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Waitrose Aloe Vera Toilet Tissue

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2 Reviews

Brand: Waitrose / Type: Toilet Tissue / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Wipes, Towels, Tissues

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    2 Reviews
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      10.10.2012 20:48
      Very helpful



      Currnelty on special offer!

      I shop at Waitrose for most things as its within walking distance from our flat and I really trust the quality of their products. I usually get the Waitrose Essential Toilet roll, however occasionally I get the "posh" Waitrose toilet paper, that is if it is on offer. There are three "posh" Waitrose own brand toilet rolls on offer, the jojoba, aloe vera and cashmere toilet paper.

      **Super Quality**
      The quality is excellent - its thick, soft, strong and long. I can feel the quiltedness under my fingers and when you squash the sheets, they sort of bounce back to shapde. There is a pattern imprinted onto each sheet, sort of like geometric swirls and each of the sheets are 3 ply, rather than the usual 2 ply, so really cushiony on your nose and neither regions, plus one sheet of paper with 3 layers is much more absorbent than one sheet with 2 layers. Each roll has 170 sheets and the roll is really quite chunky and bouncy too if you drop it, filling the toilet roll holder. This toilet role only comes in white, so it has no artificial colours.

      **So What Does This Level of Luxury Cost?**
      9 rolls = £4.79
      4 rolls = £2.29

      This is more than I would usually spend on toilet roll, one has to cut back somewhere and as long as its soft, absorbs and does its job I am happy on a day to day basis. Hence, I've only bought it when this luxary versions when it is on offer, which it currently is at £3.50 for two 4 roll packs.

      It does have a very lovely smell of aloe vera, which is quite strong but subtle, refreshing and very clean smelling. I like that when I blow my nose I can smell the scent and I bought these the other day as we all have colds and sore noses at the moment so I was hoping the aloe vera would be soothing on the skin. Also, the scent does waft from the toilet roll, so I can smell it when I am on the loo!

      The packaging is quite simple soft and stretchy plastic, with a draw string plastic handle on the 9 pack. The 4 pack is just wrapped in then same plastic, but with no handles. Aloe Vera is written on the front in large letters, which is the first thing you see on looking at product. The background of the packaging is a bottle green colour, with a subtle pattern of soft folded loo roll within the green colour.

      Obviously it flushes away and disintegrates nicely to where we don't need to think about...however the outer wrapper is a low density Polyetheyene which is recylcable as is the cardboard tube of the inner core. Also the cardboard tube is good for making models with the kids!

      I do really like this toilet roll, however I am not prepared to pay the extra 40p for a 4 pack and 80p for a 9 pack than the Waitrose "essential" which I usually use and more than does the job. However if on offer at a price near to my trusted "essential" roll then I definitely get it as a little toilet treat!


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      13.09.2012 21:26
      Very helpful



      A top quality toilet tissue, if a touch expensive.

      For years I tended to buy Tesco Luxury Soft toilet roll because it was good quality and reasonably priced, however recently I've noticed that the 'Soft' roll was feeling considerably rougher. The reduction in quality combined with a 2 for £6.50 offer on several varieties of Waitrose 9 roll packs prompted me to try Waitrose Aloe Vera toilet roll.

      These rolls come in a very nice looking deep green plastic bag. The deep, rich colour stands out on the shelf or online product listings.

      ===Look, Feel, and Smell===
      The Waitrose Aloe Vera toilet roll is white in colour, quilted, and feels very soft and thick. The softer texture is particularly noticeable against the sensitive skin in the nether regions. The extra thickness meant I used fewer sheets, which meant the roll lasted a little longer than the Tesco Soft rolls (I actually thought the sheets were longer, but they are not. They just feel so much more substantial than standard sheets due to the extra tickness and quilting). The quilting also lends the sheet extra strength and prevents the layers from coming apart. I wouldn't know (without looking at the packaging) that this roll contains aloe vera extract. It doesn't leave a residue like some brands and, thankfully, it carries no scent (unlike Andrex's aloe version).

      I also noticed that the cardboard centre is slightly smaller on the Waitrose roll than either Tesco or Andrex but the rolls are all about the same size- meaning you get a bit more paper with the Waitrose roll. I don't have a full roll of Tesco Soft at the moment, but the Waitrose roll weighs about 20g more than a full Andrex Aloe roll. I honestly think you get just a little more tissue per roll with Waitrose.

      ===Price and Availability===
      Waitrose Aloe Vera toilet tissue comes in 4 and 9 roll packs. The 4 roll pack is available at Waitrose for £2.19. The 9 roll packs are available at both Waitrose and Ocado for £4.69.

      I love this toilet tissue. It is exceptionally soft, thick and cushy. The lovely texture and lack of scent make it superior to Andrex Aloe Vera toilet roll. I got it for a steal at 18 rolls for £6.50, but sadly it is a bit too expensive for me at full price. Even so, I'm going to give it 5 stars.


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