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Tesco Scented Candle Chocolate & Cream

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      09.03.2011 15:04
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      A wonderful smelling scented candle by Tesco

      Please note that Dooyoo have put the wrong picture up!

      I am a fan of scented candles and recently I have been buying the Glade ones as they have been on offer, but as this offer has come to an end I felt they were too highly priced to justify me buying them any more. I spotted a pleasant looking one on the shelf in my local Tesco and decided to give it a go. The candle is a Tesco's own version and the scent is Chocolate and cream.

      The candle comes in a glass holder and the colour of the wax inside is brown, there is a white layer on the top to represent the cream scent and in the middle is a decent sized wick. The candle is not overly large and measures approximately 8cm at the widest width and stands 7cm high. The content fills roughly ¾ of the glass holder and it does look very nice when placed on a shelf or fireplace. When buying the candle it is easy to spot as it comes in a brown cardboard cover which has the Tesco logo on and also the product name.

      When it came to lighting the candle I did have a little problem as the wick seemed to be too long. After a good few second I found the wick did light and then it did burn down to a shorter length quite quickly. The burning was nice to see as the white layer of wax started to melt first. I have found that the further down the candle goes the colour of the brown wax changes. The white layer does not all together disappear but does mix with the brown to give a much lighter brown top layer and it does look pretty and not messy at all. The candle does seem to have a much more even burn to it and I am over half way down my second candle now and it is still all very flat. I have found in the past that some of the scented candles have burnt unevenly and I have been left with a lot of wasted wax on one side of the glass holder which ends up going in the bin, I am happy to say this is not the case with this candle.

      The scent of the candle is very nice, it does smell more of the chocolate than the cream but this is not issue for me as I am a chocolate lover. I have one candle burning in my front room and the scent from this does manage to waft around and be noticeable from all of the downstairs in my house. The smell is not noticeable immediately and I find I have to have the candle burning for about 4-5 minutes before it becomes noticeable. You can smell the candle even when not lit if you are close enough to it. The scent is not a light floral one but more of a heavier sensual one and I would advise against this if you are more of a floral scent lover.

      As this is a candle there are warning which come with it, it has to be kept away from children and pets and not left burning whilst unattended. I have found that putting it on a higher shelf has solved these problem for me and it is no where in the reach of my boys.

      The burning time is much better than I expected it to be. With other brands of candles they claim to have 30 hours of burning time but usually only have about 8-10, there are no claims to burning time on the packaging with this candle but my first lasted for about 15 hours with me leaving it burning for about 3 hours each use. The second candle which I have not finished yet is going to be able to same, so they are good long lasting ones.

      The candle is a Tesco own product so it is only available in their stores, it is priced just under £1.90 which I think is excellent value as some of the others are over £6 now. They are easy to find in the shop and they are with the air fresheners in the cleaning section of the shop and are on the shelf next to the branded candles.

      I am more than happy to give this candle the full 5 stars and a high recommendation. The smell is wonderful and the burning time is great. The overall appearance is pleasant and I think they are excellent value for money. Thanks Tesco for saving me a good few pounds.


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