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Tesco Value 10.5L Paper Shredder and Bin

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4 Reviews
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    4 Reviews
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      03.05.2012 21:57
      Very helpful



      Perfect as a cheap home office shredder

      Every house needs a shredder, but it's one of those things that I hate spending money on - I mean it isn't very glamorous is it?! So when I saw this one in Tesco for less than £8, I snapped it up. I have been pretty happy with it ever since, well as happy as you can be with a paper shredder.

      The shredder is very easy to put together. The mechanism sits on top of the seven litre collection bucket. There is a little dent in the bucket where the wire goes when it has been put together so that it fits together nicely - it's a nice little touch that you don't usually get from cheap products.

      There are three settings on the machine; on, auto and reverse. We leave the machine on auto because it is the easiest setting as it automatically starts shredding when you put any paper in the top of it and it stops as soon as it has finished shredding. The reverse button is quite handy too for when something gets jammed in the shredder you can just use this setting to unblock the machine.

      It recommends that you only shred five sheets in the machine at once, but I never even do that many. I find it shreds best when you only put about three sheets in at once. It will do five, but I find that it doesn't shred the inner sheets as well. If I'm shredding envelopes or folded pieces of paper I tend to only do one at once. It is quite a sturdy machine with sharp cutting blades, but I'm not sure it would stand up to heavy duty use.

      It isn't a cross shredder so it shreds paper into strips rather than smaller pieces, but the blades are fairly close together, so the strips are pretty thin.

      It is pretty quick - surprisingly so for a cheap basic shredder and only takes a couple of seconds to do each piece which is good for if you are doing a lot of shredding at once (like I do when I've left it to build up!). It wouldn't be any good though for more than home office use because I just don't think it would stand up to long periods of continuous use. It is also quite noisy as well. It sounds a bit like a motorbike setting off!

      The machine is very basic looking but that is not necessarily a bad thing in this case. It is sort of a beige grey colour and will fit in nicely in any office. It sits nicely under a desk as it isn't too big or bulky. The ten litre bucket is more than big enough for home office use - I find that I only have to empty it once a month or so because it holds quite a lot of paper.

      Overall I would definitely recommend the Tesco Value shredder for home office use. It is cheap and cheerful, inoffensive and fit for purpose


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      14.01.2010 15:36
      Very helpful



      For the price its great value. Does enough to justify buying.

      Sad to say, but a home shredder is an absolute must in this day and age, any piece of paper, even junk mail, containing personal details or account numbers etc etc, must go through one of these before you dispose of them.

      Now you can spend a lot of money on a super duper machine, but for around a Tenner or so, this little shredder will handle virtually anything you are realistically liable to need to deal with at home.

      Operation couldn't be easier, plug it in, switch it on and insert paper into slot - that's it - paper shredded. The shreddings - is that a word are collected in the integral bin, smallish in size but adequate, when the bin is full, simply empty it and start again. In a nutshell that's it, but you do need to know more about its performance and foibles.

      a) This machine is quite noisy in operation - so what, you don't use it 24 / 7.
      b) The mains lead is a little shorter than I would like, but its OK
      c) It begins to get a little warm after about 5 minutes of continuous operation so I would advise you to give it a few minutes break every now and then.
      d) According to the Blurb it will shred up to 5 sheets of A4 at a time, yes it will, but it doesn't like it, the motor labours and it cuts really slowly. Max three is my advice.
      e) The Shreddings - I like that word, are about ¼ inch wide, but are not crosscut. If you want thinner and crosscut then you will need to spend more money on a better shredder. You pays your money and you takes your choice...
      f) It is not keen on handling thicker paper of thin card, but manages.
      g) It will not deal with CDs / DVDs - They are too thick
      h) It just about handles credit cards, store cards etc, but as in b) above it, doesn't like it
      i) It doesn't like paper clips or Staples - simply remove before inserting paper
      j) You cannot get your fingers anywhere near the cutting blades which is good.
      k) It has a simple reversing action which is necessary should you overload it.

      It is clearly manufactured down to a price, In China of course.........., but what do you expect for a Tenner?

      If you just need a basic and inexpensive shredder then you could do a lot worse than this. I think you would consider it a well spent few quid..


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      28.11.2006 14:31
      Very helpful



      A very good shredder at a great price.


      Every home and office should have shredder, not just for shredding details about your workplace but with identity theft on the apparent increase, a shredder is almost a necessity these days.

      Having wanted and needed one for a while, we had browsed around the different shops and prices and various features that they all had to offer.

      Being on a budget and not wanting to spend £10’s of pounds of one (let’s face it, there are more exciting things to spend money on!) the Tesco Value Paper Shredder fitted all my needs.


      As this is a value product, it has the value packaging, red and blue. There’s a picture of the shredder on the front and apart from stating the features that’s all there is to it.

      What‘s in the Box?

      The shredder unit, the shredder bin and the instruction leaflet. Nothing more, nothing less.

      Assembly and Size

      As with all shredders, simply place the unit on top of the bin, plug in, slide the switch to On/Auto and away you go! Size wise this comes in at about 30cm/12” tall, 27cm/11” in width and approx15cm/6” in depth. This makes it a nice size to sit unobtrusively in a corner or against a wall.
      One thing I do like about the unit is that the power cable does not need to sit in the notch on the bin as most do, this means that after emptying the bin, I do not need to get the lead in place before the unit sits securely back in place. The cable length is a decent metre and a half so it’s not going to have to sit right next to the power socket every time you want to use it.

      So what does this Model do?

      Besides the obvious of shredding your documents, how it shreds is more important when it comes to buying one. This one strip cuts your documents, meaning you end up with long thin strips of paper rather than one that cross cuts which are more securely shredded. As each strip is only 7mm, I still think this is adequate enough as it would not be that easy to sort them out and stick them back together again!

      It takes 6 sheets of paper at a time so this would be a disadvantage for a busy office. However, for the average home use it’s ideal as after you’ve had the initial ‘clear-out’ batch of documents the amount of time it takes to shred a few papers is minimal. Be aware, this does NOT take staples or paper clips so make sure you remove them first. The maximum size of paper you can shred is A4.

      The bin has a capacity of 10.5 litres which fills quite quickly but just a quick push down of the already shredded paper provides more room. To give you an idea, we shredded a pile of papers about 2” thick in total. We emptied the bin three times but as this is emptied straight into the recycling bin it does not cause a problem. Once you’ve finished, the motor automatically turns off.

      Any Features?

      Being a basic shredder there aren’t many! Forward, Reverse, On/Auto and that’s all. But then do you need any more?! All the functions are operated by a slider switch on the top left of the unit.

      Another thing I like about this shredder is that the front of the bin has a curved lip to it and it stands proud of the actual unit. This means I can see at a glance just how full the bin is without having to remove the unit.

      One of the most important features it has is a safety cut out, which I think every appliance should have. The leaflet states this shredder can be used continuously for 2 and a half minutes, after this time the motor may overheat. Despite the amount of shredding we do, this has yet to happen as there is always a pause between feeding in the sheets and it only takes seconds to do 6 sheets.

      The safety warnings are printed in picture form on the unit just to remind you not to put your fingers, paper clips or dangly earrings in!!

      My Opinion

      All in all, this is an excellent little shredder. It’s compact, simple to operate and does the job required which is all I wanted. Having the reverse function is good as if you do accidentally put more than the recommended amount of sheets in, you can easily remove them should the shredder get stuck.

      The cable is a good length considering it’s a value product. It also means this does not have to be right on top of your power socket to be used.

      As with most shredders, it’s quite noisy but as you’re unlikely to be using it all day, the noise is not bothersome.

      The safety cut out is a ‘must’ feature that you shouldn’t have to pay extra for and Tesco’s have proved this with this shredder.

      It comes with a standard one year guarantee ( remember to keep the shopping receipt) and purely from a fun point of view, it keeps most kids amused as so many of them like ‘doing the shredding’! The plastic bin can be wiped over with a damp cloth for cleaning but PLEASE make sure it’s completely dry before operating it again.

      I have deliberately left the price till last as I wonder how much you would expect to pay for a basic shredder. This one has a price tag of £8.96 which I find incredible.

      For under £9, no-one has an excuse not to have one. It really is a bargain buy.

      Other Info

      Made in China for Tesco’s
      Delamare Road
      Herts, EN8 9SL

      Available in larger Tesco stores and online. Model No. VSHB05.

      Thanks for reading.

      © HotBabes 2006


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        08.11.2006 23:33
        Very helpful



        Good value for a useful gadget

        With the necessity to protect ourselves against identity theft these days, in my opinion a shredder is a must. Instead of tearing up your bank statements and other personal documents and putting them into the dustbin, it is a wise idea to invest in a shredder.

        The one I have got is this model, which I bought from Tesco. At less than a tenner it has been a very useful addition to the other household gadgets which seem to clutter up the house. But, this is different, it is not just another buy which sits on the shelf gathering dust, it is used almost on a daily basis.

        The shredder consists of a shredding unit which sits on top of the bin, the unit itself is quite heavy but the bin is very light. The unit plugs into the mains and you must not use it without the wastebin underneath. The whole unit stands about 30cm high.

        As soon as the post is delivered each morning, any mail that is not needed is checked for our address or other personal details and then the document is put through the shredder. Don’t forget the envelopes too, you can tear off the address part and just shred this. Actually "shredding" is not really what it does, it actually cuts the paper into thin strips so "stripping" might be a more accurate term to use.

        As with most electrical items, there is a certain amount of noise, but I would certainly not say the shredder is “noisy”.

        This model will shred up to six sheets at a time, which is great as you don’t have to keep feeding in one at a time like with some of the older shredders. But do bear in mind that paper can be of varying thicknesses and you may find it easier to shred less than six.

        The waste bin is quite spacious and has a capacity of 10L, which is a lot of shredded paper!

        It will take paper up to a maximum size of A3, which again is a useful feature. However it will not accept credit cards so you still have to use the scissors to cut these up. Metal objects, such as staples and paper clips, must also be removed before shredding the paper.

        The shredder is easy to operate, but do make sure it is out of reach of children as it doesn’t have a safety lock feature. You insert the document to be shredded and it starts as soon as the paper starts to feed into the shredder, then stops automatically once the document has passed through the cutters.

        A reverse function is where you can insert the paper and then if there is a jam, or you have inadvertently put in the wrong document, you can take it out again.

        Our shredder sits in the kitchen and is easily accessible, making the important task of shredding important papers so much easier and it is almost routine now to do this.

        And once the paper has been shredded, you can of course put it in the recycling bin and not have to worry about your bank details turning up in China or somewhere! Or you can add it to the compost bin.

        One other helpful hint, is that if you have a gift to wrap and need some packaging to go inside the box, then take some coloured paper and pass it through your shredder! Looks good and helps to protect fragile items from being damaged. I suppose you could also use your shredded paper to package things like china or glass when moving house or putting things in storage.

        A shredder is something of a novelty at first, the kids will probably want to have a try but please make sure they are supervised.

        One of these would also make an ideal Christmas gift for elderly relatives (or anyone really). I know of one elderly couple who are aware of identity theft and until they got their shredder they tore off any identification from documents, set fire to them with a match and then flushed the remains down the loo! A shredder is so much easier!


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