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UHU Extra Value White Tack

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6 Reviews
  • Goes a long way
  • Very good at keeping things up
  • Can be a tiny bit greasy
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    6 Reviews
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      14.05.2016 02:10
      Very helpful


      • "Very good at keeping things up"
      • "Goes a long way"
      • "No visible marks"


      • "Can be a tiny bit greasy"

      Colourless, odourless, greaseless and effective, at a very reasonable price!


      White tack is basically the same as blue tack except the nature of its colour means that it neither affects what you are sticking down or sticking it to, making it perfect for places being rented or with no blue tack rules.


      I think they are better than other cheaper brands because they are definitely less greasy and leave a less obvious mark on the walls if any. I also think they are better than blue tack because it doesn't leave a coloured mark on anything.


      I think this is a product definitely worth buying. I have used it to hang everything from light pictures to a fairly heavy calendar and it has kept them all up with no peeling round the edges. When I had to change the calendar at the new year there were no visible patterns and even my mum who never misses this sort of thing couldn't see it. Also when reusing it for something else it is still just as sticky, even if it has just been left in a drying out ball for weeks in between. It also does remain stuck too intensely to things when you actually do want it to come off.


      I can't see any reason why you would buy anything other than this. It is colourless, odourless, greaseless and effective making it perfect for anything you would want to hang. It is also very reasonably priced considering how far it goes.


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      20.03.2013 15:20
      Very helpful



      Recommended, but buy Blu Tack if you hate chemical smells.

      So for anyone who has ever felt the need to stick bits of paper to a wall, white tack or blu tack has been the answer. I personally use both but have found this to be the cheaper option when buying in bulk.

      This stuff is excellent but stinks to high heaven. If you're easily offended by a strong chemical sort of smell then I strongly recommend Blu Tack instead; it's really not a pleasant smell.

      It also lingers around in the air after you first open the packet and even after being up for months on end, the reserve ball I have stuck to the wall stinks of the chemicals from just an inch away. It really does get up my nose, something I will knock a star off for.

      It does stay up on the walls for quite a long time, many months in my case where I have a reserve blob next to my window stuck to the wall which hasn't moved. The smaller blobs that hold A4 paper up do loose their stick after a few weeks in a hot room but the vast majority of the blobs I have up haven't fallen down or detached from their paper.

      It doesn't pull the paint off the wall either and doesn't stain. You will need to pull this off the wall periodically to check though, as this might just be for my type of paint, I can't say for certain. I would recommend sticking it to say, a table or desk instead of the wall if you're unsure.

      This works well with paper and card. I stick 80 gsm paper up without a problem, using no more than a tiny blob no bigger than my finger tip on either corner. This is more than sufficient. I find that warming the tack up in my hand makes it more stretchy and mouldable.

      This is also an excellent way to pass the time when you're bored. I use it as a sort of play dough whereby I roll it about into worms, balls, a dice, and pretty much anything that takes my fancy. This is particularly interesting if you have a large quantity of this stuff, as just one pack only allows you to make simple things like fake white dog poo. Yes, boredom gets the best of me.

      Overall this is a great little office product but i'm going to knock off a star for the smell, it is quite frankly disgusting and way too strong but for the price, it is worth putting up with it. Recommended but not if you have a sensitive nose.


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      18.12.2012 13:49
      Very helpful



      Does exactly what it says on the box, but don't listen to non-grease rumours...

      Myself and my flatmate bought this to decorate our flat with christmas decorations because let's be honest, you don't want white snowflakes with blue splodges on...

      It comes in the standard cardboard packet, with the grease proof/non stick paper inside, in various sizes, I bought a small one which costed me £2.50. Which I thought was reasonable considering it is reusable and you get quite a lot even in a small packet. White tack however, I have found to be slightly more expensive than blue tack... But it depends where you shop to get it.

      I have found this to do exactly what it is supposed to - we have had no decorations fall down (apart from a few tinsel mishaps, but tinsel was never made to be stuck to the wall with white tack... though it did stay up once we pressed it hard enough). This shows that it is sticky enough to hold quite heavy things from walls and ceilings. The only thing I would watch out for it is drying out or when it is cold it gets quite hard, this makes it less likely for things to stick to it. Just squish it around between your fingers a bit to warm it up and it should stick like normal.

      A sort of negative point is that it leaves grease marks on the paintwork - I know this is to be expected from products such as white/blue tack, but somebody told me white tack didn't leave the marks at all. Just to confirm this is a false rumour, it does leave the exact same marks and as of yet I don't know how to remove them without painting over (someone recommended I try rubbing bread on it...?!). So if you are particularly fussy about your paintwork, I'd advise you stay away from any kind of tack.

      Overall, I would definitely recommend this if you have something you would rather stick and not be able to see the blue - though I personally think the blue can be more sticky than the white (though admittedly only slightly and the white is perfectly adequate). Also, avoid if you are worried about your paintwork because there will be grease marks!


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      07.07.2011 16:38
      Very helpful



      a great tack

      ==UHU White Tack==

      I am a big fan of blue tack as it does literally have so many uses. However at Christmas time when I was sticking up snowflakes cut out of paper that me and Jack had hand crafted I realised blue tack was just not going to look as pretty as using something that was white in colour.

      In steps UHU's White Tack......

      Everyone knows about Blue Tack and the wondrous things that it can do! But it seems that White Tack is far less common although this large pack of the stuff was pretty easy to find in my local Poundland (yes for £1) which is very good considering how much of the sticky stuff you get.

      The product comes housed just as the Blue Tack does and this is in an outer cardboard sleeve type envelope which gives all the product information such as directions for use, ingredients and a lot of other jargon that really not many people would read or really need to read. Inside this there are two sheets of grease proof paper which work to protect the thin block of white tack inside.

      The product doesn't really have any smell to it although the slight odour that it does have isn't the nicest of aromas but generally its not an item you would go around smelling and the whiff that there is, is not strong enough to notice unless you get your nose right close to it.

      The colour of the white tack is, well, white as you would more or less expect but I would say it has more of a darker off white tone to it and it is not as pure in colour and tone as white paper for instance as it does take on a greyish tinge.

      Because the White tack comes in a flat type clock of the product you need to tear off a small amount at a time. Generally for things such as hanging posters upon the wall with you really need only a pea sized amount, if that for each corner of the poster and this sized amount is easy to remove and give a bit of a massage before using. The more massaging the better the stick I have found.

      The White tack seems to stick up things just as well as the Blue tack would do and really all it does being white is open up a few more possibilities and allow it not to be seen so much as the blue colour of the original tacky product. It does however have a good reason for buying it because the blue marks that were once left on the walls after the poster had been taken down is no longer there! There is though still a greasy patch like there always is but this seems less noticeable and of course without the blue mark is a lot less messy as well.

      All in all there is really nothing negative to say about this White Tack. It is a good sticker and holds posters and rugs on laminate flooring in place well and doesn't seem to be a messy as its blue counterpart! I think nothing but a top score of 5 out of 5 stars will do and a very high recommendation!

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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      21.05.2011 23:15
      Very helpful



      Average not really a great product.

      What it is
      Most people have heard of blue tack, which is a putty/squidgy/playdoughy type material which is sticky and stretchy. It is applied to paper or card usually to stick things to walls or fridges or any surface really and it's blue - well this is white!!

      and not quite so good in my opinion!

      The packaging
      It comes in a fairly flat cardboard pack which is handy to store, inside is two shiny type sheets of paper and the tack is flat in between these two layers, you can pull some of the tack off to use and keep the rest in the pack. This is where my first problem was, it was no problem if you have neat little people who can keep the tack in between the two layers of shiny paper - but alas I haven't got little people like that and so the tack actually started sticking to the inside of the pack and that part has become unusable because it's all sticky and stuck to the cardboard.

      It's made by UHU and this I can tell because in my opinion it's a bit too sticky if hot!! It sticks to the walls no problem but if a bit of heat or warmth is in the room I've noticed that slowly the paper that I've stuck up starts slipping down and the tack is stretching with it!! eventually falling off after a few weeks. In some places I admit it's been ok and it's stayed up, but in area's where blue tack has continued to hold - white tack hasn't! it's fun having a comparrison!

      The stuff
      I actually found the stuff a little more weird than blue tack, it doesn't seem to peel apart into lumps like blue tack does, it's almost stiffer or something. There's just a different feel about it. I don't think it's all that re-useable either, it doesn't seem to be sticky enough to start all over again. I know I've contradicted myself there earlier I said it was sticky it's weird it is sticky when it's hot but not when it's not!

      It does have one advantage - it's white, so if you're sticking something up that can be seen through it's white which is nicer than blue. or if it sticks outside of the white paper slightly it doesn't show so much.

      Size & Price
      I forgot to add earlier that the size of this pack is about 15 x 13cm. I think when I bought this it was about £3 or £4 it was a few months ago and I haven't got the price to hand but I reckon that's about average.

      Overall opinion
      My overall opinion is it's ok, it's not as good as the old blue tack but I guess it does the job for a while. I don't think I'll be buying it again though.


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      03.05.2011 16:38
      Very helpful



      A good adhesive

      A few years ago my boys used to love Thomas the tank engine and they used to stick up posters of Thomas and his friends on their bedroom walls. Now they are older and their interests have changed dramatically especially my eldest who is a football fanatic in specific Manchester United ever since 2003. His bedroom walls are full of united posters filled up with the likes of Ruud van Nistelrooy, Cristiano Ronaldo and the stars of our day Chicharito and Nani. But the one star that I tend to be haunted by is Wayne Rooney. I usually get the gut feeling that he is looking at me every time I tidy up the boys' bedroom as he has around 10 Wayne Rooney posters. My son used to use blue tack to stick his posters but the blue tack wasn't the best because when they stuck on our magnolia walls, it either left blue marks on the walls or it ripped off the paint.

      One day while I was at my local Poundland I found UHU Extra Value White Tack for only £1. I was so happy with my finding because it supposedly would resolve the massive issue of staining.

      == UHU Extra Value White Tack ==

      We all know UHU glues very well, it's made by a German company and their glue has been mostly used for years in schools and offices so there is no doubt about this product quality.

      == What's in the pack? ==

      The pack is almost double the usual size of blue tack; it is an economy pack so it is a massive pack. As I mentioned above, it's a product of UHU so it has the same trade mark bright yellow colour on the pack.

      The white tack is placed inside the cardboard folder. A square shaped sheet of white stuff was there. It was very thin, probably less than 1 cm in thickness and 17x18 in dimensions. The white tack was protected with two thin easy peel papers on both sides to prevent the white tack from drying out and in order to keep it moist.
      When I peeled the protective papers I saw the white tack, which looked like a glossy white sheet. When I touched it, it wasn't so sticky but if you used blue tack before, you will know that it's alright because there is a small technique you should do. The white tack looks solid but in fact it was very elastic like chewing gum.

      == Directions ==

      You can't use it straight forward from the pack, you first need to tear off the required quantity. You don't need much, a small pea size piece is more than enough for each corner if you re sticking a poster .It can be smaller or bigger depending on the size and weight of your object. After tearing off the piece rub it between your fingers it until it's soft and warm then it's ready to be used.

      Put the UHU white tack on the item you want to hang and press firmly for a few seconds and the item will stick in place.

      Removing the white tack is easy by rolling off the white tack but you have to be careful specially when removing older white tack as it gets a bit tricky to remove because it's adhesive strength increases with time and may leave some oily marks however, you can remove it by using some lighter fuel.

      == My thoughts ==

      In my opinion UHU white tack is a must have for any household especially households which stick up many posters. Because it's easy to use and has many useful uses, you can use it around the house, schools and offices.

      My son constantly moves his posters around and White tack, unlike blue tack, does not leave any kind of mark on the wall which is good for me as it is not necessary for me to scrub the wall after. White tack is very adhesive; in fact no poster has ever fallen off of the wall and previously used White tack can be reused because of this property.

      It is long lasting and reusable, I bought it several months ago and I still have half of the packet full. My husband uses it to stick on his memos in his office and it worked perfectly. It doesn't show through white paper and it looks nicer through windows.

      == One thing to mention ==

      Always use it on a dry clean surfaces. It can't be used on some silky wallpaper or freshly painted walls.

      == Uses ==

      There are hundreds of uses for white tack, for example hanging pictures, memos, notes and cards. It can also hold some small items firmly in place like small ornaments. It can be used for decoration; you can paint it and cut it to different shapes and stick it on the wall like my younger son did and it looked lovely.

      == Prices and availability ==

      I bought UHU Extra Value White tack for only £1 on Poundland which is an incredible value, you can buy it online from £1.55-£2.89.

      == Contacts ==

      Made in Germany
      UHU UK LTD
      Merlin Centre
      Acrewood Way
      St Albans
      Al4 0jy
      Tel 01727 8466 88

      == Summary ==

      I highly recommend it, for me, it's a must have and I'm more than happy to give it the full five stars for its durability and ability to stick on the wall and more importantly no blue marks!



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