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The Bodyshop Ceramic Oil Burner

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Brand: The Body Shop / Subcategory: Home Fragrance / Type: Fragrance / Category: Home Fragrance

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    3 Reviews
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      04.10.2012 02:23
      Very helpful



      Not the best oil burner around!

      ~ The Body Shop Ceramic Oil Burner ~

      After searching high and low for an Oil Burner I came across these burners in The Body Shop and bought one simply because I was sick and tired of the search.
      There was a choice of two colours, both the same style. One being a white crackled effect and the other being a terracotta one.
      I went for the white one as I thought it suited my decor better than the terracotta however my mum does have the terracotta one after recently buying it.

      The oil burner has a nice rounded shape, and is quite small and squat. The white ceramic one has a slightly shiny crackled effect to the outside and is dotted around the top with little holes.
      The hole where the tealight goes isn't very big so would probably benefit from being lit with a long lighter to make it an easier task, I do manage it but I think I could make the job a whole lot easier!

      The bowl on the top is quite shallow. I find that half a Yankee Candle tart fills it to the brim when melted which isn't really ideal. It also causes the burning wax to smoke slightly which is something I do not experience with my taller oil burner.
      I have used it with water and fragrance oil and found that the water had evaporated before the candle had finished burning which I found prretty useless!

      I now use this burner in my bathroom, where I put in just over a quarter of a tart and this fills the bowl without it nearly overflowing.

      These burners cost £10 which I don't find very good value, my taller burner was £6 from a local market stall and I wish I had held out until she had got more in stock.
      I did not recommend it to my mum, she just happened to buy and use hers before I had seen it, so I didn't have a chance to tell her to take it back.

      The terracotta one isn't finished in anyway so marks quite easily, the bowl however has a sheen to it so I am guessing this is the only part that has been finished. It looks like the white version in style, but I do prefer mine more, my mum has terracotta tiles in her bathroom with everything else being white and black so why she chose the terracotta over the white I am not sure, but it does go with the flooring I suppose!

      Overall I am not particularly impressed with this burner, I certainly won't be hurrying back for another. I would suggest you take a look around before settling on this.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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      07.08.2012 13:37
      Very helpful



      Good quality burner

      I love how oil burners look in a room, they brighten it up somewhat- look a bit festive. I own several different ones (mainly Christmas Body Shop ones that I buy in the sales at half price) but this one is my favourite. They retail at £10- I paid £5 for it.

      This is a one piece handmade ceramic burner to use with home fragrance oils. I think it's part of their Christmas range because it's shaped like a snow ball- twice the size of a tennis ball. Around the top are six small holes where the light shines through. The hole in the side where you insert the candle is quite small making it necessary to the light the candle first then put it in. I have mine with the candle insert hole facing forward as the holes on their own don't emit much light. It has a white with a crackle effect finish, with a coloured inside and is also available in terracotta.

      The water dish isn't very deep so it burns away in about half an hour, because of this one or two drops of oil is sufficient. I just top it up with warm water as the candle lasts a lot longer than the water.

      The candle heats the water and within 10 minutes the fragrance wafts into the room, used with Body Shop oil it can be overpowering if you use too much oil as their's are strong and a lack of water in the well can make it less dilute so I only use one drop sometimes. The 'body' gets very hot but the base doesn't. It hasn't cracked with the heat. The well can be left with a 'burnt' residue but this is easy to clean off with a quick wash.

      All in all this is a nice burner, it could do with a deeper water well though, hence I give it 4 stars.


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      10.04.2012 15:44
      Very helpful



      A nice stylish oil burner

      Candles, reed diffusers, air fresheners, you name it, I have then in every room of the house. One thing I did not have was an oil burner so when I spotted one in the Bodyshop sale, I just had to buy one.

      *The range:*

      Bodyshop currently have two colours available, white with a orange inside or burnt orange with a deeper orange inside. They must have had a festive one out at Christmas as mine is white and the inside is red.

      The products are all handmade.

      *Price and availability:*

      Both versions of the product are available online and I have also seen them in store for a price of £10. You can also buy them new on EBay for about the same when you include postage and packaging.

      *How to use:*

      Oil burners are really easy to use, just add water to the top and a couple of drops of your favourite fragrance. Light a tea light and place this in the bottom and as the water heats up and starts to evaporate, you start to smell the fragrance.

      I always stock on my tea lights from Ikea as you can but 100 for about £1

      *My Opinion:*

      As this is a very simple design, it looks really nice and I feel it would fit into any room.

      You can start to smell the fragrance within about 5 minutes which I really like, I also like the fact you are not restricted to one smell as you are with a candle, you can chop and change as you wish.

      The only downside I would say if that the bowl where you place the water is quite shallow and all the water will evaporate before the tea light has finished burning so you do have to keep an eye on this.

      When the tea light is alight, it looks really nice in the dark.

      As I purchased mine in the sale, I only paid £4 so it was a bargain, although I do think it is nice, I do feel £10 is a bit on the steep side hence why I would only give 3/5 on this.

      Review may be on other sites under the same user name.

      Thanks for reading.


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      Type: The Body Shop / Type: Home Fragrance