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Stardrops Alur Bio Power

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Brand: Stardrops / Type: Laundry Detergent / Category: Laundry

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    1 Review
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      01.01.2013 20:02
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      A useless laundry detergent

      When doing the laundry I always try to buy products that will not only clean my clothes well but will also give a nice fragrance. I am not fussy when it comes to which laundry product I buy, I have my favourites but tend to buy whatever is on offer as when I seem to do endless loads of washing it isn't the cheapest of household chores so if I can save money then I will do.

      One laundry product which caught my eye purely because of the £1.00 price tag was the Alur Bio Power. A brand I had never heard of before I soon learnt after picking up a bottle off the shelf that 'Alur' is a brand from Stardrops - a brand of which I had heard of before and have used products from. For £1.00 I thought it was definitely worth a try.

      == Bio Power ==

      Alur Bio Power is one of a few varieties of laundry detergent which are produced under the name of Alur which is a Stardrops company. Bio Power has a formula that has been designed to tackle stains whilst looking after the colours as well as being suitable for all items that you may need to wash. It is advised that it is suitable on the cooler programmes as well as being just as good on an eco-wash.

      == Packaging ==

      Alur Bio Power comes in a very pale silver/creamy white coloured plastic bottle with a colour matching screw on top. On the front of the bottle there is the product name together with an image of a white flower and green leaves. The Stardrops logo is also on the front together with the Alur logo too. On the back of the bottle there is information about the detergent together with usage instructions, ingredients and contact information.

      == In Use ==

      The laundry detergent itself is clear in colour if a little milky hue to it so not completely clear. It doesn't really have an aroma to it at all which is a bit of a shame as with the flower image on the front of the bottle I was expecting a floral aroma or something but there isn't anything which is a shame. It has a water like consistency which although most laundry detergents do have a thin consistency but this Bio Power has a very thin consistency.

      I pour a cap full into the washing machine drawer and I do take into account that I live in a hard water area and I team it with a suitable fabric conditioner. Now I have washed a variety of items using Alur Bio Power from towels to t-shirts, my partners work clothes all of which are varying in how dirty they are especially when it is my partner's work clothes!

      The result I found was pretty useless! I found that although the clothes and towels etc being washed at my usual 30 degrees they didn't look overly clean nor was it useful on stains which just remained which was a shame. I found that there was no real clean fragrance to them whatsoever it was almost as if the clothes had been washed without a laundry detergent which was disappointing.

      The general condition of the items washed were generally disappointing and I ended up washing them again in a different detergent. I have since used the Bio Power on a few more occasions with varying load sizes just to see whether it would make a difference but it hasn't. The clothes don't come out looking particularly fresh and clean. A really disappointing product which isn't even worth the low price of £1.00.

      == Overall ==

      A quite useless product which I wouldn't recommend to anyone. It doesn't wash clothes well at all, they don't look overly clean and certainly don't smell fresh. A really disappointing product. It may be down to the fact that I live in a hard water area which could affect it but I really cannot see any positives and due to this I can only award it 1 star although I could quite easily not award a star.

      == Product Information ==

      Brand: Stardrops/ Alur
      Washes: 18 per bottle
      Price: £1.00 (Morrisons Nov 2012)


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