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Stardrops Pine Scented Disinfectant

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3 Reviews

Brand: Stardrops / Type: Disinfectants / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    3 Reviews
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      03.11.2011 16:04
      Very helpful



      A good effective all purpose value cleaner

      I actually forgot I owned this product until I was looking for something else the other day and stumbled across it in our utility room cupboard. We had this product bought for us in multiples by my future mother-in-law, when we first bought our house and it needed a LOT of work doing. The first thing we tried to do was clean the house and make it fresh, as nobody had lived in it for several years and it was pretty grim at the time.

      Although I didn't buy this product, I've seen it in pound shops and discount stores retailing around the £1 mark. This makes it very good value in comparison to other cleaners, and although I believe Stardrops as a brand have been around for a while, I always thought they were a cheap brand that wouldn't be as effective as the supermarkets own labels. I'm pleased to say I was wrong about this.

      The cleaner comes in a plastic bottle with a flip top lid. This almost dictates what you can and can't use it for because although it's suitable for many things, unless you go to the trouble of pouring some into a spray bottle you can only use it diluted in bowls of water or neat on work surfaces. The lid also isn't the most secure of fastenings they could have chosen for this product as usually you'd have something childproof or a screw top lid. I've never had any problems with leakage from this bottle, nor do I have children so this aspect isn't really an issue for me.

      The disinfectant is green in colour and as you'd expect smells of pine which is really fresh and just makes the place feel cleaner just from the smell. It can be used neat on surfaces, although you're advised to experiment with an inconspicuous area first, and it can also be diluted in warm water to use on floors, bathroom suites and so on. It's quite deceiving because it looks very thin when you squirt it into water, but a little goes a long way and it works well despite its consistency.

      **My Experience**

      I have used this product for many cleaning purposes, and each time it has performed very well, even in extreme circumstances. For example, when we first got the keys to our house it was obvious it had been badly neglected for years and I used this disinfectant to clean years worth of dirt off fireplaces, stair bannisters, skirting boards and doors. It dilutes well so you only need a small squirt in a bowl of running water and it gets quite frothy and smells fresh and clean. The smell also filled the air so when people walked in they were hit by a nice pleasant clean smell rather than musty old dirt. You could see the dirt coming off on the cloth I was using, and the cloth ended up black in colour so I knew it was working.

      On a day to day basis, this product has no issues dealing with general household cleaning, and can be used for a variety of purposes. I mainly use this to clean our wooden floors and tiled kitchen and bathroom. It smells fresh, and picks up dirt well you can see the water changing colour (although this probably indicates how infrequently I do housework LOL!). It leaves tiled floors sparkling clean and smelling fresh. I've dabbled with cleaners that are made specifically for cleaning floors but to be honest they're no better and cost more, so now I've found this at the back of our cupboard I'll continue to use it from now on.


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      24.08.2011 21:57
      Very helpful



      A very good and versatile cleaning product from Stardrops

      When it comes to cleaning products, I think of them in a similar vein to beauty products in the fact that I am far from loyal and like to try anything new I happen to see.
      When I was in my local Poundstretcher store recently I spotted this pine disinfectant by the mighty makers of Stardrops so was eager to check it out..

      Growing up we always had Stardrops in our home though back then it was just the 'original' liquid cleaner in a glass bottle, so when I spotted a whole range of other Stardrops products I was slightly in awe of which to buy as they all promised varying degrees of cleaning capabilities. In the end I opted for this pine disinfectant cleaner purely for the fact that it seemed to offer a variety of universal cleaning options.

      The disinfectant comes housed in a plastic upright standing bottle that is completely transparent meaning the contents are clear to view. I do like a product that is in this type of packaging, no matter what it may be, as it is much easier to see how much of the contents remain without having to resort to guess work.
      The bottle seems relatively sturdy, though because of the weight and consistency of the liquid it is quite easy to knock over so make sure the cap is firmly replaced after use as I have accidently knocked it over twice causing slight spills on each occasion.

      To access the disinfectant there is an easy to open flip top lid which is located directly on top of the bottle. As this is an irritant and will be harmful if swallowed I felt the lid wasn't secure enough to discourage young children from trying to open it so I placed my bottle well out of harms way.

      The disinfectant is very, very watery and thin in consistency though the pine fragrance is surprisingly strong as is the green colour and a little goes a long way I found.

      This is suitable for use in toilets, sinks and drains where it can be used neat or diluted down using 30 ml to 2 litres for general household cleaning.

      *This must be stored upright and out of sunlight.

      *~*My experience of using this*~*

      When I came across this I was very impressed by the vast range of Stardrops items as up until spotting them in Poundstretcher I was under the assumption that there was still only the original liquid available. What mainly drew me to the range was the price - all the items were retailing at just £1 and bearing in mind this particular disinfectant is a 750 ml sized bottle I deemed this to be very good value and hopefully due to it's versatility would end up an economical purchase for me.

      Though I often resort to using plain bleach in my toilet bowl I do admit to preferring a more pleasant aroma as bleach may be good at killing germs but it's not exactly aromatic, whereas pine has a clean and fresh scent to it.
      I have squirted a liberal amount of this around the rim of the toilet bowl and left it to stand for about 10/15 minutes whilst I went off to see to other 'chores' (having a cup of tea..). On my return I found it seemed to cling rather impressively to the entire bowl rather than just running straight down and after cleaning the toilet found it easy to remove and not cause any staining ( I have used expensive toilet cleaners which have stained the bowl and I have had to resort to using bleach in the end ). My toilet retained an impressively clean pine fragrance for quite a while and not only did the bathroom smell clean but the pine wafted through my entire house resulting in a 'freshly cleaned' aroma.

      *~*How did I rate it for other cleaning jobs? *~*

      Having been uber` impressed with the results of the toilet freshness I was keen to try it out around the rest of my home. I found pouring a small cap full down my drains left a fresh lingering scent as did diluting it for mopping my floors. As I only have a small cottage I have three rooms that have vinyl and laminate flooring and require mopping to keep clean. A small dash of this into my mop bucket seemed enough to suffice doing all three rooms (they are small rooms though) though I would suggest it is up to the individual how much you wish to use but I found 20 ml adequate.

      My most notable experience though has to be using this neat. I tip the bottle on to an already dampened dish cloth and simply wipe over where is needed. It does state to rinse afterwards with water and I have adhered to this each time and have had fantastic results.
      I wouldn't say it's harsh though I would caution you test it on an inconspicuous area before hand if in doubt though I have used on an array of flooring and appliances and have had no problems to date.
      As mentioned in a previous paragraph I was not overtly impressed with the lid as it opens with relative ease and if a young child got hold of this they would have no problem at all in opening it.


      I really like this product as you may have guessed as it certainly is a very versatile cleaning product. My only negative towards it is it isn't very good at removing stains that a cream cleaner or bleach product would instantly eradicate so it couldn't replace all of my cleaning products. That said though, it is fantastic for cleaning my toilet, ideal for mopping my floors and leaves sinks/ drains smelling clean so all in all it is a very good product that I will definitely buy again especially at the low cost of just £1.

      For more information check out www.stardrops.co.uk

      Highly recommended.


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        13.04.2010 09:02
        Very helpful




        Stardrops pine disinfectant

        With the spring cleaning well and truly underway I seem to be buying cleaning products almost constantly in a bid for that shiny house- never seems to happen.

        At only 99p for a 750ml bottle of the stuff, this one seems like great value especially when it promises to clean and protect my home from smells and germs.

        It is quite widely available and a quick look at the website, www.stardrops.co.uk and on the shelves of my local bargain store, I notice that this manufacturer does produce lots of cleaning products.


        The product comes in a clear plastic bottle with all of the information and instructions on the back and looking through the bottle the liquid looks as a pine liquid should, green! When I flip up the lid, and have a sniff, there is a definite pine smell, which if, like me, you like pine, then this won't offend.

        USING IT...

        The product can be used on work surfaces, toilets, drains, sinks, baths, so is a real all rounder. For general disinfecting, then 2 tablespoons should be diluted with 2 litres of water and then wiped over surfaces. It doesn't say anything about rinsing afterwards so i don't tend to and so far haven't noticed any nasty smears.

        I use it mainly on the floors as we have a mix of wood and tiled floors and it seems to do the job nicely, lifting any dirt and leaving the house smelling really clean.

        WHAT I THINK...

        The product is easy to use and as I generally don't have the time i don't measure out the liquid but just tend to guess, which seems to do the job nicely enough. I like the smell of the product and the fact that it doesn't need rinsing off. It does a great job of cleaning bathrooms and floors although I wish it was an all round product and did windows as well.

        Like many (most) cleaning products it can be quite harsh so i would suggest wearing rubber gloves to avoid hands drying out.

        A useful product which does what it says, leaving the house disinfected and clean- I have to take its word about the germs as I can't see them to know whether or not they have been killed.

        Inexpensive and effective- recommended.

        Thanks for reading.

        Daniela x


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