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Tesco Dishwasher Powder

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2 Reviews

Type: Dishwasher Powder / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    2 Reviews
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      06.01.2013 18:49



      Much cheaper than the "big brands" but just as effective.

      I sure am after trying Tesco Daisy Dishwasher Powder!

      As with other Daisy products, the Dishwasher Powder does not disappoint.

      It comes in a large blue box with the usual Tesco branding logos and costs £4.00, which is a brilliant price for the 3KG of powder you get.

      On the upper side of the box you get a flap which peels away to allow for easy pouring into the detergent dispenser of your dishwasher.

      In my experience I only need to put a table spoon of powder into the dispenser to bring out all the dishes squeaky clean, which means it lasts for months, even though I have the dishwasher on at least once a day.

      Obviously it works on moderately dirty dishes, but how does it cope with very dirty dishes and pots ?

      Well, brilliantly.

      Whether the dirt is caked on, burnt in, or just down right filthy Daisy Dishwasher Powder will get it off.

      Plus, you'll be left with a lovely lemon smell afterwords.

      What more could you want!

      I hope you have enjoyed reading my review on Tesco Daisy Dishwasher Powder.


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      07.01.2009 15:19
      Very helpful



      Lovely smelling powder that washes well

      I have used dishwasher tablets for many years but have recently reverted back to the rather old fashioned dishwasher powder... why?

      Well, for two reasons, it seems to be cheaper these days to buy a big tub of powder. Also, it is far easier to use WHAT YOU NEED with powder rather than a tablet each time. Sometimes I find my dishwasher is not full or the dishes arent that dirty so I would use a smaller amount. Not only is this cost effective it is better for the environment too!

      ****The Product****
      Is sold in a large recyclable tub with a child resistant (and adult resistant sometimes too) blue lid. It is 1kg of powder which can last me around 6 weeks with a twice daily use of my dishwasher.

      This retails at about £3.99 for 1kg in a large yellow tub.

      Is light and delicate, rather than strong and clinical.

      ***Does it work****
      As it is a powder I find that it works EXTREMELY WELL at lower temperatures and on economy washes. Sometimes, with the tablets I used to find on these cycles that I would find around a quarter to a third of the tablet stuck to the bottom of the dishwasher after a cycle.

      It also works very well on high intensive washes too where the dishes are in need of a harsher and higher tempertature cycle. However, I will often fill the draw with powder for one of these cycles.

      Great dishwasher powder that lasts well and brings my dishes up sparkling and clean!


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