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Green Jem Steel Extending Clothes Line Prop

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Brand: Green Jem / Type: Washing Line / Category: Laundry

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    1 Review
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      24.07.2011 21:41
      Very helpful



      Simple clothes prop that extends as needed

      Green Jem Quality Steel Extending Clothes Line Prop

      As I previously mentioned I am not the fussiest person in the world but I really do like things to be right. I like my garden to look like a garden and not be festooned with washing lines. I struggled with the in Australia as they love their huge rotary clothes lines and often these took up half the garden. Not only do I like my garden looking nice but I also like to hang my washing outside as often as the British weather permits. This meant some thinking and looking around for possible solutions. We found a great extending line that fitted to the house wall and extended across the garden ( review before this). Now the only problem I has was that my sheets draped across the lawn as my line drooped in the middle when all my washing was on it.

      I said what I need is an old fashioned clothes prop like my Granny used to have. This was a long stick with a niche cut in to top that went under the line to prop it up. I wandered through the local woods looking around hopefully for a long branch with a fork at the top but was very unsuccessful! I then asked my husband to buy a pole and manufacture one, he looked at my with 'that look' as if to say you must be joking! So back to the internet again I went.

      I always try Amazon first as I usually have some vouchers from various survey sites and amazingly I found this one for the bargainous price of £7.99 with free postage. I was so excited it was pathetic but I really didn't think I would be able to buy one at all never mind for such a great price. I ordered it and as with all my Amazon purchases it arrived a couple of days later. The postman was quite intrigued by my very long, very pole like parcel so I explained and he was reminiscing about his mother using one after that.

      Despite my great excitement at its arrival I managed to restrain myself and did my usual wash using the timer so that it went through on economy 7 electricity and the next day went out with my basket of washing to test out my latest purchase.

      I hung all the washing on the line as usual and then got out my prop, put the plastic hook thing under the line and then extended it so that my washing went high above the ground. Now my washing is up out of the way of the grandchildren if they come around and it also means it blows more as it is higher and can flap around more. It certainly means that the sheets no longer drag on the ground and so I can hang them doudle instead of having to fold then first then hang then which meant they took much longer to dry.

      That was about six years ago now and my metal and plastic pole is still doing its job at least three times a week and often more. I do keep it in the garage when it is not in use so there is no rust at all on it. I think if it was left out in all weathers that it would probably not have lasted quite the same time.

      The only slight niggle I have with my prop is that the plastic hook thing does sometimes come out of the metal tube. Usually this happens if I let the extending part slip too quickly down to small size and then it pushes the plastic hook out. This is not a major problem as I just push it back in then hook it around the line and push the extending part out. The weight of the washing line usually pushes it back in firmly. If not then it is a case of asking my husband but usually this does the trick.

      When you extend the pole then there is a plastic clip that you prus down to stop the inner pole coming back down. If you over extend the pole and try and press the plastic holding clip down it often won't hold it. There is an optimum extension and if you go beyond this the clip seems to fail. It is plenty high enough to keep the washing from the floor but occasionally I want to raise it higher so the grandchildren don't run through my clean washing and thrown their dirty balls at it!

      Mine is not the subtle green colour but rather a bright orange which may not be what I would have chosen but it does mean that it is highly visible and so you don't accidently walk into it when in the garden.

      There is another little problem that I have had happen to me twice. I'm a slow learner! As I'm taking my clothes down if I leave the prop hooked over the line and just lower in by moving the base outwards then as I'm taking down the washing the prop has slipped along the line and hit my quite hard on the head. After the second time, yes sadly I did it twice but months apart, I now take the prop off the line before taking the washing down as it really gave me quite a bang and it hurt.

      So in spite of the head banging and the plastic hook coming off sometimes I am quite thrilled with my very simple washing assistant. It is such a simple idea yet it works. It takes up so little storage space in the garage beside the outside broom so I hardly even notice it really. It is easy to put up and take down and does exactly what I wanted it to so a product that is truly fit for purpose at a decent price that has given me six years of use and hopefully will last me out and I'm not planning on any immediate departure from this world, touch wood.

      So if you have a long line across your garden that means that your washing drags on the ground take a visit to Amazon and get one of these as they are just great.

      Thanks for reading and this review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.



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