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Tin Candle Cookies & Cream

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Brand: 151 / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      27.03.2012 12:37
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      Completely hopeless!

      I love candles and have tons of holders scattered around my house so I can create the perfect romantic or haunting lighting effects. I particularly like fragranced candles as they create a lovely atmosphere, especially during the evenings when you want to feel all cosy. I picked up this Pan Aroma tin candle from Poundland, where of course it cost me just £1.00.

      The candle comes in a nice small, round tin. It has a silver colour and a small clear window on the lid so that you can see the candle through it. The candle itself has a pale beige coloured wax which goes nicely with the biscuity theme. I "tested" the candle by smelling the scented wax before it was lit, and the sweet scent is just the sort of thing that I really enjoy, so on first impressions I thought that I would be in for a treat.

      I adore food scented products and this Cookies & Cream tin candle has a soft, pleasant fragrance which reminds me of the smell that lingers after baking a fresh batch of cookies! It is very sweet with hints of vanilla. However, the major downside is that the only time I have ever been able to smell the candle is when I originally "tested" it, as mentioned above. The candle was unlit and I picked it up near to my face to get a whiff of the scent to give me an idea of what it would be like when used. Unfortunately once I started using it there seemed to be absolutely no fragrance at all. There was no scent released and I couldn't smell a thing when I was using the candle, even when I was stood right up close to it. The fragrance was not even released after it had been left burning for a while, so I was feeling let down by this.

      There was also further disappointment in store... For a candle of this size (around the size of the palm of my hand, to give a rough indication) I would expect to get a reasonably good amount of usage time from it. At least 10 hours, or maybe even up to 20 based on my experiences with using other brands. What happened in this case was I got a maximum up between 3 - 4 hours before the candle completely burned up and died out. This was far less than what I was expecting. I was also most displeased that there still seemed to be over half the candle wax left inside the tin, and this had not even melted in the slightest so there could have been more uses if it had burned down evenly and incorporated all the wax into the burning time. What actually happened was that the candle melted in a small circular section, maybe an inch or so wide, down the centre of the tin surrounding the wick. The outer edges of the candle were left untouched and this large amount of waste was quite annoying.

      "Luckily" for me, I really do love candles and I have a small set of materials for making my own. I like to mix together old leftover remains of my used-up candles, and with this one there was plenty for me to use and turn into part of a new candle! Once I'd emptied out the leftover wax I was left with a nice little re-usable tin, which can come in handy for storing all sorts of bits and pieces, or could also be reused for holding other candles that do not come with a holder.

      Overall, I was really disappointed with this candle. I really liked how it looked and the Cookies & Cream scent could have been extremely enjoyable if it had actually worked properly. It was pretty much pointless using this candle, as it burned out so quickly and did not release any of its fragrance into the room. Even at the cost of £1.00, I would not recommend buying this candle and I wouldn't buy one again for myself. A bad performance all round.


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