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The White Company London Winter Collection

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Brand: The White Company London / Subcategory: Home Fragrance / Type: Fragrance / Category: Home Fragrance

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    2 Reviews
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      06.01.2013 00:25
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      A great candle which embodies winter!

      I am a huge fan of having candles burning during the colder months, I love the typical spicy winter scents, so this candle was perfect when I smelt it in the shop! I was lucky enough to get one of these candles for Christmas and have really enjoyed burning it since then.

      This candle is incredibly strongly scented and smells of cinnamon, clove and orange. The cinnamon and clove are particularly strong and are the perfect embodiment of Winter, hence the name of the candle! The scent gives my room a lovely aroma, making it feel very cosy, the scent permeates the room even if the candle isn't lit which is a bonus for me as it shows how well perfumed the candle is, making it well worth the price. The first time the candle is burnt it needs to be burnt long enough for the wax to melt all the way to the outer edge of the glass, this will ensure that when the candle is burnt in the future it burns down evenly without creating a well in the middle of the candle.

      The candles retail for £20 in the white company shop and on their website, occasionally you can find vouchers to get up to 20% off in the store which are a bonus as they take the candle down to £16. The candle has an estimated burn time of 28 hours.


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        11.03.2008 08:52
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        An expensive range of candles.

        - Price -

        A set of 8 tea lights from The White Company, London costs £15, not the cheapest of tea lights but www.thewhitecompany currently have quite a few items for sale.

        - Packaging -

        The packaging is excellent. The 8 tea lights come in a very sturdy and solid card, cuboid box, black base with a white top, fitting snugly over the base

        The tea lights are packaged in 2 layers of 4 tea lights.

        - The TeaLights -

        ~ Size ~

        Bog-standard tealight size which is great for anyone who has tealight candle holders.

        ~ Appearance ~

        Again, despite the cost, these are very similar to cheaper versions of tealights. Slotted in to a transparent circular base, these candles are pale cream in colour.

        ~ How long do they last? ~

        On the base of the box, it suggests that the burning time of each tealight is approx 5 hours which is about right, I've timed it!
        This is where the quality of the candle comes out - I've used cheaper tealights which burn down within a couple of hours.

        ~ How easy are they to light and how does they burn? ~

        As with most tealights, this is very easy to light. Thicker, larger candles become difficult to light as the wax burns down in to the core of the candle. However due to the short depth of tealights, it doesn't become any more difficult to light even once it has been extinguished.
        The wax burns uniformly, unlike thick wax candles.

        ~ The Smell ~

        The 'Winter' range of candles are apparently the best selling candles from The White Company.

        They are said to have a blend of cinnamon and clove combined with zesty orange.

        On opening the box there is a wonderful aroma of cinnamon, that is if you are a fan of this spice, which fortunately, I am. Even, the now empty box still retains the great scent but I don't really get an orange based smell.

        The smell of each tealight when unlit is great but when lit, the smell isn't quite so strong. Two or three can fill an average (I know, what is average?) size room with a warm, wintery cinnamon and clove based smell but it isn't so overpowering that anyone who has an aversion to these aromas would be put off. Just a gentle aroma which means that if you want a very powerful scented candle these aren't what you should be considering!

        - The Winter Collection -

        This range of cinnamon, clove and orange fragrances aren't cheap but there is a sale on at the moment which is no surprise given the original prices!!
        ~ Large candle £45, now £36
        ~ Standard candle £15, now £12
        ~ Pot Pourri £15, now £5
        ~ Home Spray
        For some reason the website isn't showing the tealights in this range!

        - The White Company -

        The White Company sell a range of products: bed linen, furniture, bathroom accessories, clothing, lighting, decorative accessories, toys, gift sets, home fragrances and they even have a organic linen.

        - My Verdict -

        The tealights have a couple of advantages over cheaper versions I have used:
        ~ Last between 5 - 6 hours whereas cheaper versions don't last quite so long!
        ~ Actually smell of two out of the three scents that the manufacturer claims.
        ~ Very attractive packaging / box despite it's simplicity!

        Now to the disadvantages:
        ~ The major disadvantage is the cost, almost £2 per tealight! I think that the buyer is being charged for the packaging and the brand name.
        ~ More than one tealight needs to be lit in order to produce a pleasant aroma in the room. This is fine if you have money to burn but if you want to ration them, then it isn't ideal as you would run out of them in a few days.

        Since I received this as a gift, I can't grumble too much about the cost. However I wouldn't be hugely satisfied had I bought them. Yes, they are slightly more effective than other tealights I have used but not sufficiently so that I would even consider buying them, now that the last two were used last night!
        The two star rating may seem harsh but I have based this on the fact that had I had parted with £15 for these I would be hugely disappointed despite the great packaging!


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      • Product Details

        Freshen the air with a beautiful blend of spicy cinnamon, clove and a hint of zesty orange.

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