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Spontex Disposable Gloves

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Brand: Spontex / Type: Gloves / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Bucket, Broom, Brush etc.

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    4 Reviews
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      22.10.2010 12:29
      Very helpful



      Great value, bright colours.

      You may believe that all rubber gloves are pretty much the same. Yes, they all serve the same purpose, but what about the fit? What about the texture? These Spontex disposable gloves are my favoured choice when it comes to the weekly shop and one thing that appeals to me is that they come in a vast array of different colours!

      The main selling points for me are the thickness of the gloves. They are quite thin which i find helpful when doing the washing up or tying binbags up because they give me a more natural feel. I find that they are resistant to snagging or splitting which would probably be the only concern for thin gloves.

      Many brands of glove come in upto three sizes - usually small, medium and large. Spontex gloves come as one-size-fits-all. I prefer this as it means nobody has an excuse when coming to doing the dishes! We have found that they fit everyone really well.

      Overall I think these gloves are great for everyday use, washing up and the like. I wouldn't recommend them for gardening though as they aren't very thick. The colours brighten up anyones day and will be on my shopping list for years to come.


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      07.06.2010 19:04



      a decent product for the price.

      I have used these a few times; I have a bit of a germ-phobia (somewould say OCD...) so I use gloves for alot of things - putting bags in the outside bin, cleaning the sink...even sometimes bathing the cat!

      I usually use Basics rubber gloves, but even though they are cheap (47p for a pack of 2 pairs), two pairs just arent enough for me so when I saw these Spontex ones in my local shop, I snapped them up.

      They are very colourful, and as they are latex they really fit your hands well, unlike some rubber gloves where there are usually 3 sizes, these are one size fits all.

      They work well enough, and dont split or rip, but one snag I found is theyre not very thick which bothered me, as I felt like I wasnt getting proper protection from things like bin germs, although for most "normal" people I shouldnt imagine the thickness would be much of a problem.

      All in all, I would say these are good everyday gloves, but not suitable for very dirty jobs.


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      04.07.2009 18:32
      Very helpful



      Not really fit to do what they are meant to do: protect the skin of the hands.

      Recently I needed to buy some gloves to use during household tasks, and as my usual brand was out of stock I ended up choosing these Spontex Disposable Gloves.

      The gloves come in orange plastic resealable packs, with the Spontex logo in red and blue at the front.

      A pack of 20 gloves costs £1.99.

      The Gloves
      They can come in a variety of colours. The pack I got had 10 white gloves and 10 blue ones.

      The gloves measure 12 cm at their widest (across the top of the palm), and 24 cm at their longest (from the cuff to the tip of the middle finger).
      They only come in this one size, and while they are rather large for my hands, it is quite obvious that they will not fit some larger hands, including those of most men, I should think.

      The gloves are very thin and are made of vinyl, not latex, therefore suitable for those with latex allergies.


      Not great.

      Once I have put them on, it's like they are not even there - I can feel everything as if my hands are still bare.

      This sensitivity may be thought of as an advantage, but not when it is associated with fragility:

      The vinyl is very, VERY thin, and this makes the gloves frail. More than once they have ripped when I was putting them on.

      They come out of the pack very much creased for being rolled together in 10s and then stuffed inside the tight packaging, and sometimes they are disformed, as if they had been stretched or pinched.

      This tendency to rip means that I am not confident using them for anything else other than the lightest of household tasks - the type where I would rather have some protection for my skin, but if I don't it is still ok.

      To use them to handle something I really do not want to come into contact with, I have to wear two gloves in each hand, which really is not cost-effective.

      Compared to the sturdiness of the other disposable gloves that I usually buy, these fall very short of the standard that I expect, and are not worth the 10 pence each one of them costs.


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        14.03.2009 14:10
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        If you find rubber gloves hard to cope with then these are the thing for you.

        As a rule I don't wear rubber gloves, the normal everyday rubber gloves are too thick which means that when I put them on I cannot seem to feel my hands!
        I have tried using different brands and sizes to make them fit snugly but it is still a complete waste of time.
        There are many household tasks where it is much better if you wear gloves of some kind, cleaning brass is a nightmare if you do it without any gloves on, the Brasso stains your hands and it means that you have to scrub your skin afterwards to try and get it clean.

        The Spontex handy disposable latex gloves come in a well designed clear plastic dispenser which has a hanger at the top so that you can pop the packet on a hook inside of a cupboard.
        Ten pairs of plain cream coloured latex gloves are rolled inside of the dispenser and you pull them out from the bottom one by one, which ensures that the gloves are kept as hygienic as possible at all times.
        The natural latex gloves come in one size, which fits all. The latex stretches well to accommodate larger hands and the gloves still fit smaller hands snugly.
        The latex is supple and there is none of that awful rubbery small attached to them either, in fact the gloves are very slightly perfumed.
        Maybe they seem an expensive buy at around £1.60 a pack but they do come in useful for so many different things.
        The latex gloves are designed for single use, complete the task and dispose of the glove but according to what I have used the gloves for there are many times when I can reuse them.
        You shouldn't let the latex gloves come into contact with any oil based substance, petrol or turpentine, these substances will just eat their way through the latex.

        Spontex gloves are easy to put on, often rubber gloves can be a nuisance and it take several attempts to put them on successfully but the Spontex gloves glide on fairly simply, the interior of the glove has a slight powdery feel attached to it.
        For any messy kitchen tasks they are perfect, I love cooked chicken but I loathe raw chicken so rather than have the raw chicken in my hands I will use a pair of Latex gloves. When I have finished dealing with the raw chicken the gloves always go straight into the waste bin, raw chicken being a source of salmonella.
        As I mentioned earlier the latex gloves are ideal if you are cleaning silver or brass and I have a pair tucked under the sink that have already been used for brass cleaning a few times and are still in one piece.
        I don't have a dishwasher, if I cut my hand or finger and use a sticking plaster then I always stick a latex glove on that hand before I wash the dishes, that way the plaster stays firmly in place.
        Although hair colourant kits come with plastic gloves, the gloves provided are a bit hit and miss to say the least! More often than not the gloves are huge and the dye just creeps inside of them and stains your hands, stick some latex gloves on and that problem doesn't occur.
        If you have to do any drain cleaning they are ideal, the tops fit snugly and you can clean the drains without any mess or dirty water running up your arms.

        Spontex disposable gloves are pretty tough but the one place that they aren`t made for is the garden, the thorns and shrubbery would soon see them off. But if you want to make doubly sure that you are keeping any dirt off of your hands then by all means wear a pair inside of your normal gardening gloves.

        If ordinary rubber gloves were comfortable and less clumsy I dare say that I would stick with them, because you can reuse them time and time again.
        Spontex latex gloves work out at about 16p a pair, sometimes they have to be thrown straight into the bin and other times you can reuse them, it all depends on the circumstances, but they are an important and valuable part of my daily routine.


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