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Temple Spa Cherish the Love Candle

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Brand: Temple Spa / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      11.03.2013 07:56
      Very helpful




      Nurture your space.

      I bought this when I was at a Christmas fair, and although I had never heard of the make before, it all seemed very good quality.

      I purchased the smaller 5cl candle costing £5, although it is available in a larger size, 30cl, and costs £25, but I thought this was way too much to pay for something I had never heard of.

      It is basically a rose candle and claims to be specially handcrafted and created to uplift, nurture and balance. If a candle can do all of this then it is indeed perfect. The blurb tells me that it is made up of a bouquet of essences including pink, white and red roses, with a touch of geranium and a hint of black hyacinth fused with bergamot, mandarin and lime, as well as musk, amber, pink peppercorn and ginger. The list of ingredients is quite astounding and makes me wonder how it can be sold as rose, and how the rose scent can possibly get through the rest of the smells.

      The candle comes packaged in a pretty and classy looking box, and when opened, I find the candle sitting neatly inside the box. The candle itself is a pale cream colour and sits inside a plain glass jar, with only the name Temple spa and a classy looking abstract design etched on the front. Before being lit it does have a very very faint smell of something floral but to me it's not roses. It lights easily and to its credit does burn right almost to the bottom of the jar but not enough so that I could use the glass jar again unless I was willing to do a lot of scraping to get rid of the very last bit of wax.

      The larger candle claims to have 75 hours of burning time so by my reckoning this should burn for at least 12 hours. This is most definitely not the case. I didn't have the candle burning constantly but I would imagine that I got not more than 6 hours out of it, so taken like that it cost me almost £1 an hour. Not so bad I tell myself if the scent is fabulous and it does as promised create a spa ambience in my home.

      So the scent... although this did burn on a couple of occasions for more than 2 hours, there was absolutely no definite smell coming from the burning candle, and certainly nothing resembling roses. After the first time, I put it into a smaller room to see if I could recognise some smell, any smell from the list of ingredients, but not really. In fact, the most noticeable smell was when I blew out the candle and got the smell from the extinguished flame. There was most certainly no romantic, uplifting aromatic fragrance

      One good thing about the candle is the fact that there is no soot build up, and the glass candle holder doesn't go black up the edges, but stays nice and clear.


      It does look nice in its little glass jar and burns without a lot of smoke. However, for the price, it doesn't burn for long and there is very little scent if any; in fact, I wonder why it is advertised as a scented candle.an expensive candle; I'm glad I didn't buy the larger one.

      Thanks for reading

      Daniela xx


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