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Surf Twilight Sensations Capsules Jasmine & Black Gardenia

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Brand: Surf / Type: Washing Gel / Category: Laundry

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    2 Reviews
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      09.12.2009 21:13
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      A luxury that I can do without.

      Surf Twilight Sensations - £2.85 for ten capsules. I know it is a long time ago since I was at school but even I can work out that it costs slightly over 28p for a wash if you use these Surf Jasmine and Black Gardenia capsules.
      I have been eyeing these up for a long while and up until today I have managed to resist temptation but that few extra pennies were burning a hole in my pocket and the packet of Surf capsules ended up in my wire basket.

      I have read on the Internet that Surf teamed up with one of the leading perfume houses in order to offer this new range to their customers. I think that the packaging puts the product at an advantage, the clear plastic box is well presented and the labelling is very attractive. I have no idea where Unilever got their inspiration for the up market name but `Twilight Sensations` certainly beats some names I have seen lurking on the shelves.

      But it is not the packaging that I am reviewing it is the contents so lets move on.
      When you lift the lid of the container you can smell some type of perfume but at that stage it is pretty unidentifiable.
      Inside of the plastic box there are ten clear plastic pillowcases that are filled with dusky pink Jasmine and gardenia fragranced laundry liquid. Each of the capsules is filled to bursting and the edges are well sealed to make sure that there is no leakage.
      The instructions for using these Surf capsules is slightly different, you don't put the capsule into the dispenser, you place it straight onto the top of the load of washing making sure that the capsule sits towards the back.

      These Surf capsules are designed to give excellent results when you wash at low temperatures and you can use them in a cold water wash. I never wash laundry in cold water but I do regularly use low temperatures because it is energy saving.
      On reflection I did have slight reservations about placing the capsule straight on top of the laundry, I was wary that the capsule casing would disintegrate and the neat liquid would then mark the fabric but my fears were unfounded.
      I washed my load of laundry at 30 degrees and I had imagined that when I opened the drum to take the newly washed laundry out that it would be heavily perfumed. The laundry smelt good but by no means as strong as I had imagined that it would. I often use the liquid detergent and I would say that the fragrance is on a par.

      I took the finished load of laundry out and tumble dried it, normally I may well throw a sheet of `Bounce` into the tumble drier but I wanted to see how much of the Jasmine and Gardenia fragrance was still left at the end of the day. I could easily detect the sweet smell but it wasn't as strong as I initially thought that it would be.

      Although Unilever have offered us what it considered to be a luxurious laundry product I feel that it is slightly overpriced , the sweet floral fragrance is pleasant but not outstanding and if you chose to use a good quality fabric conditioner then you would more or less lose the perfume from the capsules.
      I have noticed that there is another little matter that is worth pointing out, on the label it states that if the laundry is dirty then a higher washing temperature is recommended. So this seems to be confirming that the Surf capsules will only wash very lightly soiled laundry at low temperatures.

      I liked the Surf capsules, they washed well but I am not saying that I would splash out on them again. I would consider that they are a luxury item and the ordinary bottles of liquid detergent have equally as much to offer.


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        23.10.2009 21:22



        all in all a fantastic product

        I absolutely love this washing gel. No matter what the box says I always put my tabs in with the machine wash because I think that the clothes always smell their best that way.

        The best thing about this is definately the smell. It is gorgeous and I really enjoyed the way that my house smelled because of the effect of the washing powder on the drying clothes.

        Furthermore I have a 5 month old daughter with very sensitive skin and although this is NOT non-bio which is recommened for babies particularly under the age of 2 due to the sensitivity of their skin, she was absolutely fine.

        The smell lasts for ages even after the clothes have dried and I loved te way that my daughter smelt when she wore the clothes that i had washed in this liquid.

        It also gets out stains which are difficult to get out like baby fod, particularly bannana which is fantastic


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