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Surf Powder Sunshine Lemon & Bergamot

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Brand: Surf / Type: Washing Powder / Category: Laundry

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    2 Reviews
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      10.08.2011 19:03
      Very helpful



      a great product for the price

      Every now and then ASDA have a 'cleaning event' which is basically just when they sell lots of branded cleaning products cheaply for a few weeks. A couple of months back, they had huge boxes of Surf (the 4kg boxes which give 50 washes) for just £4. I didn't need any washing powder at that point, but since it was the last one on the shelf I wasn't going to let that opportunity pass me by, and snapped it up!

      The Surf with essential oils lemon and bergamot is a product I have used before, in both the form of powder and capsules. I have eczema and allergic reactions to many washing powders, but Surf is one of the few brands I know I'm 'safe' with.

      The powder claims to be 'aromatherapy for your clothes' and contains essential oils, presumably of lemon and bergamot. Why your clothes would need this, I don't know, and although I do love lemon scented products, the scent wasn't a huge pull for me, as most of the time I use fabric conditioner too, which tends to overpower the scent of any fragrance the powder has.

      The powder comes in a bright yellow box, and as mine is one of the larger ones, it has a plastic carry handle on the top, useful for sliding it out of the cupboard. The box is sturdy and touchwood I've had no powder escaping from the bottom. It opens easily around the top, and the lid flips up giving easy access to the powder. It is advisable to use a scoop or cup of some sort if possible, as with a box this size I couldn't imagine it would be possible to pour the powder into the drawer without making a huge mess! The smaller boxes have a small tab on the side, so are much better for direct pouring into the machine.

      The smell of the powder is pleasant, it's very lemony as I guess you would expect, but refreshingly it doesn't have any sort of chemical tone to it.

      Dosing advice is given on the side of the box. I must admit, I sometimes measure the powder out and sometimes guesstimate.

      I find that the results from this powder are really good. All of my clothes come out clean, and whites are especially bright. Although it will get out general dirt, it's hard to say when it comes to dried in stains. I have a few old tea towels which have dried in stains such as tomato sauce, and I find this powder will fade the stain but not get rid of it. When it comes to fresher stains it may be more effective, however as myself and my boyfriend both have office jobs, we've never really had the chance to test that theory.

      As mentioned I always use fabric softener which I feel covers the fragrance of the washing powder. On the rare occasion my boyfriend does the washing, he doesn't bother, and I find that the clothes come out smelling nice and fresh and the lemon scent can clearly be smelled on them.

      As mentioned in terms of allergies this appears to be gentle on my skin and has caused no irritation for either myself or my boyfriend and we both suffer from eczema.

      The usual price for the 4kg/50 wash box of this powder is £7.50, although it's currently on special offer at ASDA, for just £5. There is also a smaller 2kg/25 washes size available costing £4, and you can get these in the form of capsules too.

      Overall, I'm very pleased with this powder. It cleans well, smells fresh and Surf is generally one of the cheaper branded washing powders about too. I will give it the full five stars, as it's one I've been buying on and off for a while now, and one I know I will definitely buy again.

      *Review originally posted on Ciao under username pink_champagne


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        31.03.2010 07:23
        Very helpful



        Not at all shabby!

        I rather often run out of washing products. I'm heavy handed with them and besides which having a mate and 3 dogs in tow (we just parted with one of them today actually, as we did have 4!) her and I are constantly grubby and covered in dog hair and it's not helping being in fields more often than not doing car-boots and things!

        I love washing though and so the other day after using a different washing powder from the Surf range all up my mate went out and got the same again in a different fragrance to try. She was gone ages and when asked why she said she'd been busy sniffing boxes and couldn't decide on one! Anyway this made her nostrils excited and she got us this one!

        The Packaging:

        Bright yellow box with flowers drawn on it and on the front of the box I'm told that it is 'Gorgeous Value' Surf Essential Oils 'Sunshine Lemon & Bergamot' and that my box contains about 26 washes. Other information listed on the box includes being told a bit about the product and directions for using it are given, ingredients are listed along with safety advice and contact details for Unilever are listed (the manufacturer of the product). It's a nice informative and bright looking box which really is informative enough.

        Using it, well all you do of course is measure out the quantity you need which is very simple because on the side of the box we're told how much to use depending on what type of water area we live in and inside the box there is a turquoise coloured see-through measuring jug!

        The powder is white and thick with dark blue bits throughout it and it smells wonderfully fresh and natural and of lemons and soft florals.

        Then all that is left is to shove it in the dispenser drawer of your machine, select your temperature/cycle and away you go!


        Surf have made this product easy to use and wonderfully fragant. It washes clothes with ease and rinses out with as much ease. You have to use the correct cycle though for your washing and although on the box I'm told this gives impecible cleaning on the box at 15C not only do I not have a 15C setting on the machine I'm currently using but I have used it on 30C and thats ok for every day washing to spruce up clothes but not on stains and really heavy grease and grime. On a 40C and above I find that this does a great job though and of course if you wish to use this on a pre wash you can, you simply add more powder!

        Not only that it does leave items feeling fresh as well as looking it and the fragrance that is left after washing stays fresh on stored items for about a week.

        I personally think this is a very nice washing powder though to work you need to use your common sense! Great stuff Surf!

        Expect to pay £4.98 for 208kg (my size), £2.10 for a 800g box which gives 10 washes or £8.98 for a 4kg box that gives a whopping 50 washes!


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