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Brand: Vigar / Type: Cleaning Accessories / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Bucket, Broom, Brush etc.

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    2 Reviews
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      16.10.2010 10:18
      Very helpful



      Pay £23 for this and you'll be robbed

      The Vigar Lobby set is a basically a long-handled dustpan and brush. It's made by a Spanish company, and basically consists of a pair of those dustpans / brushes each attached to a three foot stick that you might already be familiar with from the hairdressers'; the type of household implement you usually see being discreetly wielded by the in-shop 16 year old trainee / apprentice hairdresser / Saturday girl as they sweep away drifts of customers' cut-off hair.

      The Vigar set may cost slightly more than your average, boring, dustpan and brush - but I suppose that depends on where you usually buy your brooms etc. I got mine, for example, for £7.99 from TK Maxx which seemed slightly steep but OK really as the Vigar range has (up to) two unique selling points: first of all these are all 'designed' products that are intended to look good. My set comes in a highly-patterned, brightly coloured sturdy plastic, with a slightly retro design somewhat reminiscent of a 1960s psychedelic dress fabric. The main colours on mine are black and white and pink and yellow and orange and green as incorporated into the stylized floral print; the bristles on the brush are neon pink, as are the soft plastic hanging handles at the top of the long poles. The pan part of the dustpan is bright green, so it's quite an eye-catching combination.

      The other plus point of this lobby set is that the whole thing folds flat against the handles, (with a depth profile of about three inches) and can thus be squirreled away into the narrowest household crevice. The dustpan is on a hinge against the handle and by using the brush part ( the handle of which has an attachment to make it clip close against the handle on the dustpan) as an 'anchor,' the folded dust pan can be clipped against the handle (with the brush part securing it).

      This description of how the dustpan and brush set 'works' may sound a bit unwieldy and complex, and if it does, this is pretty much in keeping with the clip-and-fold-out mechanism of the gadget itself, which unfortunately I don't find the most user-friendly thing in the world.
      Basically I bought this to try and replace the semi-transparent, greyish, costing circa £1.99 standard short-handled dustpan and brush set that we've currently got in the kitchen that came from 'Ikea' - a household utensil that frankly, I find a bit depressing to look at / use.

      The Vigar set when brand new does look fantastic - no doubt about that - but unfortunately it's not that brilliant to use, and the fold-out mechanism, though dead simple in principle is less straightforward in practice than you'd possibly think. The clip parts cause me some level of concern as though well-made, they don't seem to be hugely sturdy, really - and if you're using this set clipping and unclipping, say, two or three times a day I'm not confident it's going to stand up to long-term domestic use. Another negative point is that once smeared with kitchen floor gunk and the generic wads of grey fluff that always seem to accumulate on a dustpan and brush set, I fear it's going to lose its looks. (And incidentally the pan part doesn't have those de-fluffing 'teeth' on its edges that you sometimes find on implements of this type. )

      Since writing the body of this review I've discovered that Vigar lobby sets, fully priced, sell for something in excess of £20. (£23 for the stripey one shown accompanying this review, for example).

      Twenty quid for a dustpan and brush! They definitely lose a review star point for that! They must be having a laugh!


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        19.06.2010 13:09
        Very helpful



        A nice bright addition to any household.


        After recently buying a trendy multi coloured broom and handle from the Vigar Bandera range, I have been so impressed with the quality and the durability that I have since been and bought the lobby set to compliment my broom.

        As many of you know I got the funky brush to use in the salon, which proved to be a big hit and talking point for the customers. The staff were arguing over who was actually going to use it so buying this lobby set was a must as they would actually use it, without being told too.


        For me Casa Vigar, are a similar company to the well known Alessi brand, they provide us consumers with brightly coloured and funky items for all of your homeware and kitchen needs. Vigar provide you with similar products to Alessi at much cheaper prices, the products are just as durable and desirable as any of the Alessi designs.

        Vigar are a Spanish based company, which has been in business since the early 1980's. They cater for all of our cleaning needs by bringing us funky looking, mops, dusters, buckets, washing up bowls, brushes, dust pans and even rubber gloves and aprons.

        The company sell themselves by quoting that their consumers need to be brightened up, when it comes to doing their household cleaning chores. I certainly feel that they deliver on this promise as the lobby set and broom I have purchased have certainly brightened the place up.


        The lobby set consist of a dust pan and brush, it is unlike any other dust pan and brush as is supports longer length 90 centimetre handles which are designed to help people with back problems having to bend down or prevent back injuries, when bending down to collect the debris that has been swept up.

        The Dust pan is a deep set design with high sides that prevent debris from falling out of the pan, any dirt or hair is easy swept into the pan as it also has a bright red rubber lip on the front, which sticks itself firmly to the ground and therefore stops and dirt getting swept underneath the pan, which was a problem when I used my old dust pan and brush.

        The brush also has a long 90 centimetre handle and is finished with a smaller eight inch wide brush, the brush is made up of bright purple bristles which are firm enough to remove and dirt and debris on the floor, however they are not that hard that they scratch the flooring.

        I find the brush is an ideal size to get it into corners and under surfaces, which are normally very hard to reach. It will even sweep up wet hair which would normally stick to the floor, but this brush is firm enough to remove it in one sweep.

        This Lobby set is the Bandera design which is made up of multi coloured stripes, which work their way up the long handles on the brush and dust pan in one inch sections. The bright Blue, Purple, Red, Green and Yellow colours compliment each other well and stand out making this set look really funky.

        This brightly designed lobby set is perfectly finished with bright green and red rubber handles at the top of the long 90 centimetre section, these are a great finishing touch which makes them comfortable to use and the handles fit snugly into your hands.


        Casa Vigar has many suppliers across the globe and many online retailers that actually sell the kitchen and homeware goods, but I personally bought mine from the online retailer Amazon.

        You can purchase this from www.amazon.com for £22.99 with free postage, which is very good as most online shops are charging £15.00 for the set and then expect you to pay a £10.00 delivery charge, so Amazon is the best place to buy this cracking little lobby set.

        Vigar do many different designs, so it this Bandera design is not for you, why not check out the different designs and ranges that Vigar cater for at their website www.vigar.com

        MY OPINION

        For me this lobby set was perfect for my cleaning needs in the salon, with all the health and safety laws I have to abide by this worked well, as it comes with long 90 centimetre handles on both the brush and the pan. The longer handles on the brush and pan have prevented myself or the staff injuring our backs when we clear the hair from the floor.

        The longer handle also helps when it comes to throwing the hair cuttings away, you just sweep it into the pan and carry the whole thing to the bin, the deep set dust pan stops any hair from falling out and back onto the floor, making it very easy and quick sweep up.

        This have proved to be a brilliant buy as it works really well for my needs compared to a regular dust pan and brush, not only does it do a perfect job but it also looks very stylish and funky. Which is exactly what I wanted within the salon.


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