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Tronic 3 In 1 Detector

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    1 Review
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      31.07.2000 05:33
      Very helpful
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      Tronic 3 In 1 Detector It detects for wood, metal and electric tension in the walls of your home. I bought this product recently, and can’t believe I did without it. Just thinking about the danger I put myself in knocking nails into the wall, putting up pictures and shelves, all the time not knowing if there were electric wires in the wall or whether there was a joist there to support shelves. The Tronic also works on floors and ceilings. It finds wood studs, wooden joists, metal studs, and electric wires in the wall. It works off a 9 volt battery (89p for one in Wilkinsons), has an LED on / off indicator, a battery low LED indicator, and an LED lights up and buzzer sounds when something is detected in the wall (shows different light for metal, voltage, and wood). It eliminates guesswork, and saves unnecessary damage to home decorations by precisely locating wood or metal studs through dry walls, plywood and panelling. It also, as I’ve said, avoids the dangers of hitting concealed “hot” electrical wire (unshielded or shielded by plastic insulation) or gas pipes. Technical Information - Size: 19cm (L) x 7.2cm (W) x 3.3cm (H) - Battery: One 9 Volt alkaline - Audio: Loudness: > 70dB - Temp: Operating: -7ºC to +49ºC - Humidity: 80% RH (non-condensing) - Studs and Wooden Batten Detection: up to 9mm - Metal Detection: up to 25mm - “Hot” Electrical Wire Detection: The presence of 220 to 250 Volts at 50 and 60 hertz AC will be detected in all modes for safety. The buzzer sound will beep louder and louder when the detector gets closer to a “hot” electrical wire (unshielded or shielded by a plastic pipe). Bad points: - The detector cannot detect water pipes and gas pipes shielded by metal materials, it will only show them as “Metal” only. - It’s not suitable for use on objects insulated with foil.
      - Sensing depth and edge detection can vary due to moisture content of materials, wall texture, paint etc.. I would strongly recommend this product to anybody who does their own DIY, and wants to be safe. This or similar products are available from most DIY stores, though I doubt you would find one cheaper than the one I purchased. I bought this product from Lidl at £5.99, which I think is a bargain for such a useful product – go and get one quick, as their offers don’t last forever!


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