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Brand: Turtlemat

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    2 Reviews
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      30.01.2014 13:36
      Very helpful



      Turtle brand of mats represent excellent value for money for a cleaner house


      Turtle Door Mats

      As a dog lover and countryside dweller keeping the house clean can feel like a constant battle. At our old house we came straight into the sitting room from the back garden and decided to invest in a good quality door mat to help keep the mud out and the house cleaner.


      Having already spotted these mats in a couple of catalogues and a newspaper advert, I was wondering if they were as good as they stated and if the price was justified. Whilst browsing in a local independent store, I was able to examine the mats carefully and discovered that they are covered by a comprehensive guarantee.

      When I was next paid from my extra part-time job I went and bought a door mat, choosing the medium plus size as it would ensure that dog's feet definitely stepped onto the mat. I chose the plain charcoal grey colour as I thought it was neutral enough without masking any dirt build up. At the time a few years ago now I believe the mat cost me around £40.00.


      I chose the version "Turtle Mat with Grip Backing" to ensure that the mats do not stick, indeed they have a rough backing that does grip admirably whilst not damaging the floor underneath.
      The mats are also described as:

      Washable at 40 degrees - tick

      Lab tested and proven to remove 95% of dirt, mud and wet - tick (well I expect the lab test claim is true?!)

      Guaranteed for 5 years - tick

      Wide range of colours and styles - tick

      The range is huge, ever growing and indeed there must a mat to suit every taste and purpose?

      They even have ranges linked to the Royal Horticultural Society and the National Trust.

      Just check out their range here http://www.turtlemat.co.uk/

      Choice of sizes for domestic situations:

      Small 40 x 60cm
      Medium 50 x 75cm
      Medium Plus 60 x 85cm
      Large 75 x 100cm
      Large Plus Runner 75 x 120cm
      Extra Large
      Runner 75 x 150cm

      In Use:

      These mats are amazing! They really do help to keep the house cleaner. Back then we noticed that the only dirt getting in seemed to be from the garden mud falling off our shoes and then getting kicked about by eager dogs. I got around that problem by siting the old mat next to the Turtle and ensuring that outdoor shoes were tucked into the side on that mat. Although it was not impossible to prevent the odd shoe being kicked about that helped enormously. I was impressed with the difference and indeed more noticeable the rattling up the pipe as I vacuumed the mat that I bought a 2nd mat for the front door as well.

      This time I choose a brown mottled mat and despite the tough mats outside, noticed the huge difference this mat made to lessening the dirt getting into the house. A major advantage of placing a Turtle mat in this location is that the door was low to the floor, so it was impossible to put most mats there, hence we only had the outside mat until then. The Turtle despite being so wonderfully powerful is also slim-line making it ideal for locations where a thicker mat will not fit.

      The mats are easy to clean, most of the time I simply vacuum them and wipe over the plastic edge margin with a damp cloth. However, a couple of times a year or when required these just pop into the washing machine as they are washable at 40 degrees, dry fast and always come out looking great.

      My first mat is now about 8 years old and still going strong and looking great and doing its job. Definitely a worthwhile investment.


      Minimal packaging, just a cardboard disc that is clipped onto the rug with a plastic security clip.

      Price and Availability:

      From many outlets, including Amazon on-line. Direct Prices from Turtle start at around £29.00 for the small size and are currently available from just £11.00 in the sale at the time of writing (Jan 14). http://www.turtlemat.co.uk/


      Turtle brand of mats represent excellent value for money. They may cost a lot more than many other brands, but they are worth it. I would not hesitate to recommend these mats to anyone. Whatever type of home you live in you will be delighted if you invest in a Turtle mat. Until starting this review I had forgotton just how long I have had mine.


      Thank you for reading and please buy one (I am not on commision or linked to the company in any way!)


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        19.04.2013 13:27
        Very helpful



        Highly recommended

        Turtle Mats

        Most of the time when brochures fall into my hands through random mailings, they are taken straight to the recycling bag as I am rarely tempted by them. One day, some years ago, I had one such catalogue arrive that I stopped briefly to consider as the name caught my eye- "Turtle Door Mats". As I have a menagerie of animals at home my house is never spotless, as anyone with pets knows this is impossible to achieve, but I do like it to be as clean as possible. I am always reminded when I think about door mats of an episode of "How Clean Is Your House?" when Aggie stated that a good quality doormat removes a high percentage of dirt from shoes, before they even enter your living space. I saw this catalogue and instantly dismissed it as I perused the selection of doormats and noted that the mats were mostly in excess of £40.

        My First Purchase.
        Moving on a few years we had just finished decorating our hall, which was a massive task as our house is on three floors, and I was looking for a new front door mat as the old one was less than ideal. As we had copied a rather appealing scheme in the Dulux brochure of yellow blue and white I wanted a soft yellow doormat, and searching on Amazon I noticed a Turtle doormat that was retailing for £22. This seemed more affordable than the £40 ones I had remembered, and on further inspection I noticed that this size was 75 by 50cm which was actually the medium size. When I actually measured the door space, and my previous mat, I found that this size was actually perfect, and that the larger more expensive sizes I had seen in the brochure would have been too large in reality for my needs. I ordered the mat in the shade "Sand" which was a perfect colour for what I was looking for, and the mat arrived well packed and in perfect condition, with a small delivery charge of £2.99. This is the same price as the Turtle Mat website, which still has this colour in stock as well as many other options. You can also buy these mats at John Lewis.

        The Claims And My Opinion
        What really appealed to me about the mat was the claim that it soaked up 95% of all dirt and moisture, and that being latex backed it afforded a superb grip on hard floors. Furthermore the mat was machine washable at 40C and could even be tumble dried. So let's look at these claims individually and at my opinion of them.

        Firstly the 95% dirt and moisture - I have been utterly amazed at this, as yes I have noticed a massive decrease in the amount of dirt that enters my house. Regular readers of my reviews will know that I have the disease ME, and housework is very difficult for me to do with frequency, so this mat has been invaluable in terms of massively reducing dirt in my hall and beyond.

        Secondly the superb grip attribute I can verify is exactly that- it does not move on my laminate floor at all. This aspect is absolutely vital for me as my mother suffered a major stroke some years ago, and now is severely disabled. When she comes to my house my father, now 82, has to help her into the house, and as she is severely paralysed down one side this presents outstanding difficulties as I have quite a step up to my front door. As she places her good leg onto the mat it fully supports her weight, and dad then helps her to complete the procedure by lifting her bad leg and shoulders up to follow. In many ways the mat facilitates this, as it offers that extra grip even over the laminate floor alone. It sits rock steady until you move it- it really is that good.

        Thirdly the machine washable element is fantastic. It simply goes into the machine at 40c and washes up beautifully, and is tumble dried within half an hour and returns to its new state afterwards. The longevity of this doormat is incredible. I have had mine for 18 months and it has been washed many times over, and still looks new and as good as the day it arrived. I must admit this has absolutely amazed me and I would recommend these mats to anyone.

        Being about 7mm thick this is not maybe the thickest of mats, but that obviously makes laundering easy. You can vacuum it as well, but you need to select the setting on the brushes carefully as it tends to stick to the nozzle on my machine on certain settings. I usually pick it up, give it a big shake outside, and then give it a quick once over with the vacuum every few days, and then every now and then pop it in the washing machine.

        A Wide Choice
        The catalogue is now of special interest to me having sampled the quality, and certainly they have an amazing choice, from brightly coloured stripes to more subtle shades, and the sizing varies from small to extra large, and they even make runners as well. The website at www.turtlemat.co.uk is excellent and very well laid out. It groups the mats by themes, and there are many options including a nautical range which are designed to be used outside on dry days as they are water absorbent. These are ideal to use to protect homes where maybe water outside is an issue, such as if you had a swimming pool, or maybe a beach home where people were coming in and out with wet feet. There is also a bathroom range which includes pretty bath mats. Other ranges include those aimed at pets, and some decorative kitchen mats. Whatever your needs there is a mat for you, and if all you want is a subtle understated mat like I did then there is a vast selection of shades and colours. There are even some luxury mats that are inspired by prestigious societies such as the Royal Horticultural Society and The National Trust.

        The mats are guaranteed for 5 years, which I feel makes them excellent value for money as mine still looks like new despite many trips inside the washing machine.

        Final Thoughts

        Yes I was initially put off by what I perceived to be overpriced doormats, but on closer inspection I realised that the medium size was suitable for my requirements, and that as such it represented excellent value for money. I am so impressed by these mats that I am planning to purchase more in the future as I would like one in my lounge where Molly, my little Shih Tzu, comes in and out from the garden through the patio doors. I'm afraid she has a love of muddy places and often comes in with half the garden on her paws!

        These mats are excellent value for money, and best of all they cut down housework which for me is a real bonus! I would recommend them to anyone without any reservations.

        This review will also be published on Ciao under my user name Violet1278


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