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Surcare Sensitive Powder

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Brand: Surcare / Type: Fabric Dye / Category: Laundry

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    4 Reviews
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      14.07.2011 23:55
      Very helpful



      Made a happy baby and happy Mummy :-)

      My youngest daughter has eczema - and by that I don't mean the 'behind the knees and in the elbow folds' kind of eczema, I mean, the 'all over her body and face, red raw and very sore' kind of eczema. It started as soon as she was 12 weeks old. This was followed by 10 horrendous weeks of seeing it worsen to the point where 70% of her body and face were covered, she was screaming constantly and we were averaging 2-4 hours sleep per night. I will not go into all the details of what we have been through to even try to manage her condition, but suffice it to say, we looked at EVERYTHING which had the slightest possibility of helping/damaging her skin and washing powder was fairly near the top of the list.

      I have mild eczema and sensitive skin myself so have always avoided biological washing powders, using only Fairy for many years without any problems. We also never use fabric softeners.
      So in desperation for anything to help my baby, I scoured the internet and read LOTS of information from the National Eczema Society and other resources. This is where I discovered Surcare non-bio washing powder.

      I purchased a box from my local Tesco, but it is fairly widely available from most large supermarkets. It costs £2.28 for a small, 10 wash box but is currently available at Sainsburys on a 2 for £2.50 offer, so well worth stocking up. I have had some difficulty getting it in the recent past and often empty the shelf if there are only a few boxes left. The box is different from the one shown in the picture - it is a mostly blue box with bubbles on it and blades of grass at the bottom of the box. Surcare is written in dark blue in the centre of the front face and the other information on the front states 'outstanding results at 30 degrees centigrade' and 'free from perfumes and dyes'. There are also endorsements on the packet from 'talk eczema' and 'dermatologically tested and approved'. It has a side tab type opening and you shake the powder out to dispense it. It is a white granular powder and looks pretty much like any other washing powder. The biggest difference is that it has no smell.

      I have used this powder now for approximately 4 months and I now use it for all our family laundry. I use it in exactly the same way as I would any other powder, bung it in the drawer of the washing machine and hey presto. I think it washes as effectively as Fairy on 30, 40 and 60 degree wash programmes and I don't feel our washing is remotely cardboardy and stiff - quite the opposite. Everything comes out clean, soft and ready to wear. The biggest criticism I have, is that it's not available in larger boxes. A small 10 wash box can't be the most economical way to market this product and it is certainly a faff to store all the small boxes in my cleaning cupboard! However, apart from the box size and intermittent availability issues, I really cannot find any other faults with this washing powder.

      In summary - from my experiences, I would thoroughly recommend Surcare non-bio washing powder to any one with eczema and/or sensitive skin. It cleans as well as leading brands, leaves your clothes soft and is suitable for family use. The box size is a bit annoying and you probably won't find it everywhere. The only other people who probably wouldn't want to buy it, are those who like their laundry to smell of 'apple blossom and white sapphire' or other exotic fragrances - this probably isn't for you. I give it 5 out of 5 as my baby's skin is much better, she is much happier and we all have clean clothes - smiles all round in this house :-)


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        03.11.2010 08:42
        Very helpful



        See review.

        Everyone tries to save money where possible, some more than others but at the moment I am trying to save more for various reasons, and trying some items I have not tried before or using brands recommended by others is what I am doing at the moment and it has made life a little bit better financially, so I can still enjoy some of the other luxuries in life as much as possible, I am trying to buy bargains more than ever, and so when I saw this wash powder for around £1.30 for 800g, I thought I would try it.

        The box is pretty basic and but it is much nicer than some of the other lower brands, it is a non biological one, it is for sensitive skin, and since I have that kind of skin I thought I would probably be fine for my budget.

        The powder is white and it is a nice texture, it is light, soft and the grains are tiny, it is unperformed but I can smell a small amount of fragrance to it, but it is very slight, which I did not expect it to have, it actually dissolves perfectly in the wash, I have found that it has not been attached to my clothes or fabrics when I have taken them from the machine, I just hate it when clothes come out of the machine because the powder has not dissolved but this one is fine, it is also very easy to pour from the opening tab at the side of the box.

        I have washed my clothes etc on a lower setting on my machine at 30% and the fabrics have been cleaned to my satisfaction, I have not however used this powder on any stubborn stains as yet but my whites have been perfectly clean for my liking, and my coloured fabrics have been fine too.

        The box gives approximately 10 standard washes and I have used this around 5 times so far and I think it would certainly wash a few more than the standard amount with this one, but that is because I do not always do a full load in my machine, I have also washed and soaked some tops that I often hand wash, and this powder has been super for them too, and it has easily rinsed from the fabrics with no problems at all and left them nice and soft in the same way as it has when used in my machine.

        I think it is a good quality powder which is very good for babies or young children's clothing as they have delicate skin, I have washed some of my grandsons clothes with this powder and he has had no irritation on his skin and I have not myself on my skin.

        I think it is affordable for anyone on a budget or have a lot of clothes to wash, and I highly recommend it and I will be certainly buying it again in the future as it is very suitable for myself and my family and for the price it is extremely good value for money.

        I give it 5 stars.

        Thank you for reading my review.


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          24.06.2009 19:36
          Very helpful
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          Good for excema sufferers or those with sensitive skin.

          I have very sensitive skin which has a tendency to flare up for no good reason. After my previous washing powder (Bold) which I had been using for several years with no problems suddenly made my skin go dry and very itchy, I tried a number of detergents supposedly suitable for sensitive skin (including Fairy Non Bio, Persil Non Bio etc), none of which made any difference to my skin. I then tried Surcare Sensitive Soap Powder and (touch wood) my skin has completely healed up. The only disdavantage I would say is that it doesn't always remove certain stains after the first wash, although this is not surprising given that it has less harsh detergents in it. I would recommend this soap powder for anyone with very sensitive or reactive skin, or looking for a gentle soap powder for children's or babies' clothes. There is also a fabric conditioner in the Surcare range.


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            07.11.2007 20:10
            Very helpful



            A great powder for getting clothes clean but is sensitive enough for babies delicate skin.

            Picture the scene, it's a beautiful July afternoon, the sky is blue and the sun is beating down. My baby boy is due any day and in preparation I’ve decided to wash all his tiny white vests and baby grows, the washing line is full of his tiny little garments and it's an adorable sight. It was 2004 and I was eagerly expecting my first child, following my wise old mums advice I washed all his clothes to remove anything unpleasant they may have picked up whilst in store. Babies have sensitive skin so I didn't want to use anything too harsh, after scouring the supermarket shelf for the perfect baby friendly product I selected Surcare Sensitive powder.

            Surcare sensitive washing powder is specially designed to be kinder to the whole family’s skin. It contains no dyes or perfumes and is dermatologist tested to ensure the kindest formulation.
            Surcare is a non-biological powder that is suitable for all washes from whites to colours and even delicates.

            Surcare Sensitive Powder-
            Surcare sensitive powder comes in a 1kg box. The box itself is mainly white with the name across the front in bright blue and an image of a mother and young child. The white packaging provides a stark contrast to other products on the supermarket shelves making the product easy to find. The washing instructions and other product details are bold and easy to read on the sides of the box.

            Surcare powder bears the wash right mark(a white t-shirt with a green circle hanging on a clothes line) this means it supports the industry’s program to reduce the environmental impacts of laundry detergents. The powder also works in association with Talkeczema.com supporting eczema sufferers. It has not been tested on animals.

            Go to www.surcare.co.uk for more information on the product and company as well as information on how to take the best care of your baby’s clothes.

            Directions for use-

            Washing machine
            Pour the powder into the main dispenser compartment and select the appropriate program for your wash.
            In soft water areas you need 75ml powder for low level soiling, 110ml for medium and 195ml for high level soiling.
            In medium water areas you need 75ml for low, 150ml for medium and 235ml for high.
            Hard water areas will need 150ml for low, 195ml for medium and 265 ml for high level soiling.

            If using a prewash cycle use 100mls of powder.

            Hand washing
            Dissolve 100ml of powder per 10 litres of water. Make sure the powder is fully dissolved before putting clothes into the water. Do not use an enamel bath or sink for soaking the clothes.

            While the company do not provide a measuring cup with the product you are able to attain one by calling the Cup Line on 0800 585 919.
            A 150ml cup is the equivalent to 100gms

            Always follow manufacturer’s instructions.
            Keep away from eyes.
            Do not ingest.
            Keep powder away from children.
            Avoid prolonged contact with the skin if you have damaged or
            sensitive skin.

            Price, availability and other products-
            Surcare sensitive powder 1kg is available from most supermarkets including Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, Safeway’s, Somerfield and more. I purchase mine at Asda at a cost of £2.49

            Other Surcare products include 1litre concentrated liquid(£2.95) and 500ml washing up liquid(77p)

            My Experience-
            I've used Surcare on my children’s clothes for over 3 years now. While I used the product on my sons clothes he had no skin problems at all however when I changed to a stores own brand powder(thinking he was old and active enough to have a stronger powder) I found it aggravated his eczema and I had to change back. The powder has always been gentle on my children’s skin and I happily used it on newborn baby clothes as well as older baby clothes.

            I find the powder works well and gets the clothes white, only really stubborn stains have ever been a problem such as stains caused by jarred baby food and tomato sauces. The pack recommends 1kg will last 10 washes, this of course depends on how closely you follow their measuring instructions, usually I will get 15 to 20 washes out of a pack(maybe I’m not using enough per wash!) Because the powder is not perfumed it leaves no smell on the clothes which I see is preferable to some of the unpleasant detergent smells other powders leave, it also gives the feeling that the powder is a pure and gentle as possible .

            While the powder is suitable for all the family I tend to use a different brand for us adults, the powder may not seem like a lot at £2.49 but the pack wouldn't last a quarter of the time if I used it on all 4 of us and so would work out a lot more expensive in the long run, with around 14 washes a week I would be buying at least 4 boxes of powder each month instead of a maximum of 2.

            I would certainly recommend this washing powder to new or expectant parents. Not only for the cleaning but also for the peace of mind you'll have by knowing it's gentle on your precious baby’s delicate skin.


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          • Product Details

            Free of dyes, perfumes, and unnecessary additives, this laundry powder is suited for the whole family's skin, especially for those with sensitive skin.