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  • long lasting scent
  • smells lovely
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    13 Reviews
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      13.09.2015 12:45
      Very helpful


      • "kind to skin"
      • "long lasting scent"
      • "smells lovely"


      • nothing

      A fresh smelling detergent that I love and will continue to use.

      ABOUT: I have been using this detergent for a while now and love it. This Surf detergent in tropical has the scent of tropical lily and ylang ylang and gives you burst after burst of uplifting fragrance. This detergent not only infuses a fresh scent into your clothes but it also gives your clothes a brilliant clean as well.

      PRICE/AVAILIBILITY:You can purchase this from most supermarkets and local shops. I purchased a 560MLK bottle which should give you 16 washes. I purchased this when it was on offer so I can't remember the exact price.

      IN USE: Use one or two cap gulls in your wash depending on the wash load. I normally use one cap full per full washing machine load.

      RESULTS: When using this detergent my clothes always come out of the wash smelling so fresh and clean and this scent on the clothes lasts even after the clothes have been dried. My clothes always come out looking clean as well and the detergent does a good job of removing most dirt. For tough stains you will probably need to use a separate stain remover. This detergent is kind to my skin and hasn't caused any reactions with it either.

      OVERALL: A fresh smelling detergent that I will continue using.


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      22.07.2014 15:46
      Very helpful


      • "great price"
      • "great smell"


      Fantastic smelling laundry detergent !!!

      I''ve been using surf from a very long time. I come to this product when i was finding a best economical laundry detergent which can clean our clothes perfectly and also leave them smelling fresh and clean.

      This product never disappoints me. I always found it at a very good price comparing to other leading brands and most of times i could even manage to get it in sale. I always found my laundry very neatly done and with awesome smell specially with the husband''s shirt collars and my baby''s messy clothes which gets messy everyday and needs a good and fragrance wash. I never had any problem with the colors even when i wash colorful and light clothes together by mistake with this detergent.

      All in all i will stick to this product as it''s one of our families favorite buy and i would highly recommend this product to all families who are looking for a fresh smelling clean laundry in a budget :)


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      12.01.2014 17:26
      Very helpful



      Does what I need it to do with a modern fragrance. Perfect!

      Please note - this review is for the iquid 'Surf with essential oils, tropical lily and ylang ylang' laundry detergent. I think it's just an updated version of the one listed in the dooyoo catalogue.

      Washing your clothes is a boring affair, all that waiting for the machine, putting out on an airer and waiting to dry, ironing where necessary and putting away makes it quite a lengthy affair. To try and cheer the whole process along I like to have fun smelling detergents to make it a little bit more interesting and to jazz up my textiles! I've been buying Tropical Surf for a few years now and thought I'd share my thoughts on the product.

      The reason I buy liquids is quite simply my mum always used to when I lived at home, so it's what I'm used to. I've never even tried the powders or tabs so all I can do is offer you information on the liquid. For me the liquid is ideal, it's easy to measure and transfer, it works well in a machine or if handwashing and it smells divine.

      the Tropical Surf comes in bottles of various sizes and can be found on offer sometimes. I currently have a 1.68l bottle which cost me £5 (against a usual cost of £7) and promises to do 48 washes. As with most products you usually get a better offer if you buy a bigger bottle, and as I know I'll use it it made sense to get a big bottle! To say there's only two adults in our household we do quite a bit of washing, however I don't feel like I buy laundry detergent that often. I don't tend to count my washes so I can't promise that you do get 48 out of it - maybe I could start a tally chart!

      The bottle is white with a tropical pink pattern to the front. There is a hollow handle to make moving the bottle about easy. There is a pink lid with a measuring cap on top of it. The measuring cap has two measures on it - one at 35ml and one at 52ml. Personally, I tend to use the pink inner cap to measure out my liquid, and it does say on the back of the bottle that the pink cap is 35ml. It saves on having a messy measuring cup lying about the kitchen, and you don't lose any product as it drips back into the bottle.

      The liquid is white and you can smell it as soon as you get near the bottle. The smell is definitely floral and tropical but also that lovely clean, fresh detergent smell. After measuing the liquid out you simply pour it into the designated slot in your machine. Simple!

      My washing machine is fairly new but average performance, obviously not the detergent alone is responsible for the cleaning of my clothes. However my clothes always come out clean and fresh, and with a lovely hint of tropical flowers. It smells great when I have my clothes out to air (obviously indoor as it's winter). I recently put my shower curtain in and hung it back up over the bath to dry, and my bathroom smelt lovely! I'm yet to meet a stain that hasn't come out after a wash with Surf.

      When you get towards the end of the bottle it's worth storing it upside down to get the last dregs out, then I tend to use hot waster to flush out the bottle and use any leftovers for the small amount of handwashing that builds up in my basket until I can be bothered to do it.

      Personally neither myself or my partner have sensitive skin issues, so I can't comment on this as we've had no adverse reactions to this product.

      Overall I have no complaints about this liquid - it smells lovely, keeps my clothes clean and fresh and whilst it seems expensive at the time you get a lot of washes out of it. As a woman in my late twenties I like having a fresh, modern smell to my clothes and Surf Tropical makes my clothes, towels, shower curtain and bathmats smell lovely.


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      08.04.2012 20:29
      Very helpful




      I bought a large 35 wash box of the capsule version of these just before Christmas when they were on offer for £6 a box in Tesco. I hadn't used Surf before because we tend to have Persil but I thought this was a good offer and I liked the pink colour!

      ==Where can I buy these?==

      I have seen these in a number of shops so they seem to be one of the more popular fragrances. In addition to the capsules you can also buy a powder and in a small and mighty bottle too. Each variety comes in a number of different sizes and there is a large selection available from Tesco. I imagine there is also a large selection in the other supermarkets and also shops like B&M and Home Bargains.

      For the capsules, current prices from Tesco are 10 for £3.19, 20 for £5.59 and 35 for £8.95.

      ==How to use==

      To use these you simply put one capsule in on top of your washing and run your wash cycle as normal.

      ==Do they clean well?==

      I'm pleased with how well these cleaned. All of our clothes came out the washing machine clean even if washing at 30 degrees. With some capsules I have had a problem of the plastic casing not dissolving properly and then some ending up sticky on our clothes but this was not a problem with these tablets and there was never anything left in the machine.

      ==The smell==

      The capsules smell really nice and they scent my clothes well. The fragrance is a sort of fruity floral fragrance and it smells really fresh. When I do a load of washing you can actually smell the fragrance throughout the flat which I like.

      Once clothes are dry they do have a subtle scent of the capsules when I wear them. If I use a fabric conditioner in addition to the capsules this does usually overpower the scent a little bit but if I dont go overboard with the conditioner (which I usually do!) the smells usually mix together.

      ==Would I buy them again?==

      Definitely. I think these are very good capsules and I will buy them again, especially if I find another good offer like I did on this box. I really love the scent and have actually now bought a box of the powder to try once I have finished the box of capsules.


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      11.03.2012 19:59
      Very helpful



      Unilevers answer to Daz but with more fragrance

      ==Surf tropical oasis washing powder==


      As a person who likes to change their laundry detergent often, I needed a change. Daz is a permanent fixture in our house, wether it's the 5ltr liquid or the 10 wash powder, it's always there! But I needed a change...something that would clean, something that would work a 30c, or even better, something that's cheap but not rubbish.

      So scouring the shelves in my local B&M Bargains store last summer (I can find a lot of bargains here, you know!), I came across Surf with essential oils tropical oasis biological washing powder. It came in a 5 wash pack which is a weight of 400g. It cost me 99p which is a good price compared to the £2.30 Tesco is selling a 10 wash box for! I am also aware of the fact that they also make the purple version (sorry can't remember the name) in a 5 wash pack, but none were available in my B&M store.

      I thought the size of this box would be ideal if you either took this on holiday or if you were like me, trying Surf for the first time.

      ==The Box==

      The box is a square shape box, not a rectangle. It has a yellow banner across the top with Great Value! written on it. The Surf logo is put in the middle of the pink coloured box with the essential oils & fragrance written underneath it. A swirl of ylang ylangs & lillies surround the Surf logo in a creative fashion. The box, does stand out in the laundry room & is quite nice to look at, compared to some others! (No names please!)

      The back of the box has the same with the flowers surrounding it, but this time round it contains more information. A swirl mentions that there is 'Long Lasting, Best Ever Frangrances from Surf!' It talks about how this particular Surf will entice you to repeatedly sniff your laundry & how the fragrance will smell. Then, the Cleaner Planet Plan is all about how to reduce Carbon Footprint by lowering your wash temperature & how Surf is made more economically.

      The back of the box also recommends other products in the Surf range, such as the Small & Mighty liquid. It also has the reason why the box says 'Great Value!' written on the front. This is because it is good value compared to the RRP of 10 wash Surf. It's good value to me though, I can save myself 31p if I bought 2 boxes of this instead of a 10 wash Surf!


      Surf claims that you can use their powder on everything except Wool & Silk items in which you will need an item such as Dreft or Persil silk & wool. It also mentions that you put the powder into the drawer rather than the drum & to also never make a paste with it to pre-treat stains. (I'm sure we all know not to do this though!)

      Surf also claims to burst with fragrance, even at cold temperatures so you can enjoy the scent & cleanliness of your washing but also enjoy the savings in water & energy!

      I won't bore you with the ingredients of this product, but I will give the dosing guide!

      ==Dosing Instructions==

      Light soil Medium Soil Heavy Soil

      Soft Water: 50ml 90ml 170ml

      Medium Water: 90ml '''130ml''' 210ml

      Hard Water: 130ml 170ml 250ml

      Programmes with pre-wash: Add extra 100ml

      Hand Washing: 100ml per 10 litres of water

      6kg+ Machines: Add an extra 30ml per load

      The packet states that you can get 5 washes out of each pack if you use 130ml of the product each time you do a wash.

      As I live in a soft water area, I only need 50ml because our clothes are never disgustingly dirty. But I do have a 7kg washing machine so need the extra 30ml per load, but that's still 80ml so saving 50ml everytime I wash with Surf!


      So I then proceed to wash my bedding with the product. My bedding is white but has bits of green in it which I like to keep lovely & bright. Most of the time I use a colour powder that gets the colours bright, but the whites aren't as white as i'd like them to be. I loaded up the bedding, & then I proceed to open the Surf. From smelling the box, it smells nice, but as soon as you open the packet the smell hits you & instantly fills the room with this summery fragrance! To open, you have to push in a bit of the box & then pull it up so a hole is available for the powder to come through.

      Upon pouring the powder into my Unilever scoop, the powder is soft & fine & pours easily enough. I did worry about it dissolving because i'd had some powders not dissolve & leave a clumpy mess in the drawer, but this had no problem dissolving. Plus it left no mess in the drawer, it was like if I had not put in anything at all! I then switched it to the quick cycle at 30c with a 1300 rpm spin.

      During the wash cycle I could see a fair bit of foam on the bottom of the glass door. I liked this because I then knew it was working. Nothing was added to the wash, but I could smell the faint scent of Surf around the laundry room. It's a second air freshener!


      Whe the cycle had finally finished, I set about hanging it on the line. As this powder contained bleach, I did expect the colours to fade, but to my surprise the colours were bright & the whites were WHITE! I had finally found a powder that did the job I wanted it to do!

      I hung it out on the line in the glorious sunshine & it smelt AMAZING! I did use Lenor with Febreze faric conditioner but not even this covered up the smell!

      I was so impressed with the fact that I only used 80ml of this powder to clean so well used it again on my clothes & it worked again, but I had mud on my clothes but it got it out first time without a pre-treater or an in-wash stain remover!

      Since then I have used the whole box & have brought another one, it's so good! It is also great for when my little niece comes to stay & I have to soak her bibs because they are covered in sick & chocolate sauce! A good soak with 40ml of powder for approx 2 hrs + a wash at 30c washes out porridge stained bibs & smelly tops. It's just great for everything!

      It's also good for when I do jumpers washes because I always wash jumpers seperately from everything else (perhaps they're more delicate) & Surf peforms brilliant on them, getting rid of stains & leaving the colour. It's not as bad as some think!


      In my opinion this powder does brilliant on whites & coloureds. It's basically
      Unilevers answer to Daz, but with more fragrances. It must contain colour-safe bleach to do as it does but It works for me!

      The product is really cheap to buy & regularly on special offer for £3 for a 25 wash box. I would'nt switch but it is handy to have if you want to handwash or to give something you love a nice smell!

      Thanks for Reading! :-D

      P.S. I hope this review has been some help to you & I also hope I have not bored you over this review.

      Please rate & comment :)

      BF99 x

      Originally posted on Ciao


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      14.08.2011 00:14
      Very helpful



      i prefer the yellow one!

      Surf is a range of laundry products. The range is part of Unilever.

      ~Surf Essential Oils~

      The Essential Oils range from Surf includes a few different scented products. One scent available is Tropical Oasis Ylang Ylang and Lily. This scent is infused into a powder, capsules, powder tablets and a liquid detergent. This review discusses my use of the powder.

      The powder is biological washing powder and claims to offer "outstanding results" in water as cold as 15c. The powder claims to fully clean all laundry with the exception of wool and silk fabrics. The scent is infused through essential oils and should provide lasting freshness throughout the day.


      Depending on which size of box your purchase, will determine the overall packaging. The 25wash box is bright pink with various flower images and information. The smaller box offers a little pull open tab which allows the powder to flow freely into the washing machine drawer. Eirther way, inside each box, a thick, crumbly powder is presented. It is a white colour with random blue and red specks.

      ~In Use~

      How much you use per wash will depend on what type of water area you live in and how dirty your clothing actually is. The dosage ranges from 50ml of powder through to 250ml. This powder can be used for prewashing and handwashing.


      This powder is available from supermarkets and stores such as Wilkos. Prices are approximate :

      *10 wash (800g) £2.00
      *25 wash (2kg) £5.00
      *50 wash (4kg) £9.50

      ~My Thoughts~

      I do lots of laundry and require a detergent and a fabric conditioner to make my clothing clean and smell gorgeous. When I ran out of powder a few weeks ago, I had a look to see what was on offer in Tesco and ended up purchasing Surf Ylang Ylang and Lily. I prefer powder to other detergent options and ended up with a 25wash box for £4.00. I have used Surf plenty of times before and for some reason I was attracted to the bright pink box. Whilst I like this powder, I have discovered that past experience proved I preferred the yellow Surf which is Lemon and Bergamot!

      My box is quite chunky but I'd rather have a bigger box as they often are better value for money overall. I try to separate my washing as best as possible and do my washings on a 30 or 40c wash most of the time. My Mum uses this one and has a 15c option or her machine and can confirm the "outstanding results" claim is partly true! I have a little cup which fits perfectly inside this box allowing me to scoop out a decent amount of powder for transferring into my washing machine drawer. The powder has a clean, light floral aroma about it.

      ~Surfs Up~

      As I use a fabric conditioner, it often overides any scent from the washing powder. I did trial the washing powder without conditioner on one occasion and found that the scent was actually quite subtle and certainly not longlasting freshness. I would have expected a stronger aroma from an essential oil enriched powder.With conditioner, this powder performs well to leave my laundry fresh and clean.

      Whilst I don't consider this the best powder at cleaning, it does perform to a decent, acceptable standard. It won't cut through soaked in stains but providing I quickly get the stained clothes into the machine, the stains lift off and leave my clothes clean. It particularly works well on my bedding which is white and keeps it looking fresh and crisp. I'm actually glad the scent doesn't stick around as it is a bit too floral for my tastes.

      Despite being a biological powder, my families sensitive skin is not irritated since using this powder.


      Whilst I am almost completely happy with the performance of this powder, I do feel the Lemon and Bergamot variety offers a stronger and more pleasant scent. I managed to obtain around 30 washes from this box so above the estimate. Since then, I have gone on to purchase a smaller 10 wash box of the Lemon and Bergamot which my local shop has on offer at £1.50.

      I do recommend this washing powder but won't purchase this actual scent in the future.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        28.01.2011 18:01
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Good value laundry detergent

        For quite a while now I have been using Ariel Excel gel for my washing, but it can be quite pricey so I usually only buy it when it's on offer. When I began to run low I headed for my local Co-Op and as the Ariel gel was full price, I decided on the Surf Tropical capsules as they were on special offer at the time.

        The Surf brand has been around for years, and one of the reasons I chose it, is that I know it doesn't give me a reaction like some other brands, such as Bold 2 in 1 tend to do. Surf Tropical comes in the form of a powder, liquid detergent or liquid capsules. I'm pretty sure I have bought these in the form of powder tablets in the past, but if so they must have been discontinued as they're no longer shown on the Surf website. I bought the capsules, simply as my last washing machine (I have since purchased a new one in the January sales) would not draw water into the powder compartment of the drawer, which meant I needed something that would go directly into the drum. There are 20 capsules per box, and you only need to use one for each wash.

        The capsules come in a clear plastic tub with a pink plastic lid. I might actually keep the tub once I've used all the capsules, as it's sturdy and a decent size so I'm sure I could find some use for it. The capsules themselves look like little plastic bubbles and are filled with bright pink liquid.

        To use, you should place on top of your clothes, towards the back of the drum. The capsules are very convenient and there is no hassle of measuring out powder, or spilling liquid, you just chuck one in the drum and switch your machine on. It does say not to use a pre-wash with these and also that they are not suitable for washer dryers. The plasticky capsule dissolves during washing, releasing the detergent and therefore washing your clothes.

        As the liquid contained in these is in a plastic bubble, before putting in the wash they have no scent at all. It says on the box that they contain essential oils of tropical flowers and ylang ylang, and I know from having used the powder of the same fragrance in the wash that the Surf Tropical scent is very pleasant and floral. The issue for me is that I use fabric conditioner with every wash, and this completely masks the tropical smell, so I don't ever really get the chance to smell this on my clothing.

        I find the cleaning power of these to be very good. I was concerned that the capsules looked on the small side and wasn't sure that they contained enough detergent to get my clothes properly clean. They do however seem to work very well, even when I put my washing machine on a 30 degree eco cycle. I suppose I should note, that I do an office job and don't have kids, so aside from the odd occasion when I manage to slop my dinner over me (my nickname's isn't Frank Spencer for nothing) my clothes are never particularly dirty, and just need to be freshened up more than anything. They do leave my whites looking white though and not grey!

        I haven't had any skin irritation since using these and they don't aggravate my eczema or cause it to flare up.

        The capsules are currently priced at £3 for 20 in ASDA which I think is a fair enough price. As you only need one capsule per wash I have found that one box has lasted me a long time.

        On the whole I have been very pleased with these. My washing comes out clean and fresh and they're very convenient to use.


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          09.11.2010 13:06
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A detergent I would highly reccomend

          Please note this review is on the Surf Tropical flowers & ylang ylang powder detergent, not the liquid or tablet forms.

          Being a student at university, I hadn't really had to consider my own washing before as dear Mumsy usually took care of all that, yes I know it's slightly shameful. In our house, we usually use Persil and Persil only, as according to my Mum "every other brand is mucky rotten!". Needless to say when buying washing detergent for myself for the first time, I wanted to try another brand. Surf tropical flowers caught my eye, as the packaging is bright pink with lilies on the front... if it makes my washing smell like the box looks, then it had to be worth a try!

          The box itself is 800g, and it states on the front you will get 10 wash loads out of it. As I purchased the box for £2.20 from Wilkinsons, this equates to 22p per wash which isn't bad! However, as I do a lot of hand washing as well as machine washing, I find one box does last me quite a while. There is also a handy chart on the side of the box to instruct you on the correct dosages depending on what type of wash, water hardness and how full the washer is. I realise for many this information may not be needed for those who are a dab hand at all things laundry related, however for the young and clueless such as myself, it's very handy to know, to make sure I'm using the right amount.

          The powder itself is white with tiny blue speckles, and is released through a tab which you open and close. You have to physically shake the powder out so be weary if you only require a tiny amount! I found that some of the powder can be a bit lumpy towards the bottom of the box, however if you close the tab and shake the box vigorously it should break down all the lumps. I should also mention the smell of the powder, which although is a little detergenty, smells quite floral and tropical.

          Machine Washing:

          At least once a week, my towels and bedding are given a hot wash in the washers/dryers we have in my student accommodation, using this washing powder and a touch of comfort fabric softener. Obviously with both of these categories, you want the washing powder to perform well to leave you with fresh, clean laundry. I have found the powder does work really well under these circumstances, and I do put considerably more powder in for a hot wash however I sometimes find the smell of the powder isn't as noticeable as I had hoped for, once I take everything out and put it the dryer. Although, it does clean pretty well and I can't really fault it.

          Hand Washing:

          I will often use hand washing as a method to clean not only delicate items of clothing, but for those awkward coloured tops whereby you need that one green top washing, only you have no other colours to wash which warrant you spending the £2 per wash load it costs us here in my student accommodation... I'm not spending £2 to wash one top! On the box, it says "outstanding results even in cold water" next to a snowflake saying 15 degrees. Now, I'm sure Ariel uses the same claims however I'm willing to roll with it. Let's put it to the test!

          For hand washing, it recommends letting the detergent dissolve in the water first. I try and use the hottest water possible, which is about 35 degrees. The great thing about it being powder is, you don't have to waste a tablet if a whole tablet isn't needed, and it's very quick to dissolve. You can even rub the powder in to a stain to lift it off, where as with tablets you can't. Although hand washing isn't always ideal, for the odd clothes, particularly the awkward or delicate ones, I have found the powder does do an excellent job of cleaning and freshening the clothes. However I wouldn't recommend it for whites or deep stains as it's just not as effective as a machine.


          I am a fan of Surf with essential oils. It's not quite perfect, and it's certainly not quite as good as the Persil my Mum uses (or maybe that's because she knows what she is doing?!), however it's a great, cost effective washing detergent I have bought many times over now. It is quite a feminine smelling detergent so may not be suitable for the guys, however for those who like all things floral and tropical, I think you would like this. I know it's easy to always buy the same detergent, especially if you know it works for you, but the bonus with trying a new one is you really notice the smell, as it's easy to get used to a washing detergent you have been using for years, and this is certainly the case with the Persil we use at home. If you are not a fan of powder detergent, this product is also available in tablet and liquid form, in a range of sizes. A 2kg box is currently on offer at Sainsbury's for £3 (until 30/11/09), usual retail price £4.48.


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            20.08.2010 13:23
            Very helpful
            1 Comment




            I don't know what first drew me to Surf all those years ago, but this is the main Washing Powder i've used for the last 10 years, and although I have used the odd box of Persil and that it's only been when it was on a really good offer.

            Surf is a tiny bit cheaper than Persil and Ariel. Not sure why and that's perhaps the reason why I tried it in the first place. I think the box looks more fun than the other brands as well.

            This one look like the Dooyoo picture. A quite bright pink cardboard box. It looks quite fun and fresh.

            I buy the largest box as it is the cheapest way to buy. The large box does approx 30 washes. Can't think of the weight of it unfortunately. This box sells for around £5.50-£6 in my local Asda, but it is often on offer for £4 which is usually always buy a box at this price regardless if I need it straight away. You knot it will never go wrong. You can also buy this in Liquid form and the tablets as well.

            This powder is Biological powder. It is just the usual grainy way powder is and a mix of white grains with some blue ones dotted through. In the large boxes you get a powder scoop and although sometimes near the bottom of the box the powder has settled and went a bit more solid, it breaks up easily enough when you dig the scoop in.

            You can smell the scent of this when you open the box. It is a nice fresh airy scent, but with a juicy scent mixed through as well. It states that this has Grapefruit in it, which I think is the main scent you can smell in here. A nice clean fragrance, and it smells a tiny bit like Lillies as well I would say.

            So this cleans the clothes as I would expect it to, and it leaves a light lingering scent on them as well. A nice fresh and clean smell.

            A great product from a brand I buy a lot from.


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              10.08.2010 22:55
              Very helpful



              Good branded washing powder that won't hurt you financially too much

              I really like to save money and reduce my spending so I have funds to contribute to more exciting purchases and therefore when I shop for food and other everyday items I look for economy or cheaper brands where normally I would like to buy a more expensive product. This is usually no problem when it comes to food like baked beans or spaghetti but I am always dubious of using cheaper cosmetics and detergents because when I was younger my skin was sensitive to these types of product and I was prone to a bit of eczema.

              Despite this I don't want to spend a huge amount on washing powder and as long as it cleans my clothes to a good standard and doesn't irritate my skin that is good enough for me. For this reason I chose Surf Tropical flowers & ylang ylang with essential oils powder. Surf is a well known reputable brand without being the most expensive and I have had no bad or adverse reactions as regards my skin.

              The tropical fragrance of the powder is very pleasant and after you have washed a load of clothes you can smell the scent on them but once they have dried it has disappeared in my experience. Apparently the essential oils include grapefruit oil which refresh and restore and the ylang ylang which I have never really heard of before is calming to give a relaxing feel to the way your laundry is cleaned. If you smell the laundry when taken straight from the washing machine to be fair it does make you go "aaaahh" as the box would suggest.

              The packaging is cardboard and so can be recycled and the powder is easily poured from it using the plastic sloping device on one side of it.

              The size that I buy is 800g which costs £2.10 from Tesco on their website but you can buy this variety in larger sizes and benefit from a cheaper price per kilogram. I purchase the smaller size because it is all I really need. This box recommends that it can be used for ten washes but I am sure I can get more than this from it especially when not washing full loads at a time.

              The powder will tackle reasonable stains and I have no complaints and overall with the price and the fragrance this is a great detergent.


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                05.04.2009 20:31
                Very helpful




                Strong smells and fragrances really appeal to me, I love it when I go to my mums and the smell of her clean washing flows through the house, it's so fresh and floral. One day though I asked her what she was using on her washing, expecting it to be some miracle wash as my clothes always felt so soft too and she told me all she'd used was Surf powder.

                You can buy Surf in a few forms such as the powder my mum uses, tablets and concentrated liquid. Powder comes in the boxes I buy for 30 washes and 960g for 10 washes. I decided to take a leaf out of my mums book and buy some powder hoping to have the same effect on my dirty washing.

                I buy mine in sainsburys, usually the larger boxes when they are on offer for roughly £3.68, but they are usually just under £5 if not on offer. I did shop around before hand though as I have always been under the impression Sainsburys is a very expensive store so I was pretty surprised when I seen that the same size box of Surf, and scent was over £7 in another store.

                The box I get is the largest box being 2.85kg. It's hot pink, extremely eyecatching with flowers dotted around out. The colour of the box alone is enough to leave it stuck in your mind. The scent I buy is Surf Tropical

                'Tropical Flowers and Ylang Ylang contains natural essential oils. It infuses your clothes with relaxing fragrances and leaves them brilliantly clean'.
                That is the statement on the box and I only agree with some of it. Yes it does leaves my clothes brilliantly clean but it doesn't have a relaxing fragrance in my opinion.

                Personally a relaxing fragrance for me is something smoothe on the nose, gentle and when you can just smell a hint whereas this is overpowering, strong and tropical as it says. Tropical for me means a burst of smells in one, all mixing together and this definitely comes out in my clothes. It's the sort of smell which puts a smile on my face and uplifts me not relaxes me at all.

                It does say on the box that the powders infused with gorgeous grapefruit oil which is known to refresh and restore. I totally agree with this, it does refresh and restore my clothes but the fragrance refreshes me - like I said it uplifts me.

                The box I buy says it can do 30 washes, it actually does alot more for me, at least 45 washes (I've counted) and I use quite a bit of the powder as I love the smell.

                After using this powder for a wash my clothes do come out extremely clean, it has even taken paint out of clothing. I'm talking about washable paints that my boys use, but it even says on them bottles that it can stain and it cleaned them and left them clean, refreshed and not one spot of paint.

                My washing feels soft and light, and the fragrance afterwards is as refreshing and uplifting as it was when I just opened the box.

                I did use other powders when I first moved out and into my own house, and my oldest boy having dry skin was usually effected by some powders I was using, however with this one his skin is not affected at all and I've been using it a good few months now.

                I am also impressed with the fact that no matter how grubby my boys get, their clothes still feel soft and the smell lasts for hours.

                The smell may be too powerful for some people as strong smells are not everyones cup of tea, but like I said at the beginning I love strong smells especially floral scents and this is exactly that.

                I'd reccomend this powder to anybody looking to leave their clothes smelling floral, a strong flora scent mind you and wants their clothes fresh and clean after one wash.


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                  14.05.2008 13:42
                  Very helpful



                  Stay away if you have sensitive skin.

                  Surf Small and Mighty is rather a neat idea - liquid detergent which is more highly concentrated to cut down on waste packaging. That's an idea I can get behind, and it was only £2.99 for a 730ml bottle so I figured it was worth a try.

                  It did seem a small amount - just one small cap per load. I popped it in, set it to wash and wandered off and a short while later, nice, clean sweet-smelling clothes. No problems there.

                  Later that night I discovered my hands were itchy, and I had a raised red rash on them. Didn't really think much of it - figured I'd got into something while gardening. It wasn't until I actually tried wearing my nice clean clothes the problem became obvious - yup, rash and itching all over the place.

                  I do have fairly sensitive skin, however, this is a reaction I only usually expect to see in terribly cheap detergents. The problem seems to be in the essential oils - apparently it can set off a reaction in certain people.

                  I would try to tell you how many washes you can get out of one bottle. However, sadly, I won't be using it again (and I'll be rewashing those clothes!)

                  (I realise this section is for Surf Tropical, however the dooyoo team said to put small and mighty reviews here too.)


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                    07.12.2005 17:26
                    Very helpful



                    Fresh smelling leaving clothes soft.

                    "Do you have clean Knickers on?"

                    I am the most accident prone person I know, therefore, I am at least twice as likely to be run over by a bus as most of you, which is why it is imperative to have clean undies at all times! And, gentlemen, we are not just talking 'Janet Reger delicates' here, pristine 'Calvin Kleins' are just as important. So how many of you can lay claim to having sparkling white smalls ???

                    I do all my washing in 'Surf' biological washing powder, I have done for many years now.Surf have been manufacturing and developing their products for over 50 years so I figured they must have something going for them !! With their range of very attractive packaging, they claim to be able to remove '99 top stains'..impressive, don't you think ?


                    Ordinarily I am not a Pink fan and used to use the Surf Breeze 'flavour', primarily because it was in a blue box and fitted in with the colour scheme of my kitchen perfecly, however Surf Tropical is a bright glaring Pink , so I decided my kitchen could do with a splash of colour and besides pink is quite a warming colour for the winter !!!

                    The box has the declaration'Removes 99 top stains, guaranteed' splashed across it .On the back of the box is a list of stains this product claims to remove. They have listed all 99 and I will not bore you by listing all of them, however some mentioned are : Fag ash...Baby Pee...Bird Poo....Mucus...and for some reason 'fresh deodorant'?? Also, and very handy for me, it removes alcohol stains...you know the normal, Red Wine, but also Pina Colada...Tequila Sunrise....Alcopops...I think this is very handy.There is a guarantee that if this does not remove those stains you can claim your money back !!!The dosage instructions and ingredients are listed on the side and bottom of the pack.

                    NB....They do advise on the box that although they have listed '99' stains, they do remove far more than that.


                    Up to 15 washes can be obtained from the 1.10kg pack, it recommends you pour a cupful into the drawer, and not straight into the machine, or in a paste as a prewash. Most stains can be removed on a 40 deg wash but some tougher stains will need a 60 deg wash.

                    Prewashing....... will require an extra 100ml
                    Handwashing... will need 110ml per 10 litres of water.

                    Different dosages depending on the hardness of water per standard wash are:

                    Soft water................................115ml
                    Medium water.........................155ml
                    Hard water...............................200ml

                    Surf is not recommended for Silks or Woollens.
                    Never soak leather, clothes with metal fasteners or flame resistant articles.

                    *******The results******

                    My whites really do come out whiter than white, even on a normal 40 deg wash and on a standard coloured wash, the colours do not seem to fade. Now.....I'm sure there are some smart alecs reading this who are saying "Ha, if I get run over by a bus, it doesn't matter how dirty my pants or how long I've been wearing them, 'cos they're black'. Well, chaps, 'SMELL' is also very important, sticky, stale smelling undies do not impress the nurses !!!! Thankfully, this powder, leaves my clothes smelling lovely and fresh,rather like the sweet smell of Lilies (that is the only comparison I can really make), in fact my undies smell good enough to 'eat' , and of that I am very proud !!

                    Softness is all important also, and , whilst not claiming any particular conditioning properties, I find that everything has a soft huggable feel so rarely do I need to use a separate conditioner.

                    I will just add that this powder dissolves completely in the drawer and does not tend to leave a gooey, splodgy mess behind, which some powders do.

                    ******Ingredients and Technical stuff******

                    Now I will not list all the ingredients, but what is good about this is that Surf have explained what the ingredients actually do..i.e.....

                    "Soap, surfactants, phosphoates..........These are the things that remove stains
                    "Enzymes"................................................Stain removing but also are what makes this a biological product
                    "Polycarboxylate, zeolite........................Water softening properties
                    "Brightening agents"..............................Things that make your whites bright (a little too helpful maybe)

                    I have very sensitive skin, but find that the chemical ingredients here, do not irritate my skin or cause any rashes.

                    Ok so overall a great product, one which I can happily recommend to all you accident prones out there. If you want any more information they have a novelty website, (listed below with telephone nos). This website is really quite pretty although very Pink, it has fluffy clouds and pretty little Hummingbirds, actively fluttering across the screen, there is washing information, hints, details of their new products and a fun and games section.

                    Info can be obtained from:


                    Tel:UK 0800 444 200
                    NI 0800 7839 426
                    ROI 1850 388 399

                    For a free measuring cup call 0800 243 131

                    Lever Faberge Ltd
                    3 St. James Rd
                    Surrey KT1 2BA

                    Other flavours are.............Breeze (blue box) and Sunshine (yellow box)and each is available in Powder (reviewed here), Tablet or Liquid form.

                    I have used both the Breeze and the Sunshine and the only difference in each is the smell (all of which are lovely)

                    This retails at around £1.90 for a 1.10 kg box. Very good value when you consider most top brands are over £2.00

                    So, there you have it, when I get run over by a bus, I will be happy in the knowledge that my undies are Bright, White, Huggably soft and mmmmmmmm gorgeous smelling !


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