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Unibond Anti Mould Grout Reviver Pen

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Brand: Unibod / Type: An easy to use grout reviver in an easy to apply 7ml pen form

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    3 Reviews
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      03.10.2012 15:16
      Very helpful



      Very pleased with the results

      When we moved into our house last year, it is fair to say that the previous owner had left the kitchen in a bit of a state cleanliness-wise. The biggest problem was the kitchen and the grout between the tiles (especially around the sink and cooker) was filthy.

      I tried several things to clean the grout, including bleach, lemon juice and every spray cleaner under the sun, but it still looked grubby. My mother had used one of these pens (or possibly something similar), so I suggested it to my husband, but he told me they didn't work and that it would take forever. I thought he could have a point as the tiles in our kitchen are quite small and in some places go from bench height to the ceiling, so that is a large area of grout to cover, so I decided against it. I eventually changed my mind and ended up buying one after reading a review on here and I'm so glad I did...

      The pen works by, I suppose, 'painting' over the grout in a white colour. The pen itself can cover up to 60 square metres of grout despite containing just 7ml. It has an anti-mould formula, which is reassuring and despite mould not really being a concern in our kitchen, I guess this makes it ideal for using on bathroom tiles. The pen is 'for narrow joints on walls' and states it is for a 2mm grout joint. I have no idea what size grout joint we have, I would say it is pretty standard though and the pen has been ideal size-wise.

      To use, first make sure the grout is clean and dry. Then shake the pen. You need to depress the nib a few times to get a good flow of product. I used a piece of old card to test it on first to make sure there was no pooling of the white 'paint'. If you do apply too much you can wipe away excess with a damp cloth.

      The pen is super easy to use, you simply draw over the grout and watch its lovely white colour return. The liquid in the pen does have a slight chemical smell to it, but its not too strong and I didn't notice it after a while. I did find that on some of the worst areas of grout I needed to go over the same area more than once as it seems to soak in a bit, and this can be done after the first coat has been on for sixty minutes.

      Although I did find this time consuming, the results are brilliant. As I went along I could see a noticeable difference in the tiles on which I'd used the pen and those I hadn't. Even my sceptical husband was impressed at the difference. I did however need two pens to cover the area in its entirety.

      One concern I had was that the white colouring may wash off after a while, however this has not happened and it still looks fresh and clean now, even though it must be around two months now since it was done.

      These pens cost just £6.99 from Homebase. You may be able to pick them up slightly cheaper online.

      Overall I'm very pleased with this pen. The grout in my kitchen looks ten times better since using this, and although it was a time consuming process, I wouldn't hesitate to do it again, so a full five stars from me.


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        20.04.2012 22:04
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Unibond Grout reviver pen.

        The grout reviver pen is made by Unibond and is suitable for walls to restore and refresh old grout. The pens come in various shades of white; how-ever the one's I purchased were Ice White. You can purchase the pens in different sizes which can cover more or less areas. The pen I purchased contained 6.2g of paint and covers up to 60 metres. The paint in the pen is water based with a low hazard and has a round tip for precision application. The pens sell for approximately £4.99 each.

        I decided to buy the pens as the grout in the bathroom around the bath was looking off colour and scrubbing with different cleaning products wouldn't shift the dirt marks from the grout. I thought the pens looked easy to use and it would save my boyfriend from having to the job of making the grout look nice again.

        I purchased 2 Grout Reviver pens from eBay for about £2.00, but you can also purchase then from Amazon as well. Prices may vary.

        ~ DIRECTIONS ~
        1. Ensure that the joints are clean, dry, mould free & sound.
        2. Shake pen with the cap on before use.
        3. Depress nib several times to allow paint flow
        4. Apply directly to joint (If necessary, re-apply after one hour)
        5. Replace cap when not in use
        6. Removes excess with a damp cloth

        ~ USING THE PEN ~
        I ensured that the joints were clean, dry and mould free. I actually did this a few days before applying the grout reviver. I shook the pen as instructed and as you do this you can hear the ball bearing inside the pen make a noise. After shaking the pen I depressed the nib a few times on a piece of old cardboard to allow the paint to flow. The nib is quite large and looks like a bit nib you would get on a felt pen. I started to apply the grout reviver along the joints in the bathroom. The paint came out the end of the pen quite easily, how-ever there were a few occasions when I had to stop and re-shake the pin and depress the nib slightly in order to get more of the paint flowing from the nib. This was a little frustrating to say the least. The pen was easy to hold, which meant it was easy to follow the joints in between the tiles. I continued to follow the joints to cover up the dull joins which were there previously. After completing a section I stepped back. The grout looked a lot whiter than it did before and looked cleaner and newer, how-ever I think I would need to give some of the areas a 2nd coat of this in order to make the joints completely white and clean.

        I left paint to dry for over 60 minutes, allowing a few extra minutes just in-case and then I continued to go over the joint lines again. I made sure I shook the pen again before using it and made sure there was a flow of ink. I then went over the lines I had previously done, an hour ago. I again, had to keep stopping and shaking the pen up as the flow of the paint kept stopping and I couldn't understand why. There was no grime or dirt on the nib and I had followed the instructions correctly.

        ~ RESULTS ~
        After finally finishing going over the joint lines for the 2nd time, the joints looked so much whiter and cleaner. The grout reviver definitely made a huge difference and made the bathroom look much cleaner that it had done previously. I was really pleased with the results and my boyfriend was equally pleased and told me that he would be recommending this product for his mum to use on her bathroom tiles. There were a few tiles where the paint looked a little messy; how-ever this can be wiped away with a damp cloth so it wasn't a problem. I was worried that the lines I were going over wouldn't look straight, how-ever the lines were so easy to follow that I couldn't have made a mistake even if I tried.

        The grout reviver pen is really easy to use, even for those of us who aren't any good at DIY or other things like that. The pen fits into your hand just like any other normal pen and it's easy to follow the lines that need to be whitened. The paint flow from the pen isn't constant as it does tend to stop a few times and certainly stopped a lot of times for me, which was really frustrating as I would have to stop and shake the pen again and then try to carry on from where I left off. This did mean that I think it probably took me a little longer than it should have to go over the grout in the bathroom. I give this product 4 out of 5 stars as it does a really good job when you can get the product working. I won't give it 5 stars as the paint flow from the pen wasn't constant which is the only down-side to this product. I would how-ever recommend this product to others to as it's really easy to use.

        (review may also appear on ciao)


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          05.02.2011 15:27
          Very helpful



          A cracking option for some patching up work in your bathroom or kitchen.

          It was recently decided that the state of the grout around the bathroom tiles had reached the point of no return. Discoloured and starting to get mould growth around the bath, something had to be done. Now sadly I'm not much of a DIY person, the acronym generally standing for Damage It Yourself wherever I am concerned, so I was on the lookout for a quick and easy solution, which didn't involve gouging out the existing grout and redoing from scratch. Luckily I came across this anti mould grout reviver from Unibond.

          This grout reviver is from the well-known brand Unibond, which are owned by the much larger multinational company Henkel. I paid £4.98 for the product from Homebase, but I am sure it is also available from all good DIY or tiling stores. The product itself is basically the size and shape of a good marker pen, around 10cm in length. It has a blue, red and yellow label on, in the traditional colours of Unibond, with instructions for use and the usual safety information. I will say here for people who can suffer from breathing difficulties that the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content of this grout reviver is in the very low category, and so as long as it is being used in a well-ventilated area shouldn't cause any problems. It also states on the pen that the grout reviver dries the colour of Ice White, which was perfect for the job I had in store for it.

          Now onto the actual use of the product, and I prepared the surfaces to be revived as instructed by cleaning them, making sure they were mould and dirt free, and then ensured that I had dried them off well. Although it doesn't specifically say to, I used sugar soap to clean the tiles and grout as I find that the best cleaner of this type of surface. I always find with any DIY that good preparation is essential to success (which may explain a lot of my failures!!!), so do take the time to wash and dry the area properly. The grout reviver also contains an anti-mould formula, so you can use it safe in the knowledge that mould or fungus will not take up residence between the original grout and the reviver paint.

          Once you are ready to use the reviver, simply pop off the cap to reveal the inch long applicator, which is like a sponge. Now you depress the applicator several times to start the grout reviver to start to flow. Once a mark is made you simply apply the pen to the grout and marvel as it all becomes white again. I found this incredibly easy, much easier than I was expecting and to be fair much more effective than I was expecting too. It really is as simple as drawing down the grout lines and making sure that it is well covered. If the reviver stops flowing then simply depress the tip a few more times and it will resume. You can easily wipe off any excess that has seeped onto the tile surface with paper towel or a damp cloth, but I found it was so easy to control the flow and applicator that I didn't really make any mistakes. The product is waterproof, and ready within an hour, and if you have missed anywhere, or the grout was particularly soiled, then you can easily re-apply after the hour has elapsed, which stops the job dragging on for days as some DIY tasks can.

          Now no product is perfect and I did have a couple of issues with this pen, firstly, I found that after a while the applicator was slowly sinking into the tube. This could have been as I was pressing too hard, but it did make the final few tiles a little bit more tricky and arm aching!!! Secondly, the pen only contains enough for 60 metres of grout, which if you think that an average size tile is around 10-15cm square, that isn't a massive amount of tiles, and I did need two of these to complete the grouting around my bath and shower unit. On the other hand I would still prefer to get a couple of these than try and use a big tub of grout reviver and have to use a paring knife to get it into the gaps. In my opinion it would be just as easy to re-grout if that was the case.

          To sum up, as I am sure you have guessed I have been quite impressed with this handy little grout reviver pen. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with any level of DIY experience as a good option to freshen up a tiring bathroom or kitchen tiled area.

          Thanks for reading and this review also appears on Ciao under my same username.


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