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Superglove ComfiGrip

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Brand: Polyco / Type: Gloves / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Bucket, Broom, Brush etc.

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    2 Reviews
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      08.08.2009 20:39
      Very helpful
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      Quality gloves that offer good protection at an affordable price.

      Rubber gloves are not on my list of favourite things to buy, I rarely wear them for anything else other cleaning drains or unblocking sink traps.
      But saying that I always keep a pair in my cupboard for dealing with those unforeseen emergencies.
      Getting the right type of rubber gloves can be tricky, some are so flimsy that they tear on their first outing, others can be so thick that you cannot feel your fingers and if you manage to buy the right size first time around then you are a far better woman than I am.

      The cheap rubber gloves are very hit and miss, they invariably have no lining and will end up damaging the skin on your hands. I find that the supermarket own brands often make my hands sweat so when I take the glove off my skin looks wrinklier than ever.
      Pay a little more for a pair of rubber gloves and you seem to get better sizing, fitting, maybe a flock lining and a decent weight everyday rubber glove.

      The ComfiGrip Supergloves are up there with the Marigolds in my book, for me it is usually one or the other that ends up in my shopping basket.
      I find the medium size is ample, I detest rubber gloves that feel like Wellington boots on your hands and gloves with short cuffs are no good to anyone. Short cuffed rubber gloves can lead to disaster if you have your hands down the drain.

      The Lilac coloured ComfiGrip natural rubber gloves do have a long cuff and they also have raised `grip ` areas on the fingertips and the palms.
      It is all too easy to think that these ridged gripping areas on the fingertips and the palms of the rubber gloves are just a fad but whereas many rubber gloves get slippery when they become wet the ridges enable you to get a firmer grip.

      I have been known to use my ComfiGrip rubber glove to open an extra stubborn jam jar before now, try it, it works well. ( Definitely not after they have been down the drain though)

      The Comfigrip rubber gloves are not expensive at around £1.25 a pair.
      Inside of the glove there is a good thick cotton flock lining which does feel soft and it stops the normal sweat build up inside of the glove that you may well get if you buy cheaper versions with no cotton linings.

      The medium size fits my hand quite snugly and although the ComfiGrip gloves feel firm they are flexible and as comfortable as a rubber glove can possibly feel.
      The manufacturers describe them as suitable for domestic use only. The packet states that if you have any reaction to natural rubber then it may cause a reaction.

      The cotton flock lining protects your skin adequately and once the gloves have been removed your skin still looks the same, not like a wrinkled prune !
      Any rubber gloves need to be kept clean, once I have used my gloves then I wash them out. I wash the outside first and then turn them inside out to wash the inside, then the pair of gloves are hung on the washing line to dry.
      After washing the rubber is still soft and flexible and they can just be rolled up and stored away until they are needed again.

      The ComfiGrip gloves have a slight `rubbery` smell but certainly nothing major.
      On the packet they recommend that you do wear the gloves when you are going to handle petrol, paraffin or turps.

      The ComfiGrip natural rubber gloves come in three sizes, small, medium and large and they can be found in most leading supermarkets and hardware stores.


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        11.06.2008 22:37
        Very helpful




        I have been using these gloves for a few weeks now, and they are so versatile that I will definitely buy them again when they eventually wear out or tear.

        These gloves are made from latex rubber, and come in three sizes: small, medium and large. The colour is lilac and the palm and fingers have raised ridges to give a better grip. The glove is soft and flexible, and just as comfortable as other household gloves.

        It has long cuffs, the edges of which are rolled outwards to prevent dripping and tearing.

        The typical handling applications quoted on their website are: dusting, windows, washing up, general cleaning, kitchens, washing paintwork, floors, bathrooms/toilets. In other words, cleaning and decorating.

        However, since I keep this pair of gloves at the kitchen sink and only use it when I'm washing up and wiping down kitchen surfaces, I have found that it's useful for a couple of other functions.

        The ridges act like little mini brushes, so you can wipe your fingers around the inside of a narrow glass, such as shot glasses or champagne flutes, where a sponge or washing up brush won't comfortably fit.

        Wearing the gloves gives your additional gripping power when you're opening jars or bottles that have a tight lid.

        But best of all, the ridges act like gentle brushes for washing dirt off root vegetables and mushrooms. This is a job that can get very messy, and splash mud around if you use a normal vegetable brush. This way your hands stay dry and your vegetables can be gently washed in water without any damage.

        This is now my favourite household glove by far.


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      • Product Details

        Featuring a raised grip on the palms and fingers for safer handling, cotton flock lining as well as a rolled cuff to prevent tears and water drips.

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