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United Colors Of Benetton

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    1 Review
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      30.05.2001 22:11
      Very helpful



      I got my DIY head on again, we have done the floor, painted the walls and put up dado rail just one thing left to do, the ceiling. Originally we wanted to paint the ceiling silver, yep I hear you all thinking have you both lost the plot. No not really, we just wanted to be a bit different in at least one of our rooms and has we have a chrome snake light and picture frames along with silver or grey electrical goods, silver sounded great. Well that was in theory but in practice it proved some what difficult to find a silver paint that was for use on walls and ceilings. So we had to go for the next best thing metallic paint. As we have not got our metallic paint yet due to funds I can not really go much into it yet. We will however be buying a can this Saturday to finish the room of on Sunday. What I can tell you about is the Base coat paint for use with Benettons special effects paints. Having looked at the paint of our dreams we noticed that it had to be used in conjunction with Benettons water based matt finish paint to get the benefits of the full effects. It also states that you need to use a certain colour in conjunction with the colour of your desired paint effect. As we painted our room cream and purple, we chose lavender. They did have a purple that was close to what we had on our walls, however we felt that it would darken the room and make it feel more enclosed. This colour as it is a bluey purple would give an open feel of the out doors in doors. Perfect! About the Water Based Matt Finish Paint --------------------------------------- The United Colors of Benetton water based matt finish paints come in a variety of fresh and invigorating colours, to be exact they have 18 to choose from to date. Although it is a matt finish it does differ from other matt paints as this has a very subtle sheen to it, the purpose for this is to provide the necessary base to achiev
      e the effect finish. The water based matt finish paint can be used on its own, the paints can be combined with others in the same range or with any of the 3 different effects paints from Benetton. The effects include metallic effect, rag and roll or a jeans finish and they cost £13.49 from B&Q stores. It is not suitable for use on hot surfaces such as radiators or other heated surfaces. The paint contain minimal quantities of VOC's (0%-0.29%)which are Volatile Organic Compounds that contribute to atmospheric pollution. Preparation ----------- You must ensure that all walls or ceilings that are to be painted are in good condition, i.e clean, dry, no lose flaking bits, grease free. If you intend to use it over vinyl wallpaper or solvent-based paint then you would need to an appropriate sealer before commencing. The same goes for newly plastered walls or bare plastered wall they too need to be sealed before painting. If you don't do the necessary preparation to your surfaces then it could effect the overall appearance of the finished effect. Application ----------- You can apply this paint by using a roller (not the foam kind) or with a normal paint brush. They say that it is best to use in certain room temperatures i.e not too hot (over 35 degrees C) and not too cold (below 5 degrees C). If you intend to use it as a base coat for under an effects paint then you must try to avoid brush stokes at the edges as it may show up when you apply an effects paint over it. We found it best to apply with a brush then even it out and smooth over with a roller, that way you don't get the dreaded paint flicking problem. If you use this solely as a normal colour paint then you would probably be best to apply 2 coats. You need to wait 8 hour minimum before you apply the effects paint or 4 hours if you are doing a 2nd coat. The paint is ful
      l cure in 7-10 days. Coverage -------- The coverage is around 10-12 square metres per litre but as with all paints it depends on the nature and porosity of the surfaces. We managed to do the whole ceiling (out of a 2.5 litre can)with a little left over, that was just one coat but as we intend to apply the metallic effect finish over it, it was just right for us. Cleaning your paint brush or roller ----------------------------------- Clean in the normal way as you do other matt finish paints, with warm soapy water then rinse with plain water. Maintaining your painted surface -------------------------------- Provided you have left your painted surface for at least 10 day, you can then wipe or wash with a mild detergent diluted in water such as washing-up-liquid. All in all we are very happy with the quality of the paint and at the moment it looks great on its own, but like I say we will be applying the metallic finish this Sunday so I will then add some more. ------------ As far as I am aware you can only buy these Benetton paints from most B&Q stores.


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