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Triton Minuto Bar Mixer Shower

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Brand: Triton / Type: Electric Shower

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    1 Review
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      16.05.2012 15:34
      Very helpful



      Perfect if you're looking for something simple which doesn't cost the earth

      When we moved into our house we found that the shower would only get slightly warm and never as hot as it should do. Although we have a separate bath it was something we wanted to get sorted as quickly as possible. We first checked the internet which gave us an idea of various ways to fix it and when those failed, my fiancé consulted a plumber friend of his who kindly checked it for free and advised that he thought the cheapest option would be to completely replace the shower.

      As we were close to skint after the house move, we headed to B&Q with the idea being that we wanted something that was decent quality, yet not too expensive. We spotted the Triton Minuto shower which was on special offer at the time and decided to buy it as it seemed to fit our needs. The shower is actually quite basic in terms of design, although it has a nice chrome finish which I think is preferable to white plastic which was the other budget choice available. It is certainly not an all singing and all dancing model, but we thought it would be perfectly adequate for what we required.

      The shower came packaged in a reasonably large box, although not so big that it wouldn't fit into the boot of our car and it wasn't overly heavy either. All of the relevant fittings are included with it of course and a clearly set out instruction leaflet is also in the box.

      When my fiancé said that he was planning on fitting the shower himself, I was more than a little worried. He has no experience of plumbing and if I'm honest I was mentally visualising my interview with Nick Knowles on DIY SOS where I sobbed uncontrollably about the flood damage done by well-meaning but hapless husband-to-be! Thankfully though all went well and having now watched him do it, I'm actually confident that should this shower ever need to be replaced I could easily fit a new one myself.

      Before I give a quick run down of the fitting process, please note that of course we had the plumbing all in place from the previous shower. If you don't, I believe the instruction leaflet does have some information on fitting this, however I think that's probably something you do need to leave to a professional unless you're completely sure of what you're' doing!

      The only tools we needed for this were a screwdriver, a drill and a wrench. We actually had to buy another wrench as ours wasn't big enough (it was more of a spanner really!) and I believe you will need a 300mm size.

      To fit the shower, start by turning the water supply off at the stopcock, then removing the old shower using the wrench and or screwdriver. The new shower mixer bar is basically just screwed onto the existing wall fittings and tightened with a wrench. The hose again just screws on to the bar and then the shower head screws onto the hose -simple really. The only part we had a problem with was the bar which holds the shower head. The screws provided to fit it were too long - they would have been fine had they been going into an external wall, but our shower is attached to a sort of partition wall with the bath behind it and if we had used those screws they would have come out of the other side of the partition. Luckily we had the screws from the old shower, so this wasn't too much of a problem. My fiancé did have to drill into the wall to put them in as the holes were in the wrong position for the new shower bar or something like that, but it didn't seem too much of a problem and the whole thing was put up in about 30 minutes.

      When it comes to using the shower we've had it for around five months now and haven't had a single problem with it. Like most of these sorts of showers it's easy to operate with one end of the bar turning the water on and off, increasing the water pressure the more you twist and the other end of the bar controlling the temperature.

      This is not a shower to go for if you want something with lots of different functions, although the shower head does have three settings. On the actual shower head there are three concentric rings and you can choose to have water flowing through just the middle one (this comes out as a sharp jet of water), the two outer circles or just the outside circle. We always set it to the two middle circles although it's easy to change just by moving the lever on the outside. It also has a clear plastic soap dish attached to it which is handy and it has a drainage hole, so is easy to clean. I'm also pleased to note that the chrome colouring is still looking good and hasn't worn at all.

      When we bought this it was promoted as being on special offer of £79.99, reduced I believe from £124.99. Being new homeowners we are now regulars at B&Q and after this we frequently saw this shower for the standard price of £79.99 and no mention of the special offer. I remember this because I had felt a little bit cheated at the time, thinking they had duped us into believing it was a special offer price when in fact it wasn't. I have just checked the B&Q website and am now rather surprised to find that they are currently selling this for £159.98! Where on earth did that price come from? I would definitely recommend shopping around, although in fairness the only other place I have managed to find it is on eBay where it is around £60 + P&P.

      On the whole I have been impressed with this shower. It's functional, it was easy to fit and it didn't cost the earth. If you can find it for a similar price to the one that we paid, then I would be happy to recommend it.


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