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Tesco Super Concentrated Colour Liquid Wash

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Liquid Laundry Detergent / Category: Laundry

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    2 Reviews
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      30.04.2010 13:37
      Very helpful



      A Wicked Bargain Laundry Detergent!

      We don't EVER buy supermarket own brand washing powder but the other week my aunt gave my mum 4 bottles of this Tesco Colour Liquid because she has got excema and it irritated her skin. How she ended up with 4 bottles I don't know, it must have been on special offer when she brought it.

      The bottle is different to the one in the photo Dooyoo have got up, it comes in a white plastic bottle with a cheap looking label but it's deffo the same product.

      You need to use a cap full with a full load of washing and if you're only doing half a load then just take it down to half a cap of liquid. The liquid is purple and looks mega greasy, it's thinner than I thought it would be and when I poured it into the washing powder drawer on the machine it trickled through straight away. It's got a nice clean smell to it that smells a bit flowery to me, but when I said that to my mum she told me not to talk stupid! lol

      I do most of the washing in our house because I'm the only one who is in all day, well me and my 2 year old sister but I can't get her to pull her weight! lol I've washed EVERYTHING with this liquid now and the only stain it hasn't removed is a blob of curry that my dad dropped on his white t.shirt..... but any washing powder would have trouble with that so I can't moan about this one for it.

      The clothes have all come out clean and I will have to take Tescos word that the washing liquid hasn't faded the colours or anything because I reckon it takes more than a couple of months worth of washes to start fading fabric. I know everything comes out as clean as with any of our other washing powders or liquid and that's the main thing.

      The only bad thing is that this washing liquid doesn't make the clothes soft so you have to use a fabric conditioner, the towels I washed yesterday feel mega rough now they've dried and won't be very nice to use. But some I washed last week that I used Comfort on have come out lovely and soft.

      Recommended..... less than £2.00 a bottle and cleans my clothes well!!!


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      02.02.2010 17:34
      Very helpful



      A bargain priced washing liquid which works very well

      Always on the lookout for bargains and new products when shopping this is the latest which I found to be on offer so decided on giving it a try and I have to say I will not be switching back now. Previously I had used powder to do my washing but as a result my washing dispenser had become very clogged and dirty as now using the liquid I have noticed how much cleaner it is staying for longer which is a bonus for me as it means I don't have to constantly clean it!


      The liquid comes in a white plastic bottle which has a purple label on the front with the product name and a picture of two people and the back of the bottle has a white label which contains all of the relevant product information, ingredients, directions for use and warnings.

      The top of the bottle has a purple cap which doubles up as the measuring cap for the liquid.


      The washing liquid is very simple to use, pour required amount into the cap and then empty into the dispenser on the machine. The required amount which I use is one cap full which is for a normal soiled load and in normal water. If you have hard water or very dirty clothes then the required amount would be one and a half capfuls of liquid.

      If using this for hand washing then only half a capful is required to be added to the water.

      I wash daily so the clothes really are not too dirty expect for when the boys come home from school and they have been painting or using chalks but I have found that this liquid has no problems removing all of the small marks on the clothes. The real test for this liquid was when we came back from a muddy visit to the castle and we were all covered in mud and again the liquid easily removed all of the mud and did not leave any dull stains behind. The coloured clothes I have found to stay brighter for a lot longer especially the bright red school jumpers so this is saving me money in the long run.

      The most important factor with the liquid and the reason why I will not be changing form it is the fact that it did manage to remove a ketchup stain from my eldest white school top and for me this is the only washing product to be able to do so so I am very pleased with this aspect of the liquid.

      The clothes do come out of the washer and dryer with a nice fresh smell, it is not floral or too overpowering so this is still good for the men to use on their clothes. The smell does last and I am still able to smell it on the clothes when they have been hanging in the wardrobe for a few days.


      It is recommended that this washing liquid is used on a 30 deg. Temperature. It must be stored in an upright position and out of reach of children.

      It is recommended that the cap is washed out after using it to measure the liquid and I have to say this is best as when I did not wash it out after using it a few times I did start to get a residue of the liquid around the rim of the bottle and it did start to run down the sides which makes a sticky mark on the cupboard shelf and it makes the bottle sticky to use.

      The ingredients for the liquid for those wishing to know include:-

      5-15% - Non-ionic Surfactants, Soap, Anionic Surfactants
      Less Than 5% - Phosphonate, Enzymes,Optical Brightener, Perfume, Eugenol, Geraniol, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Citronellol.

      The liquid is double concentrated and is designed for coloured clothes. It comes in a bottle size of 700ml and is states that this can cover 20 washes and I have to say I did get the full 20 loads and there was still a small amount remaining in the bottle.


      As this washing liquid is a Tesco own brand product then it is only available in their stores.. I paid the offer price of 79p for the 700ml bottle but full price it is roughly £1.70 and I still think that this is a great price.


      After using several other brands of both powder and liquid I can say that this is by far the best have tried and that is saying something as my previous brand of Daisy washing powder was good. It leaves clothes fresh clean and full of their colour. Definitely one for you all to try as it is such a great price.


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