.

            Soklok, the company was formed in 1995 and in still in the same premises at Ringwood, England. They are still looking for resellers to boost their turnover. I haven't seen these for sale anywhere except on the website although there probably are other stockists.

            A pack of five Soklok discs costs 99p for a single colour pack of 5, a multi colour pack. You can also buy them in different sized packs from 10 right up to a hundred. I bought the trial pack and when I first looked at these discs which are only slightly bigger than a two pound coins, I was shocked at how very simple the design is.

            I had just paid almost 20p each for plastic discs which could have been cut out of and flexible plastic . I could make my own, I thought, but never did.

            I used these once or twice after the incident with the sock goblin but I have to admit that I don't even know where they are now.

            This is a good idea for children I think. It's a bit gimmicky but youngsters might enjoy pairing their socks using the coloured discs. As for adult use, I think they are a waste of time and money. It takes longer to push the ends of the sock through the slits in the disc that it probably takes to make a pair once the laundry is finished.


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              20.05.2008 21:45
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Not for me


              Soklok (German company) is a relatively new invention and is designed to keep pairs of socks together in the washing machine to ensure that one does not go missing.

              Soklok is basically a small, brightly coloured plastic disk that has slots for you to thread your socks into. The design ensures that once the socks have been placed in they do not come out in the wash. Soklok claim that the product is safe for all types of washers and dryers is almost indestructible and does not cause snagging.
              I can say that it was fine in my washer and did not damage my socks but am unable to comment on its indestructibility because I could not bear to continue using this product long enough to find out.

              I was given a pack of Soklok by a relative who thought they would be very useful. In theory I agree. I have on many occasions though that my washing machine contained a sock fairy that eats only one sock of every pair but I just cannot be bothered using Soklok to solve this problem, nor indeed did I ever think it was a major problems.

              I have never seen Soklok for sale in any shops and have no idea where my relative purchased them (its looks like something the Poundshop would sell) but I do know that you can buy them online for approx £2 for 10.

              I think in theory this is a good idea but in practise it is just not for me. Firstly I don't really want to spend time handling dirty socks, I prefer to throw them straight in the machine and secondly it takes so much time I would rather loose a sock


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