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Vileda Supermocio Bucket & Wringer

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Brand: Vileda / Type: Bucket / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Bucket, Broom, Brush etc.

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    1 Review
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      18.07.2011 15:33
      Very helpful



      Vileda show that the good old bucket and wringer CAN be improved upon!

      Until I moved into my latest home I hadn't experienced the pleasure of laminate flooring and as such only used my mop and bucket for clearing vinyl and tiled floors.

      My new home has a light coloured laminate hallway and I realised very quickly that as a high traffic part of my home the laminate seems to attract dust and dirt at an alarming rate. Furthermore even with a runner and thick doormat in the hallyway, footprints are an inevitability and as such I find myself mopping the laminate on an almost daily basis.

      When I moved here I was still using an old Asda silver plastic bucket and wringer set which had served me well over the years but was starting to look increasingly old. In addition to this I was getting a bit fed up at how long it was taking for my hallway to dry when I mopped it - never mind my kitchen and bathroom. So when I spied the Vileda Supermocio bucket and wringer with a third off in Morrisons not long after I moved I decided to buy one - along with the matching mop.

      ~~The Claims~~

      The bucket is red and and has a silver metal handle with black gripper on the top. The wringer is a charcoal grey colour which can be removed from the bucket. Vileda claims the wringer has "power press" and as such this will reduce drying times.

      So - is this true?

      ~~My Experience & Thoughts~~

      I paid £3.99 for the bucket and wringer when it was on offer but it's usually around £7 or so. This is definitely more than I paid for my old Asda bucket and wringer but the claims that drying time was reduced using this bucket and wringer intrigued me so I felt it was worth trying.

      The bucket has a measuring guage inside which measures from two litres to ten litres. The bucket can hold more liquid than 10 litres but it's not wise to fill it above that line to ensure you won't spill water when you put your mop in or carry the bucket about. There is also a pronounced pouring spout at the edge of the bucket.

      I've been using this bucket with my Vileda supermop for almost a year now and have to say I am delighted with it. How something as humble as the bucket can be improved upon is a revelation to me and what makes this such a joy to use is the wringer. The wringer looks like any other when you look at it in a shop but it comes into its own when you actually push it. What happens then is the cavity the mophead sits in for wringing visibly shrinks with the pressure put on it, squeezing out far more water than a traditional wringer would. I am not exaggerating when I say it acts almost like a hand, grabbing the mophead in a tight grip.

      What is even better however is you don't have to push this really hard to remove excess water from your mop. The wringer does require you to push it a little but in comparison to my old wringer the Vileda is so much better thanks to its ingenious "gripper" action.

      The wringer also has a hook to attach your mop too which is a nice touch and I use this when I am carrying mop and bucket upstairs to clean the bathroom and also attach my mop to the clip to store the bucket and mop.

      So does this incredible wringing action make my floors dry quicker? The answer to that is an unequivocal "yes" - Vileda claim floors taken 25% less time to dry if mopped with a mop put through this bucket's wringer and I have noticed a marked decrease in the length of time it takes for my hallway to dry since I switched to using this. I could easily leave a floor for an hour to dry using my old bucket and wringer but using the Vileda Supermocio bucket and wringer it never takes more than 40 minutes.

      The bucket is ergonomically designed and as such I do find it easy to carry about and fill up. It is oval shaped as opposed to round or square and easily fits in my kitchen sink for filling. The handle is well designed and makes it easy to carry the bucket, even when it's filled with water.

      The wringer itself is easy to put on the bucket and to remove if you wish to use the bucket for other chores. It lifts off easily at the sides and slots back into place perfectly. When you want to empty the bucket the spout is fairly good at controlling the flow of the water but I have had the occasional spill so it's perhaps the only part of the bucket that could be improved upon. You do obviously have to rinse the bucket out after use but unlike my discoloured old Asda bucket, this one is still as red as it was the day I bought it.

      The only other potential problem is small children might get their hands caught in the wringer if they were to push it in themselves as it really doesn't need a lot of pressure for the grabbing action to activate so bear that in mind if you have curious children in your household.

      I use my Supermocio bucket and wringer with a Vileda Supermocio mop but the bucket and wringer will work with any similar style mop.

      I have found my bucket to be incredibly tough and despite owning it all this time and using it almost every day it still looks like new. I appreciate this costs a little more than own brand buckets and wringers but the Vileda product is so well made and so well designed it's worth the extra money in my opinion.

      So if you are tired of waiting for floors to dry and want a bucket and wringer that really does stop puddles on a mopped floor then I can highly recommend the Vileda Supermocio Bucket and Wringer.


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