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Triton T100 Safeguard Electric Shower

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Brand: Triton / Type: Shower

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    1 Review
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      30.10.2011 17:30
      Very helpful



      A worthwhile home improvement investment.

      I've always wanted a shower. I find it quicker and more convenient than a bath, but as I have a disability, getting out of the bath has become quite difficult, as well as simple things like rinsing out shampoo. So when my occupational therapist order a disabled shower unit I was over the moon. As this was supplied by the housing executive - I had no say in which unit was installed, but I am very happy with the one they chose. We had tried showers that attach to the bath taps before, but our water pressure is too low for these to be of any use, and I wondered if the low pressure would effect the use of this product. Thankfully this works wonderfully in our home, even though the water pressure upstairs is very bad. However, after looking this up online, the manufacturer suggest a minimum water flow of 0.5 Bar at 8l/min. If your water pressure drops below this, safety features insure continued safe operation ( you won't be scalded) you just won't have as nice a shower.

      This particular unit is loaded with safety features. One of these is that you can not turn the water to really scalding. You can get a good hot shower, my husband even finds the water hot enough to shave with ( it is more economical to fill the sink with this than turn on the boiler for shaving). But at the highest level it will not be hot enough to burn skin. I like this feature because I have young children. This also has an automatic shut off. You can choose whether to set this to 5, 10, 15 or 10 minutes. Ours is on 10. When the time is running out, you will hear a beep, at which point you will have 60 seconds left of shower time - or you can just push the button for another session. Although this feels as if a lot of water is being used - it isn't as much as one would think. A 10 minute fill time would only half way fill the bathtub. Because we are always showered in under the 10 minutes, this means we are using significantly less water than we would be with baths.

      Another safety feature on this shower is the extended rail ( 1 metre)on which the shower head slides up and down, making it possible to shower seated on a bench if needed quite easily. The shower head also attaches very firmly to the holder, so even if a child tugs at it, it doesn't come falling down on your head.

      One thing I dislike about this shower is it can not be used with completely cold water. Not that I want a cold shower, but I use the shower head for rinsing out the tub as well and would rather not waste hot water for this. You can cool it down to lukewarm, and I can't imagine wanting to take a shower any colder than this, but you can not go completely cold. I guess this is an advantage for some as there is no risk of being frozen.

      The temperature goes up at slow and gradual pace as you adjust the knob from 1 -10. I like this as you do not spend ages uncomfortably turning the dial back and forth hoping to get the water into the Goldilocks zone - just right. As mentioned it is impossible to burn yourself, and you can't really freeze yourself either.

      The shower head has 5 settings to adjust the spray however you like. We have ours on massage setting. Due to our very low water pressure, this is not a hard pulse like some showers, but it is very comfortable and easily rinses hair.

      This unit uses 8.5kw. I carefully monitored our electricity consumption following installation and the increase was negligible - under £1 per week. The decrease in gas was about £2.50 though so I am well pleased with this trade off.

      The shower head does not seem to collect dirt, grime or soap scum, and wipes clean very easily. There is a minor problem with teh rail though in that has started to show some signs of rust after less than 1 year of use.

      As wonderful as this shower is - it does have one major drawback which would have made us unable to install this on our own. Installation is not quick or easy, but I expect this would be the same for any electric shower unless you have a previous unit in place. You are of course mixing water and electricity, and if you don't know what you are doing, it is really best to pay for professional installation.

      In addition to having the shower installed, we had to have the wall tiled and a new floor fitted. All of this took 5 days, but without the tiling, the shower could have been done in one day. It was a lot of work though as a separate fuse and wiring were placed in the electric box downstairs and ran up into the attic. The water pipes were also plumbed down from the attic, which means it all looks neat and tidy but seemed to be quite a lot of work. This runs from a cold water feed only.

      I would very strongly recommend this shower. I think it is one of the best electric showers I have tried, considering the water pressure. The safety features are an added plus. The price is a bit high from £216 - £240 from the suppliers I have checked. This compares with Tritons ordinary electric showers at £85. aside from the minor issue of the rust, this is an excellent shower - but I do think it is priced a bit high, so I have taken 1 start for this reason. However, if you can afford it, and you want a truly brilliant product, then this has my full recommendation. Of course if this saves you as much on heating as it has with us, it will eventually pay for itself at any rate, and much faster if you have a metered water supply.


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