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The Pink Toolbox Co Have You Got Box

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Manufacturer: The Pink Toolbox Co / Type: Home Care

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    1 Review
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      28.06.2010 01:41
      Very helpful



      A great little boy for us girly girls!

      When I secured my new flat I was delighted that through Dooyoo I had accumulated a couple of hundred pounds to buy a few bits and bobs with and decided to get vouchers to use on Amazon. The very first thing I typed in was pink toolbox in a search and up popped many pink things and this was one of them (and one that I purchased lol). It sounded like a great little box of tricks so that when I was asked have you got it...yes I did and I really liked the sound of that as I do like to be an organised person lol. I had it delivered to my old address (which was my mums house) and when she opened it she ranted it was a total waste of my money but to me it couldn't be it was pink and cute and filled with bits and bobs for me to play with!

      The Packaging:

      The Box came with a cardboard sleeve neatly around it to keep it secure and on that I was told what it was and what was in it and that got ripped off fast and discarded leaving me with a small looking pink toolbox!

      The Box Itself:

      Light pink and plastic and transparent, it's oblong in shape and not very big at all and it has a handle to the top of it. It opens via a clasp at the front of it and then inside you get a plastic matching tray with dividers in it and that tray lifts out to give a large and spacious compartment under that.

      Inside of the box you have large pink handled scissors, 2 x AAA batteries, a mini Screwdriver, super glue and a glue Stick (like pritt stick only it's case is pink), some sticky tack, a small roll of sticky tape, a pink long pencil with an eraser to one end of it, a strip of plasters, a ball of white thick string, some safety pins (x4), a small sewing Kit (which includes threads of different colours and a needle), push pins and a measuring tape.

      Now when I saw that there wasn't much in it at all I did feel a little disappointed but how handy is this little kit????? Being reasonably small it is easy to store and strong enough as it needs to be for the items it can hold and it is big enough to pop a couple of other small bits and bobs within it if desired. It's amazing how often when your setting up a new home you need a bit of string (it came in handy for hanging photographs and pictures up with lol!) or a pin to tack something up on the wall with. I used the glue over and over again and even needed a sewing kit at one point and although there isn't much in the way of thread in the kit there is enough for small jobs...and I even needed the batteries for a new remote controlled fan!

      All in all I like this little kit. It's easy enough to replenish what you use from the kit meaning you can keep it for the use it's meant for but the box is nice and handy to use for other things in the future too and whats more it is wipe clean! Great handy little kit and I'm glad it didn't work out a pointless purchase in the end as my mother had predicted and to me, it's very worth £7.81 (including postage and packaging) from Amazon!


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